when you play an ancient instrument but you suddenly resurrect a MEME...



2 mio. ogledi143

    Playing a 4000 years old instrument, but then something weird happened..

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    1. Davie504

      This is a weird looking bass

      1. MITAKE RAN

        Its an ancient ass!

      2. chubby bunny

        I think its a lie the bow have to touch the white part

      3. chubby bunny

        @Mati Animations no

      4. Sans Gaster

        @sauron mauron no that is an erhu

      5. Diego Tovar


    2. 46 Brian


    3. Cousin Vlog/Gaming

      Your content sucks

    4. The walking dead Fã


    5. The walking dead Fã


    6. Alistair Tay JS

      I am Singaporean I known how to play a 1000 over songs

    7. Alistair Tay JS


    8. Sparkly Bliss Gacha life

      It’s called a Erhu

    9. Absolutionn

      I had to slap like to this one.

    10. matheux aguirre

      Is this the father of otmatone

    11. Lou Stancu

      Hahaha hows that for a headphones take off reveal

    12. Yoky

      tu dududududududududududu tu dududududududududududu tu dudududududu t dudududududu

    13. Nathaniel Angelo Gentugao

      For 16 years, yet, I didn't know this type of meme music🤣

    14. Tsetsegmaa Tsend-Ayush

      A Boomer instrument

    15. Rational Raven

      only davie504 can successfully resurrect a dead meme

    16. steckaman

      btw what music did he played on the last part? kinda interesting... please no troll

    17. Minecraft 4Ever

      dislike, not bass

    18. Victor

      The good ol' times when davie didnt talk

    19. Keyesey 2007


    20. Hoàng Nguyễn

      you play " đàn nhị " wow. great

    21. Annasgntng 1234

      In indonesia is rebab or tehyan

    22. BananaBob

      I thought he was gonna play baby shark tbh

    23. It's Aaron

      That aint bass, its a erhu

    24. MrTastic

      Can someone tell me the name of the song?

    25. Daniel Haze

      Good job keeping the real Python skin instead of synthetic, better sound 👌

    26. Linh Duong

      You play Erhu?!?!

    27. Lupus Umbra

      this guy is insane, i love it

    28. james healey

      It was not a bass but I approve.

    29. Antonio Ivanusec

      what's the songs name?

    30. regison _br

      need a bass

    31. Bruce Sim

      This video maybe fake or something but the bow have to be on the edge

    32. Nahid Zamanian

      Why he can play every fucking thing

    33. D Boogie

      To anyone dont know,this is a Vietnamese instrument

    34. jacker ware

      u have exposed ears

    35. randal lopez

      Si alguien habla español me puede decir que instrumento es

    36. xSOLx_Speed_Drifters

      Two strings bAss?

    37. 멸치

      This instruments calls HaeGume

    38. Itn Kny

      Is it your girlfriend's?

    39. Yanno Splif

      Omg !!

    40. Paulo Borges

      Wow the beginning reminds me lon Lon ranch tlozoot

    41. Noah Shirai

      “smash” like? is this an imposter?

    42. matteo caporello


    43. Rohan Sumalapao

      I saw your ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. no one

      Good timing i scrolled to youre first vid in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a>

    45. my husband is big marvel

      10/10 skills

    46. Channel Name

      That's some ancient meme you got there.

    47. Sean Kelle Pesquisa


    48. Hikari Nogami

      Name of Music?

    49. MaineStream

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a> Oh yeah. This song was definitely made in GarageBand/Logic. The guitar sounds are so familiar. Try it. Play the guitar on GarageBand iOS.

    50. MedTrains

      Like 155.000 :D

    51. Zazzakilla 2369


    52. Oleg Balabanov


    53. Laslo Jusztin

      I tought it was gonna be baby shark

    54. Harrison Ingalls

      Did he really just pull a darude sandstorm on us?

    55. 白Shiro

      Nice fingering skills

    56. Stevan Gucu


    57. the BIG FUN PLAYER

      Headphone take off reaveal

    58. Scappley

      Whats the song


      How could you play it without putting the bow on that hexagon I’m learning that instrument for one year I still can’t play this improvised

    60. Lego Man

      Man don’t you just hate it when you stumble into an ancient temple and next thing you know you resurrect thanos

    61. Linas

      what is the song name

    62. epicbuilder2007

      Davie504 要做中國人嗎?

    63. semih aktepe

      This is how David got coronavirus

    64. litboievan

      Aye Davie with no headphones

    65. DuaMuoi DuhBest

      Is that vnmese instrument :33

    66. Tucker Layne

      That sounds dope

    67. Caden Croatt


    68. Ashton Fallon


    69. Krangles

      Davie has defied his curse.His headphones fell off before 6 mil.

    70. ShadowFoxSF

      This happened to be of my favorite songs from DDR.

    71. MrMangarillo

      That would be a good sound for a Zelda game

    72. TheTrashOfHumanity

      I dunno man but it seems like ur playing it wrongly tho

    73. Hiluna

      You need bass

    74. ducminha72 -SGT-

      Me: Just watched twosetviolin playing the urhu. Also me: Click on this video. *pikachu surprised face*


      thought he was gonna do the box but im listening in 2020

    76. GrayWolf Gregory

      Cursed 2 string bass

    77. Wet Nigga

      He took of his headphones already


      *Pulls out Tiananmensquare Tank* 把这个删了

    79. Loli Lover

      Ears reveal huh. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>