We Bought 3 Cheap Exotic Cars For Less Than A C8 Corvette (And Found Out How BROKEN They Are)



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    On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged us to find three cheap exotics that are better than a new C8 Corvette. We bought a pimped-out Ferrari 360, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, and a gated manual Lamborghini Gallardo that may have been underwater at some point in its life. Then we found out what's wrong with them. Oh boy...
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    1. Hoovies Garage

      I still can't get over how badly Ed and Freddy cheated!

      1. Ian Denchasy

        They both SOOOO cheated!!!

      2. Casey Burnett

        I still can't get over how badly you needed to comment on this video so people would cross over to your channel and give you views!

      3. your moms dog


      4. Go Fast

        Русские, лайк комментарий мой, как будто я что-то умное написал

      5. Joe Maddox

        Hoovies Garage www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-rx-7-33/joe-maddox-super-rare-1-100-1989-fc3s-gtus-rx7-2jz-gte-vvti-build-43602/

    2. rusty trusty

      Make more of these please love this type of video!

    3. Samridh Tiwari

      v12 aston is best

    4. Uchenna Oj

      This is BTEC Top Gear

    5. dallatorretdu

      Gallardo, the car slower to fill up than a Tesla to charge?

    6. Lewis D

      I can’t help seeing top gear

    7. Nikhil Lalu

      #newtopgear... I think that they should continue with this as a proper series

    8. Gabor Mark

      The Car Avengers. Cool episode

    9. Matt Byram

      The guy that pulled up the the blue Lamborghini is a MASSIVE douche. I had to turn it off at that point.

    10. jason goslee

      Wow this really does feel like a love letter to old school Top Gear! I really hope this is only the beginning of many more "car challenges" to come!

    11. Different Name

      this is my new Top Gear

    12. nitrosoldier

      too fk loud

    13. MrLossFTW

      Galardo Spider ❤

    14. CsarRugen

      Wish you guys didn't give away the entire show in the opening credits.

    15. /sosthememe\

      Imagine if Doug demuro was in this challenge

    16. 3103frank

      Awesome series!!! Going to binge the rest of the episodes right now. Thank you Tavarish for this awesome series. Brings back memories like the old top Gear with some of my favorite creators. Couldn't have chosen a better group of guys.

    17. K C

      sorry i call bullshit. who believes they spent 300,000 on a youtube video?

      1. Joseph Pacheco

        @K C I think you should look into how much money youtubers can make. You are absolutely underestimating how much money there is in SLsel. Also this is a sponsored series as well.

      2. K C

        the way they treat this video is like buying a new tv or bicycle. nobody buys these things so easily besides some rapper before the mp3 was invented

    18. The Great Watubi

      The Vantage loses 1000 dollars in deprecation every time you roll down the window

    19. Tony Evers

      Whatta Joke.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        pretend, at least my country Portugal, dumb, arrogant and incompetent.

    20. România Dacia Cristian Marian

      Hi, i'm from Europe i love Europe SuperCar and i'm not hater but in my country exist a words.. "You take Lamborghini to be someone; You take Ferrari when you are someone"

      1. Shauka Hodan

        I'm always amazed that these grunts at repair shops are able to understand anything about modern sophisticated mechanics and electronics, I don't think they do, they just

    21. sprflyenya

      what was the name of the site? autotemper.com? ratemytemperature.com? I wish you'd mention the sponsor a few more times

    22. Luke Plays

      Thought it was a rerun of top gear

    23. Christopher Rogers

      I feel like these shouldve been the guys to do american top gear.

    24. S D

      How do these guys have so much $?

    25. SubToMePLZ? Can We Get this channel to1k subs?

      Yes u can egy espric car cheap but can u maintain it? Oil change, expensive parts to be repalced if need, inusrance is high, more tax

    26. Z WH

      This is brilliant... Don't mess with the top gear recipe. It's perfection.

    27. SneakerKING

      Love this video!!

    28. Ash Alam

      These guys are better than the current uk Top gear presenters...

    29. Wodz30

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1630">27:10</a> HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking Ed

    30. FrankJavy

      so..top gear huh

    31. Wyeth T

      Can we talk about how the colors of the cars are the same as when top gear uk did there US special with the LFA

    32. Rubr1k

      This feels like Top Gear but with real idiots (just kidding I love the three of them)

    33. Maynay

      was he using a torque wrench to loosen bolts?....

    34. OfficialEros

      the next generation topgear

    35. Altair *

      I'm always amazed that these grunts at repair shops are able to understand anything about modern sophisticated mechanics and electronics, I don't think they do, they just pretend, at least my country Portugal, dumb, arrogant and incompetent.

    36. Phillip White

      LOLOLOL, should have bought American. The Chevy will work for at least 5 years before dieing.

    37. davidhunternyc

      This is too funny. You can buy the Lambo cheaper than a C8 Corvette but it will cost you a C8 Corvette to fix the Lambo.

    38. Redchew10

      Why is this better than top gear

    39. J Piedra

      That yellow ferrari is tacky AF xD

    40. Colin Gregson

      Glad i bought a TVR just as cool to drive and cost me nothing so far and just as fast. It's a Tuscan S. What a pity they didn't sell TVR's in the States. John Travolta kept one after making Swordfish for his private collection.

      1. monika laosi

        I have a secondary evap fault I see,. Oh yea, A secondary air injection fault. That is when the mechanic knew he was talking to a duffis.

    41. Nickholas Young

      You guys should let us know who your sponsors are.

      1. monika laosi

        Few things are certain in life... Me: okay Death Me: right right Taxes Me: right....

    42. Nickholas Young

      This channel should be renamed "3 Gays Garage" This is the gayest auto channel on YT.

    43. Abhishek Vp

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1253">20:53</a> is that a Hakosuka behind?

    44. Erik G

      Those shirts are too small for y’all

    45. T. M.

      This is fucking amazing!!!!!

    46. Gigi Stres

      original idea

    47. Coner Berry

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a>

    48. D Wnright

      Gallardo easy winner.

    49. chevymaro92

      Top gear vibes !!!! More content like this PLEASE !

    50. K Digiacomo

      Another scripted fake car show. Not my thing, but some people like it. 👍✌️

    51. Mate Abrok

      Fuck those exotics, look at that Hakosuka chassis at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1250">20:50</a> x_x

      1. Mate Abrok

        also at 24:04 there is a Fairlady :D

    52. HeyyyJP

      Or buy a GT-R and win.at everything.

    53. Andrei W

      Having grown up with Top Gear........This is just awesome! Can’t wait for more!

    54. Tommy Obrien

      I hate the c8

    55. []

      Few things are certain in life... Me: okay Death Me: right right Taxes Me: right....

    56. Kris Evol

      I have a secondary evap fault I see,. Oh yea, A secondary air injection fault. That is when the mechanic knew he was talking to a duffis.

    57. Mysterious Zed

      Colour grade is op 💣

    58. David Troia

      Idk.. if i had the money for a C8, as much as i love lamborghinis, & usually that would be my #1... but that model is not my favorite by far, but still love the sound of one ripping down the 1/2mi. Ive always loved the look of that Ferrari but i would have a different color scheme & i dont like rag tops & would have 2 turbo charge that V8 2 make it jus a bit quicker. Now that Aston Martin for the price of a C8, i think for what u get with the Aston Martin would be my choice. That awesome that the sponsors helped them make this video of 3 cars i would actually think of buying if i had the money 2 buy a C8 or these 3 cars. Ill make videos on any car their sponsor wants 2 give me 2 test out & let me drive ( especially exotics) & ill def be enthusiastic every second of the video jus 2 drive cars of my dreams since ill prob never have the money 2 afford even a broke down exotic or one thats been ragged out.

    59. Earth 12 - DCAU

      TOP GEAR

    60. Sunamer Z

      This is better than top gear...

    61. Mike's Big Mouth

      Basically this is a much much better Top Gear America. Ed is Clarkson, Tavarish is May and Hoovie is Hammond.

    62. midiwall

      NICE job guys!!!

    63. 1091Alcatraz

      Ed Is Jeremy Hoovie is James Freddy is Richard The end

    64. turbocharged9589

      How expensive were the PPI's?

    65. Cameron 112211

      I love this, it's just like Top Gear

    66. Alfonso Alonzo

      100% expected hin to say "because im a shrewd negotiator" when they asked how he got the lambo lmao

    67. Nate Gagols

      When the yanks try to copy top gear

    68. Lavalambtron

      $8000 for a clutch that's why few people have these cars, even used.

    69. Copman 12345

      I want this to be like a Top Gear Series Pls

    70. Dan Druft

      Welcome to Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

    71. avemus bananum

      Top gear 2.0

    72. shmodizzley

      I really like the content but can you guys please fucking stop talking like 60’s news reporters like holy shit boys there’s no way you guys talk like that to eachother in real life

    73. Dalton White

      We just gonna ignore how that dude bought a v12 for the same price as a c8 corvette... he gottta bought a brand new car instead he bought a car with a shit ton of problems

    74. Norman Guittar

      OK, here we go, the time is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a>AM ,April first, 2020 as I begin my one lap around the track on this Cartrek challenge . Cars are like girlfriends and for this challenge we should start by asking; are Hollywood girls better than local girls? I don’t think so; my research shows that the local girls are every bit as good as the Hollywood girls while providing better availability at a much lower maintaince costs, but they are somehow under appreciated. And when looking at available cars, they fall into three primary categories: yesterday’s cars powered by gasoline, tomorrows cars powered by electricity , and exotic cars powered by unobtainium. If our challenge is to find the best exotic car for $59,995, then that choice must be made using objective and verifiable criteria. Criteria like acceleration, top speed, handling, ride, price, safety, operating cost, maintaince cost, popularity, pride of ownership, and resale value. When you can find a local girl that checks all the boxes, she’s a candidate. And when she finishes first in every category, then she’s is “the” car, based on hard verifiable fact, thus silencing all the unobtainium noise. While the C8 may “the” car today, the second generation Tesla roadster with a 0-60 of 1.9 sec., a top speed over 250mph, and a range of 620 miles is the heir apparent. Unfortunately the coming new Tesla roadster suffers from two troubling realities; it’s $200,000 price tag, and a 2021 Elon time delivery date. However, neither of these problems should discourage a true enthusiast. The $200,000 list price can be negated by buying used, and we can overcome the uncertain future delivery date by buying a readily available “Stealth Roadster Mule” test vehicle”. These Roadster Mules are not hard to find, they are everywhere, hidden in plane sight. Go to Autotempest.com. In the “Make” field, enter “Tesla,” in the “Model” field enter “Model S” (for Stealth), in the “Keyword” field enter “Ludicrous”, in the Max Price field enter “$59,995”, then simply hit the “Search” button to see what is available. Well my lap is over, time 2 minutes 29 seconds.

    75. qwasd0r

      Wow, what a nice commercial for Auto Tempest you've made with your way too nice cars you certainly found on Auto Tempest!

    76. Nick Kapoor

      wait i love this top gear esque format

    77. Kody Pittman

      “The land of things that can’t wait to kill you” You mean Australia right???

    78. Pablo Ortega

      LoL Flooded cars are a maintenance nightmare, good luck with the electronic gremlins

    79. RVS Technology USA LLC

      Our Power Steering treatment will take care of the acting up pump in the Aston! Www.rvs-usa.com

    80. Sufyaan Khan

      If I had £65k I would have bought a Ferrari California. Such as www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201911134314004?atmobcid=soc3