Trying Girly Life Hacks to see if they work 2

Little Lia

Little Lia

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    Trying Girly date night Life Hacks to see if they work!Today we're trying out some more DIY lifehacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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    1. Little Lia

      Helllooooo friends hope ur having a swell day ❤️

      1. Izzy Palmateer


      2. ELM Tree

        I'm not ok I had a mental breakdown because my mom didn't feed the cats for three days while I was gone and she loves her boyfriend she only knew for 2 months more than her own daughter.

      3. Najat Zanna


      4. Jawanbowden 24

        I peed a little, but other than that yeah


        Little Lia imagine doing that last hack and wearing that shit while on your period!

    2. notiamsanna fan123

      Omg i was hungry when she eat the food

    3. Bruce Liu

      little lia you are literally sssniper wolf

    4. Artsy Crafts

      I made the suprise box thing it took me 4 freaking get the materials to making the box and adding in photo's and treats it was for mothers day

    5. olivia barnes

      um the grape is not a hart

    6. StephieLuvs Pandas

      So my question for the the last one with the sewing the underwear to the shirt to make a body suit. Ummmm how is she going to the bathroom? She'd have to unbutton her whole shirt. Like that's crazy!

    7. olivia barnes

      I hate candy

    8. Maylee Morales

      3:55-3:57 in the mirror in the back😄😄

    9. Shantel Boothe


    10. strawbear ッ


    11. •Midnight• •Shadow•

      I have to change my roblox name to little lia fan

    12. Dale Youngblood

      That blue shirt looked amazing on you

    13. Arthur Mooney

      lol 😂 I saw your boyfriend jumping on the couch through your mirror

    14. ELM Tree

      If you make enough cake batter for two cakes and don't have a heart shaped pan make a square and a circle cut the circle in half and put it together.

    15. Latoya McKenzie

      She is very pritty

    16. Sandra Salazar


    17. Even TunesY

      You work?

    18. Even TunesY

      Makes coughing noises in mouth like laughing every 10 seconds

    19. Even TunesY

      Yez I’m your follower on tik tik 🙃

    20. Fùtürè

      Did anyone see sausage fall at 3:57

    21. yitsi ambriz Gacha life vid

      And play roblox and add me I will teach you how to play my name is nutellt4

    22. yitsi ambriz Gacha life vid

      Make more Minecraft video with digital next on your other chanle

    23. Coco Cat

      I absolutely love cutting the fuzz off of those weird looking things....... I DID IT IN MY EARLY YEARS OKKKKKK

    24. josh

      What was she doing I am only seven about to turn 8 but I love your shows and they're amazing hope you get this message ️😁

    25. Kayla Bach

      around the 4 minute mark look in the mirror behind her thats my everyday mood

    26. Ginger White

      You inspired me you are the best I subscribe to this channel and your mane channel Also I hit the 🔔✅🤗🌞

    27. James Sims

      Look at 3:56 -3:58 who is that???!!!!

    28. Jasmine Vue

      Hi Lea I’m watching this while my family is having dinner and they won’t let me eat with them so I have to wait and cook my own dinner and I will definitely try to make the eggs but I’m prolly going to starve myself again I love you

    29. Diego Gomez

      4:08 seconds in did anybody notice him in the background

    30. Cheyenne Dandrea

      Um does anyone notice that she spraide the pan and not the cookies cutters

    31. Madelin Long

      Your dog is cute and I like how funny your cape is and I like how you said I will not Susan a par of underwear

    32. Carrington Hollister

      That intro is so adorable

    33. Amber Corp

      Your Terrible At this

    34. Gacha_taco

      Aren’t you sssniperwolf?

    35. Jawanbowden 24

      My Butt cheeks fell off

    36. Natalie Dunn


      1. Jawanbowden 24

        Yes mommy

    37. Lena Schall

      I tried the egg “hack” almost a million times and every time the egg whites would leak out and the yoke would break everywhere!!!

    38. Rainbow_Glow24k

      Little lia or SSSniperWolf

    39. ujin yeruult

      Got hacks Have time Eating Sleeping Hotel Trivago

    40. Miranda Catlin

      I'm being/I was alone for Valentine's Day... and it already passed.

    41. pzza luvr

      The last one how do u use the bathroom with that??

    42. Rumaiz Mahmood

      Is this ssniperwolf?

    43. Corgi Lover

      Uhmmmm sssniperwolf and little lia are...the saMe PeRsoN WhAt

    44. Mia Sowerby

      I am pregnant and it baby Jesus


      “And it’s a balloon” LOL

    46. Ava Bourassa

      in the corner of the mirror you can see her boyfriend

    47. Luka XL gacha

      are you sniper wolf ?

    48. Ruby Rosa

      The last one was so dumb, like I would have to undress my entire self every time I went to the restroom 😪🚫

    49. Zeekmeister101

      Did she get some work done? Bc damn

    50. Jahid Afrin

      Your so pretty.....sister...

    51. Bijoy Chandra Roy

      *But it's pink!*

    52. Chloe Timmerman

      i love you you do the best video

    53. Clarissa Saleh

      For the peaple that do a thumbs down you rude


      I would never try that dress knowmatter what

    55. Unicorn Girl

      Dear SSsipperwolf, I love your channles I hope your going to be my friend and then you can be my bff because your so awesome and then I can be in your videos and make you have more subscribers and likes by being in your videos from your dearest subscriber

    56. Zahirul Haque

      *I AM PREGNANT!* *and its a ballon* *gave me flashbacks of pregnant with baby jesus*

    57. Chloe Ketley

      Who else spent ages trying to make that heart shape with their fingers?!

    58. Jaydah Marquez

      9:19 I'm actually watching this during breakfast🤣

    59. Gemma Parkinson

      The last hack. Guys. MAJOR ATOMIC WEDGIE

    60. Jawanie Domingo

      Umm, are you Azzyland’s sister!😦