Truth, Justice and Songs in Our Key (HSMTMTS | Official Lyric Video | Disney+)

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    She's the show that must go on so we're putting in a good word!🎶 Learn the lyrics for “Truth, Justice, and Songs in Our Key” in the official lyric video from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series!
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    Music video by Cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series performing Truth, Justice and Songs in Our Key (HSMTMTS | Official Lyric Video | Disney+). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

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    1. Just Jill

      sebs voie hits *diffrent*

    2. The Random


    3. Lexie Vincent

      Anyone else in love with Ricky?

    4. Caroline Dunnett

      What’s my motivation~ she provides the inspiration.

    5. Veomf

      *I'm playing this song over and over until I learn the whole thing*

    6. Tziyona

      I can't believe it..... Seb has got some vocals!!!!!!! He should really get more solos....

    7. Mikaela Claire Montinola

      I've had this song on repeat for god knows how long

    8. rikong13

      Wait didn’t she lie about her reputation. How does she stand for truth?

    9. Mona Issa

      This is a jazz hands song

    10. Albaharu

      She doesn't stand for truth so much LOL but the song is so catchy and great I love it

    11. Miranda Schermerhorn

      I feel this song is so underrated on the show; it's so good!! One of my favorite songs/scenes from the show!

    12. shortangle :D

      excuse me, she hasn’t seen dear evan hansen ?? *le gasp*

    13. Kris Gacha meme

      Me internally: Dear Evan Hansen, We’ve been way too out of touch~

    14. NickDoesEdits

      Nini: whats my motivation Me: *Chills intensity*

    15. Raychel Brennan

      Dear Evan Hansen is a musical. I don’t know what it’s about but it’s a musical.

    16. Akshat Shah

      Okay but whoever is making these music videos is doing a freaking AMAZING job!

    17. headass steph

      this lowkey is my favorite song from the soundtrack

    18. Ellie Largent

      "songs in our key" um yes pls

    19. Dimitri Dimitri

      March 🔥🔥🤤

    20. samira liiban

      . Z

    21. Sasha - Lee

      sharpay... ryan... you know they'd agree 😂

    22. Raoff Aziz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> Seb dropping the ball

    23. Justine Ong

      “Sharpay, Ryan, we know they’d agree” I thought Sharpay told Ryan not to do the jazz squares in What I’ve Been Looking For? Or am I wrong?

    24. T E A

      “Any questions?” “Just one.... how can I snatch two tickets for opening night?”

    25. Rahlitty Boy

      I feel Luke Gina + Ricky was unessecary

    26. Riley Alderson

      I am so happy they put DEH in it for Andrew

    27. Mya Willms


    28. Michael Smith

      The supporting characters sing better than the main characters

    29. punsiella

      sebs VOICE damn

    30. KPBEvan _

      Dara, Julia and Joe sounded great in this.

    31. Sonia Grace

      yo ricky and gina are honestly and literally so cute.

    32. Marie

      I LOVED this in the episode

    33. Emalie Caley

      This reminds me of fixer upper from Frozen!

    34. Dominos Chz


    35. Holmonブランドン

      What's my motivation she provides the inspiration. HELL yea liv

    36. Hannah Boring

      i love the fact that hsmtmts has so many original songs like it’s not a total ripoff of hsm

    37. sara6t

      So they covered this song Destiny Chukunyere - Not My Soul - Malta - 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

    38. Brodie Milnes


    39. Amelia Garcia

      Ep 6 coming out tmmr sooooo excited

    40. Barbara Stories

      Adorable song :)) ❤❤❤❤❤

    41. Dulcie Pham

      This sounds like a song from the musical "Ain't too Proud"

    42. moll.

      very musical theatre lol i like it

    43. Ellie Yall

      Aaand there you go. Great spoiler. 😂🤦

    44. Trevor Duke

      So who sings what in the song?

    45. Charlotte B

      ~Sharpay,Ryan, you know they'd agree~ I love it!😂❤

    46. Juliana Wong

      seb's first track

    47. Adrian A.

      This is such a *BOP*

    48. Mubashar Sultan

      Don’t say

    49. Razane Louli

      A lot of original songs. Love it

    50. Solana McKee

      the GROWL in "jazz squares in the choreography" SENDS MEEEEE

    51. Greg Silverman

      I literally love this series more than the movies

    52. N J

      Don’t kill me please but after last episode I love rickey and gina’s relationship whether it’s a romantic one idk but they have a really nice bond

      1. Taeden Woods

        N J I agreeee!

    53. Multic Pultic


    54. Hannah Marais

      Someone pls tell me who sings <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> through <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> i cant till if its ricky or ej oml

      1. tacomasters


      2. Maxwell Rayside

        Honestly I think it's Seb lmao

    55. Greg Silverman

      She never saw Dear Evan Hansen , GASP!! 😟

    56. 3mma

      we love hearing the songs before friday 😌🤚🏼

    57. Penny Nelson

      Is anyone just scrolling through the comments listening not really caring but totally caring?

    58. Angelina Alvarado

      Wowsers!!! ☺️☺️☺️😱😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️🕊😇

    59. Emily Wood

      Why is this show glee

      1. Emily Wood

        Love it

    60. Tyree Clark

      So did ms . Jen get fired and they’re working to get her back

    61. Tyree Clark

      So who.’s gonna tell them the episode isn’t out yet

    62. Toni lee

      this is an actual bop omg

    63. matthew cheng

      What if for the next season they Perform Dear Evan Hanson 🤔 - just a thought

      1. Elijah Jude Caingat

        I'd want Big Red play Evan then

    64. JoshHoPersonal

      why the hell is this so catchy

    65. Liza Harris

      this song is a bop

    66. maya doly

      Yass I'm getting OG HSM vibes

    67. dancingsun2

      This honestly makes me even more excited for Role Of A Lifetime (song with Lucas Gabreel)

    68. Brady’s Bussy

      Get your head in the game!

    69. Fortnite Boy Sis

      I cant wait to see the video

    70. Emma Miley

      So basically, Ms. Jenn lied on er resume thinging, got fired and now everybody decides to break out singing about how to get her back

    71. Exvettla

      She is definitely Ms jen

    72. Ryan Dobson

      Well this is defo the worst song so far

    73. Henry Romero


    74. Thaíla Lopes


    75. Thaíla Lopes


    76. Ivan Rodriguez

      Love the song 😍❤️😁

    77. Justine Pere

      Love this!!! Can't wait for episode 6!

    78. Kaminhocker

      Cute, wish I could watch the series... but Germany... xD

    79. Sonia M. E. H.

      disneymusicvevo bravo bravo like like

    80. Vitt Miranda

      “she never saw dear evan hansen” MISS JENN............. HOW COULD YOU!