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    The Newest SLsel rewind 2019 made a huge mistake... no bass?! unbelievable.
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    1. Davie504

      *N O T* *BASS*

      1. Fun Time World!

        • • /

      2. Fun Time World!

        The Bun

      3. Jambee YT

        NOT 🅱️ASS


        Davie i challenge you to like my comment


        It sucks i reported it

    2. Calum Wong


    3. Larry Wong

      There's no bass in 2019 SLsel Rewind. Just like the "...And Justice For All" Metallica Album

    4. Nox Sair

      Davie slap SLsel. YT needs a slap to understand bass.

    5. Debra Carmona


    6. Drudiote V

      My favourite girl group on SDAIAY *O M G*

    7. Joanna Ly

      everything you are posting on is on SLsel

    8. Hopkuba Kowal

      *NO 🅱️ASS = NOT GOOD*

    9. Jamban Sekolah

      What is sdaiay stand for?

    10. Fit4Survival

      👏👏👏👏 Well said!

    11. moron TV

      James Charles is an aids cesspool

    12. xxxPEJAxxx1

      He is going to report SLsel rewind video to SLsel people... OMG

    13. João Andson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> WHINDERSSON NUNEEEEES

    14. Red Tiger

      No Bas?!?!?!?!?

    15. The Reaper

      I’m S A D no B A S S

    16. kitsune 506

      Out of everything... Minecraft sucks dude xd Minecraft is the triangle of videogames xd

    17. Joe Morton

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> Good Point! Music Videos are not Musician Videos. Where would SLsel be with out Tay Zonday? IMHO

    18. Oh yeah yeah

      Hmmm not bass

    19. Miguel Sabela

      No bass no like

    20. E

      *N O T EPIC*

    21. Aexus YT

      Perché sempre 69?

    22. UshuDoggo

      NO bASS, N O T C O O L

    23. Phantom Echelon

      Damn, a lot of people watch a lot of crap on SLsel. Feel bad for Davie that his EPICC SLAPPING went unrecognised (and unrewarded) so I'm SLAPPING that like button...NOW!

    24. Tony M

      I SLAPP like so hard my iPhone is in concussion protocol.

    25. Boruto

      With bass😀 Without bass👹

    26. XLIXER

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> Hurts how true this is

    27. Bassfan 504

      coppa is pp

    28. Gabriel Lixandru

      Slap like now

    29. Vaidas B


    30. Dallas Quinley

      I woke up with Bass in my pants, but no PP...Still happy as long as I have Bass

    31. Raul Blanco Music

      Thanks Davie for defending our interests at the high levels. This was EPIC

    32. Не ну ЛАднА

      I need *BASS*

    33. Luka Vašl

      No 🅱️ASS NO LIFE

    34. samuxxing

      Sono stron**, I will call the state police.

    35. Kenji

      Im theee bass guy

    36. Soni Jinglaru

      I want to learn bass Please make an video to teach Together we will slap bass

    37. Jeremiah Remy

      Today it actually SDAYAM

    38. Imparerò l ingkese Speriamo

      Summary of this video: *not bass*

    39. r1coise

      dont say "bass" say " mamma mia "

    40. Katte Uy

      why 504?

    41. Jay Kay

      That's actually really unfortunate. I haven't stayed for any of the other therapy sessions, but after watching even just those clips of the Rewind I could really go for some therapy right about now.

    42. Nuno Miguel Ferreira Martins

      U commited an BIG ERROR but i will correct ir MINECRAFT *was* a good game MINECRAFT IS a good game

    43. Alessandro Palomba


    44. Gorumax

      You tube , no bAss = Small PP O_O Not Epico !

    45. Quillan Jacobson

      SLsel is so out of touch they could have starred in the bubble boy movie

    46. Miku Desu

      its just too epico for youtube

    47. NACE3 birddog

      And I've seen everyone stealing your checkmate and slap like phrases

    48. Alberto Assink Souza

      Falou tudo o youtube não deveria colocar todo mundo para o rewind apenas os que produzem exclusivamente para o youtube, que tem o marketing e propagando dentro do proprio youtube

    49. Mew mew

      I'M SLAPing Like, Davie!!! But i can't slap my bass, couse dont understand - how...

    50. Mahir Ahmed

      We saw ur ear at every beginning of the video in ur intro lol checkmate

    51. IDPixel_RUS

      Play bass by the PLAY button

    52. philipene -flow

      Waiting for my bASS

    53. Tiny lord

      SLsel plays bass with picc

    54. #Olanda Neko

      Not E P I C O

    55. Alexander Westhuis

      SLsel rewind unvalid, needs B A S S!!

    56. Ilia Orlenko

      Пиздец, какая параша в топе ютуба....

    57. Victor Arturo Hettich Brummer

      Slap like now

    58. Hiến Lê Nguyễn

      K-pop are trash !!

    59. Steven C Muguercia

      Damm davie was not having it

    60. M Austin

      Music creators are the best, and Bass videos are epic. SLsel is like watching bad TV.

    61. Filip Butkiewicz

      SLsel Politically Correct Rewind 2019

    62. Robert Fikes

      Call the police

    63. rommel Places


    64. Leo Arce

      4 million dislikes is a good achievement. I slapped like cause of that statement.

    65. Harry Utomo

      Agree with you Davie

    66. elpanochas13

      I slapped the bass before you ask me to do it, I'm nota smol pp

    67. Asdayasman

      At least they tried.

    68. uKe GuNNeR472153


    69. Timothy Blake

      Davie504 has the basst videos on SLsel

    70. Sam & Sha


    71. Grant Hutchison

      but make up uses base...

    72. every shufflin today

      No BASS! or I will call the police NOW!!

    73. Earlanosaurus GD

      Its bad... No BASS * N O T B A S S *

    74. Dyme_Capitan DJ

      not bass :(

    75. AEB FILMS

      youtube rewind with BASS = big pp youtube rewind without BASS = smol pp youtube rewind did not have bass so youtube has smol pp CHECKMATE! youtube

    76. Mile


    77. Rejen Dangay

      This is my bday?

    78. Dark of Foxy

      What Davie thinks about it: NOT B A S S What his fanbase thinks about it: NOT B A S S Davie: WISE CHOICE, THIS NEEDS MORE B A S S SLsel: meh :P Davie: wHaT!!!!! NOT WISE CHOICE SLsel: sheesh, fine l:L *adds more B A S S* Davie: NoT eNoUgH B A S S

    79. Luke Griffin

      Instead play more upright BASS

    80. groovetube19

      SLsel = NOT EPIC No bass? OMG Complete disrespect!! SLsel has small peepee Bass players have big peepee. They don't deserve EPIC content like Davie504. SLsel made Davie504 sad. Now, he needs a therapy session. It's ok Davie. I'm here for you. You can tell me whatever you want. I understand.... I agree... I'm here for you... I know. You are EPIC... SLsel doesn't understand your value to your millions of subscribers... I'm certain... yes... you don't need their approval... Oh... and, I SLAPPED LIKE.