Trump & The “Cure Worse Than The Problem” Debate | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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    Trevor has coronavirus updates from around the world, and Donald Trump flirts with the idea of lifting protective measures in the U.S. way ahead of schedule to lessen the economic impact. Plus, Michael Kosta checks in on his neighbors. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MichaelKosta
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    1. andres Ortiz

      Yo um if you eat to much tooth paste it can kill ya

    2. Mitch Ross

      Trumps cure, wet your pants like I do. Check out the pictures of little donny wetting his pants. He is the chosen one alright.

    3. BN S

      this guy is not funny

    4. Rosco Coltrane

      How dare you speak bad about our President Thanos!!😠

    5. ritika gupta

      Trump should not promote Chloroquine as it has severe side effects such as retinopathy,QT prolongation that may led to arrthymia,also it has multiple drug interaction that means if u pop Chloroquine with a drug such as azithromycin(anti viral) it can have serious consequences and even has already caused death in some parts of the world.....As a medical student I would say pls ppl do not blv

    6. bcvbb hyui

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="452">7:32</a> Every press conference of the orange blimp should be one long 'bleep'.

    7. Ready get set Jam

      None of us know what's going on behind the scenes ' including you buddy grasp at whatever makes you feel better but the Truth is you or I know nothing ' so pretending we do is absurd.

    8. Vicki Brown

      I like Tervor's beard!

    9. Vasco Apolonio

      Well, the Planet is getting cleaner. It's the only good thing coming out of this crisis. We brought another virus into Human Bodie from Animal Bodies where they were. But without Animals, the Virus will struggle to live. Right?

      1. bcvbb hyui

        it would be better than running out, right?

    10. Ashley Morgan

      I'd quarantine with you Trevor just to get some laughs. 🙏❤

    11. NICK COIN

      1.''Pandemics: History & Prevention''' It is an amazing video ,truly informative, based on facts and science .This video is more than a decade old,BUT it is very relevant to current Covid-19pandemic Highly recommended THE THERAPY The researchers recruited seven patients suffering from COVID-19: two with common infections, four with severe infections, and one with a critically severe infection; all of them were aged 45 to 65. There was also a placebo control group of three patients with severe infections. MSCs were intravenously transplanted to the study group patients. Over the course of the experiment (January 23 to February 16), one patient from the placebo control group had remained in severe condition, another one had developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and the third one died. In the study group, all patients with common and severe infections had recovered, while the critically ill patient was out of the ICU with a common infection. Although most COVID-19 patients eventually recover, it usually takes much longer, especially for critically ill patients.

    12. John Hervig

      I love it! Somebody who's taking the quarantine seriously without being too serious about the situation...he's a gem! Oh, the sex thing behind him...lamps? How bright does one have to be to see wires?

    13. Gabe Sharp

      has not having a live audience been awkward xD

    14. Joshua Makonnen


    15. Barry Noga

      Wow what a fuck tard I can't believe anyone believes this moron is funny. 7 million idiots subscribed 🤯

      1. miko foin

        and don't work for and alongside people who do. You're lying to people, you always have been.

    16. Ndabenhle Sibonelo

      I like those two black things at the back "impundu zakho" they are beautiful 😍😂

    17. Get a Job

      Trevor Noah has a terrible sense of humor. Not funny at all.

    18. jorge luis

      not me ) but .. sons wife , no rent no food , no water ..... dead anyway

    19. Mehrunez

      Doing good until the Trump bashing. Maybe ill get further then 6 min next time. Hope yah get COVID!

    20. Promotion

      So you telling me to eat toothpaste? 🤔🤬outahere

    21. MotorDragon

      why does trump sound like a commie

    22. Charlotte Hannah

      I trust Trevor. Because he dare to say truth and never tell a lie.

    23. Silvaten

      The only people benefiting from working (besides essential workers) are the owners of said businesses and they're already rich. Don't listen to Trump. Stay home and save your at-risk relatives. It should be SO SIMPLE

    24. Heather Craig

      Thank you for being such a responsible reporter, Mr. Noah. In your investigations, could you find out why no one discusses the more important role of the mask- not of preventing its wearer from contracting the virus- but its role in preventing its wearer from transmitting the virus. If everyone wore masks or even just a bandana when in public place, then asymptomatic carriers would not be spreading droplets nor contaminating fomites. While I love the lower population density and I believe the rest of the earth does too, we are going to have to learn to handle outbreaks without radical lockdowns. Perhaps you could make mask wearing trendy somehow? Of all people, health care workers should be covering their faces when they leave work. I know they are tired but this would be the responsible thing to do. Also, in your investigations, could you ask one of your clever guests, why it is that hospitals do not utilize their xray or gamma ray sources to sterilize their disposable masks so they can reuse them? I understand that some stretch out but certainly it would be better than running out, right?

    25. Roman Shevchenko


    26. Queston Richer

      i just want to let you know your hilarious bro, really enjoy your show.

    27. Elsie Augustin

      Guys why don't you take that time to read your bible.

    28. achraf derdak


    29. Miltos Matt

      Hey Trevor, since you are commenting that dead people are not just numbers... i am taking the chance to share a video i came across in Australia during their attempt to reduce car accidents. I am sharing below and i am sending heaps of love and support from Athens, Greece. Cheers ;) #stayhome

    30. Shelly P.

      Don't play clips and parts of what Trump has said and then twist it. People, go watch President Trump's speeches. Trevor, you're only a puppet for other ignorant people. Changing the narrative and misleading people so you can live a certain lifestyle. FOH Trevor. Try taking on comedy and just talk about all of them. But don't change the narrative and don't work for and alongside people who do. You're lying to people, you always have been.

    31. D M

      This no talent fool would never make it in his home country or any country but America sad what so called humor has came to they are all political hacks.

    32. MegaSwimmer88

      Not saying he doesnt have jokes but its sounds so much weirder with no laughing added in the background like usual hahaha

    33. eioshen boboi

      Elephant: "Honey come and look at this guy in a cute trunk"!

    34. tigertone1

      trump is the best will be re elected you stupid lil girls ...#Trump2020

    35. Brian kimotho

      Trevoh: "Its about Family, and Breathing and Social Distancing" Me: "Deeeead"

    36. Enrique Senior

      Trevor is worth $30 million, staying indoors for a year isn't a problem for him.

      1. eioshen boboi

        Trump & The “Cure Worse Than The Problem” Debate | The Daily Social Distancing Show

    37. Janis Marie Rawlins

      No, they don’t need to bleep 🤬 out T’Rumps words, what need is to bleep in a intelligent spokesperson to speak on that utter fools behalf and Never and I can’t say it strongly 💪 enough, Never place the royalty blatant fool on TV to continue to totally embarrass the United States, thanks to that fool we are the Laughing Stock of the whole world. The man fool can’t even read of a piece of paper written for him, now that’s a dam shame as my 9 year old granddaughter does a better job of reading a paragraph and it sounding it out right so you understand where the end of the sentence is, he rambles it all up so your not sure when it’s suppose to end or begin.

    38. kara sprouse

      Now you see the idiocy of the republican

    39. Dee Allen

      Watch the doctor (Deborah) take a deep breath when trump says the country can go back to work in less than the 3-4 months earlier predicted.

    40. Adrian Darnaby

      trump is the ANTI_CHRIST

    41. Zina Rhone

      Trevor is just crazy.

    42. Hlalelo Makwabe

      Hahahahaha!!!! Iimpundu zakho. Killer

    43. Garden Spider

      What comes after the Coronavirus shut down??? The White House needs two or three exorcisms after Bozo the Clown leaves the White House with his demon kids.

    44. Andria Houston


    45. Paul N

      Elephant: "Honey come and look at this guy in a cute trunk"!

      1. Flamefiends

        Ok but no joke elephants as a species think humans as a species are cute, just like we think dogs and cats are cute.

    46. Jacob Lattimore

      Eating toothpaste is actually a good way to die quickly

    47. Anthony Anza

      I just noticed that this dude is a propaganda puppet.

    48. Mike Singer

      GET THE WORD OUT! Share the hell out of this video! Or share the heaven out of it! Either way!! Share it!!!

    49. Stella Bella

      thanks for telling us about the cool stuff behind you Trevor :)

    50. Blank Stare

      Actually on CBS the other night they brought on THEIR expert and he agreed with trump that a complete shutdown/cure could be and probably will be worse than the virus. the news lady got red faced and cut him off immediately but in the end THEIR, not a trump supporter, agreed with trump. To bad more people are not alive from the great depression. Then you would understand the misery that will occur. Plus trump said it was hope and has recently changed it now to the end of april so all you who are whining don't worry he is listening to the experts.

    51. Mr. Kid

      Trump & The “Cure Worse Than The Problem” Debate | The Daily Social Distancing Show

    52. Lisa J. Sweetness

      I just love watching and listening to you, hiiiii from the US Virgin Islands!

    53. Katy

      You're the man! I love your spot on impressions of DJT! Keep making me LOL.Mwah!

    54. B K

      The problem is you Donald.

    55. Michelle Nicholls

      Trump didn't say to open up ALL of America, but to access the states that COULD possibly re-open. You are deliberately misinforming your audience to make Trump look like an idiot. Come on Trevor, you're a better comic than that. Try being funny with the real facts.

    56. Godfather 12&6

      This Comedian Genius is what both young and old need to listen to! He continues to expose USA 🇺🇸 Ignorance!🙁

    57. B K

      I am sure that nobody wants this quarantine to end as much as Melania and Trump's staff. At least if the quarantine ends, he won't be around the White House as much. And his staff can actually have a break from him.

    58. B K

      The same way that you are destroying America, Donald.

    59. Jay Sizzle

      Trump is the president regardless of your feeling ibe been sitting here watxhing your show for a couple of houra now you making fun of trump os childish i dont care what your view is ita yours but you acted like a child and got off topic because you wanted to make fun of donald trump but at the begining of your video you were upset with people making fun of the sex balls your recieved from your momma... I know consider you facebook news

    60. Jay Sizzle

      Porn hub is for teens using daddys credit card. Real men like real whores so we watxh xvideos or xnxx

    61. DeBorah L Pollitt

      Imagine watching this video in May when the number of infected ppl has grown exponentially! The sooner ppl stop listening to him the better off we will be.

    62. DeBorah L Pollitt

      I am not listening to Trump. Hie is delusional.

    63. Drew Contos

      Trump is in my opinion a very good president, probably top 10.

    64. Joshua Chebii

      That book on the shelve - wild beautiful places!

    65. Jony Smith

      All of our restaurants and bars are closed? Why does he say half of them are open?

    66. Samuel Simanjuntak

      People in Indonesia don't give a shit about Toilet paper because we wipe our asses with spray not some tissue like wild animals

    67. Scott Hart

      I know you libs and millennials have no problem shutting down the country and not working for months since you get money from mommy and daddy and have no trouble begging for hand outs, but Republicans and normal Americans depend on their jobs to survive and to have a sense of purpose. You people are ridiculous.

    68. Gerald Polzin Jr

      This is just awful. Seriously, Coronavirus isn't as bad as this. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    69. Kirstin Frosheiser

      I liken this to a terrorist group that can't be seen, not it's attacking is anyway. It's kind of like you said, Trevor, comparing/contrasting it with the zombie scenario you mentioned. If this was a large group of terrorists on our soil, we'd all bunker down if possible. I don't want to die and I don't want anyone else doing but I can't control anyone but myself which is one of the worst parts of this whole thing in many ways.

    70. athews1976

      tRump then: 👉 You're fired! tRump now: 🤬 Stop *ACTING* like you sick! *GET BACK TO WORK!!!* 💢

      1. abbsnn cose

        you are. You're funny and a like you, but I'm not coming on you. You can also become a comedian because you have talents. And that shows great RESPECTS.

    71. Star duh Creator

      My dude quoted off of spy kids 3 LOL 😂

      1. abbsnn cose


    72. camthejock

      98% of infected US victims will survive (and many don’t required hospital treatment) so to me this seems like killing a spider with a sledgehammer. Sure you’ll kill it, but you’ll also destroy your whole house in the process

    73. jiore1969

      Trevor you don't need a haircut! You are handsome hands down with your rustic look! MUAH! You're adorable like this. I love this look :)

    74. lukesterification

      The South African that makes a living off criticizing the American president. Like Trump or not, it’s about time this boy learns some manners.

      1. lukesterification

        Kokos Nuss of course you can, but if one makes it their primary business to criticize the president of the country you immigrated to, perhaps one doesn’t belong here.

      2. Kokos Nuss

        Believe it or not, you can also have an opinion on countries that are not your home countries. The US is the best in this, starting war all over the world in countries that are not their business.

    75. Alex Khalil

      I’m gonna say what I gotta say. We have the worst government on planet earth why don’t the us government take action for once and close all streets and force people to stay home? If they do that then we could all go back to school, work, see our friends, etc. in 2-3 weeks max. The government is making this so much worse than what it should be if they shut down all flights a day before they did then we would be down to half the cases of COVID-19 in our country. Dr. Fauchi is one example of the many doctors/nurses not getting sleep because of this stupid virus some people are doing all they can to stay home and I’m glad but other stupid people think that it’s ok to have parties, go to the beach, go to their friends house, etc. that is why our government needs to send the military out to every city and forcefully make people stay in there homes for the good of our country.

    76. e j

      why is this so bad? cringey.

    77. Preetham Eranki

      Hi Trevor, Just an Update: Made small contributions towards the 2 Funds you mentioned in the video. :)

    78. Jaw Knee

      BRO COLONIZATION 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

    79. frank pesti

      Nobody's nobody's talking about Detroit we need masks and everything too

    80. Maryam Al-ghazali