This Is The Only Bass Solo I CANNOT Play...



5 mio. ogledi565

    Playing some of the HARDEST Slap Bass Solos of the internet... but there's one I CANNOT play... for a very mind-blowing reason...
    What's your favorite bass solo?! Leave a comment N O W

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    1. Davie504

      What was your favourite *SLAPP* bass solo!? Leave a comment and *SLAPPPP* like NOW *do* *it* *NOW*

      1. red cat

        I don't slapp. I punch.

      2. jon 111

        I liked the one where they slapped the bass ;)

      3. MARK _

        See Abe Laboriel please!

      4. Jason Mendez

        I need Spanish subtitles !!!!!!!!!!

      5. science world

        Slap like Mohini dey

    2. Jackaroo

      i cant even slapp on bass im bad can only tapp

    3. Youssef Ait Bouazza

      Genio assoluto!!!! Grandissimo

    4. Báb Déli

      This dude's communication style is making me feel to give him the slaps back on his face.... 🤗

    5. Yugoreshi

      I see other 2 reasons why she has 10 millions views

    6. dg5301

      Why was their a gu#*ar ad in the video

    7. Ben Nito


    8. Chris Sharkey

      All of this is super cool! I love it and am inspired by it! But as a professional bassist unfortunately not much slapping (some) is going to find you working gigs! To make a living I suggest learning tunes! tunes! tunes! Old ones new ones borrowed ones blue ones!

    9. ITZZ_Dani Lolz

      Davie:dont skip or i will send you this knife🔪 Me:welp *skips videos* HA

    10. mirrico


    11. Andi MARONOFF - Best OSM Tactics and Tricks

      Shitt .. subscribed !!! Approved ..

    12. elaine cabangon


    13. Mark Eismann

      Davie504 - Just wicked-awesome!

    14. Allison Navarrete


    15. Aegon Targaryen

      What do u mean with "Big Reason"? 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Aegon Targaryen

      Number 7 sounds really good on u davie

    17. Aegon Targaryen

      Fanculo italian meaning reveal !!! U already have 6m subs nowww

    18. TRACRBoii YT

      u mean S - Some D - Day A - A I - Italian A - Asked Y - You

    19. pablo honey

      Do u speak like this during normal conversation with ur mama, bros n friends. I like to see u speak like human. If not i will slap u.

    20. Tom's Virtual

      This so fany but hight kuality video Very good bro 👍👍

    21. John Steely

      Love your channel!! You keep me laughing 😂 man!! Great editing too!! Keep up the great slap 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    22. Gibran Jacobo

      Great bass SLAPP, but the Louis Johnson it's not 100% the same

    23. Edgard Pavanelli Cabral de Oliveira

      you played slower the bass solo number 3 and 8, not approved

    24. Matexx the Boss

      2019, Davie504: **launches this video** 2020, also Davie504: *Let's make a video with the exact same title but put bassline instead of bass solo*

    25. WEED SMOKE

      I need slap not tap lmaoo

    26. L Caron

      your soooooo gooooood at bass

    27. Elytride ML

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> Oh em geeh

    28. TheMegaWolf Angeles


    29. Derva Kommt von hinten

      why do you keep doing your own takes/versions? that kinda defeats the purpose doesnt it?

    30. Damian Marquez

      Silvestre Stallone?

    31. James Rudland

      Bested by not one but two female bass players.

    32. villaranda andrei

      Why are you wearing ur headphones again!

    33. bassman51able

      Man I love your videos and your playing is truly awesome. check out (bassman51able) video called (blue candy) play it. lol watch whole video.

    34. Yamin Tajali

      😂😂😂 you are a best

    35. Vincenzo D'Amico

      In this video Davie sounds Very happy forse some reason

    36. Shaan Jamatia

      Can u play six string guitar I ever saw u playing six string guiter

    37. Maii Meneses

      9th quarantine day in brazil: achei um vídeo em inglês que entendi tudo que fala, uma pena eu não saber tocar baixo ;-;

    38. xty ndrw

      beat that bass solo number 10

    39. GameDesign


    40. jose cuevas


    41. Mushroom Men

      hey! not sure how this game of your work but can you play the shredder bass solo? Can you make it faster? Can you make it 1 hour? It's for my 1 hour solo relaxing club XD Thanks

    42. vishal nayak

      u dint able yo play <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> guitar so skippled it. it so damn difficult. admit it.

    43. Sıla Barut

      ı think you try this "gülpembe" it so famous in turkey please try it love u ♡

    44. Jonathan Yoe

      Amazing video!!! 😂

    45. Hicham Lotfi

      noone noticed that number 2 was shia la boeuf ?

    46. Ken Adair

      I love this video...SLAPPPPP !!!!!!

    47. JunkPh00d

      haha you talk like Strong Bad

    48. tyler rodgers

      hit up @veritas Davie!

    49. CheezeWuz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a> why is the bass not more of a front runner? thats amazing

    50. Newvices

      YOU SLOWED DOWN THE VICTOR WOOTEN RIFF... Redo that damn video or you're going to get stuck in Italy!

    51. Sazzad Khan

      no haha react here for the epic video quality😂😂

    52. Muhamad Fajar Sidiq

      My favourite one is two reasons we knew in this video. She can be double slaaps

    53. Scott Hammell

      14k comments... Wow this question will probably get lost. (Non musician wondering) are you watching how they are playing or listening to figure out the notes? That's for the epic videos! I love this channel

    54. SeDaUnMu GaMing

      i like this video,iam from indonesia, wow I like your guitar playing technique

    55. Conger Scott

      I see two big reasons she got ten million views, lol, i love it,

    56. VKJR1

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="372">6:12</a>

      1. VKJR1


    57. MapleSyrupPhillip

      Davie makes everything look easy 😂😂😂

    58. Erdoğan Güngör

      He atacc He protecc but most importatly He *S L A P*

    59. Automatiic

      Pick: NOT PLAY Guitarist: BRING OUT STOPS


      you are nailed it!!!!!

    61. Kevin Miller


    62. Nathan Schad

      Shia got good at bass

    63. CodyPlayzGamez

      Me: knows nothing about bass but sees video Almost every Davie504 video later Me: decides to learn bass

    64. Micaela Merlyn

      I skipd in indonesia

    65. Lance Emry

      The beginning low key scared me

    66. jacob wanamaker

      That primus can give flea a run for sure.

    67. Baring

      Do you have perfect pitch?

    68. Double U

      I need slaaappp u face bass guitar..🎸

    69. tekkno traggik

      I made Primus, and there's more slap than you know. Piano slap bass, that sounds like Dimebag Darrel on lead bass. The record company hasn't released the perfect 90s music, yet. Oh, you know finger tapping. I was thirteen years old, and the guy in the 'bang' wore the Three Non Blondes hat. They are really narcissists who stole my music, and grew the music scene with it. I used a fretless Koa bass. I had a Taylor Grand Symphony Koa too. Really the only slap bass is on a fretless Koa. They posses easily. I had a bass solo during every song, in concert. These guys usually wanted tapes of my music, then they'd talk to the local scout and he let them tour.

    70. IDamianosI

      Davie... Sos MUY pelotudo. Y MUY gracioso. I approofff that! Felicitaciones

    71. Jake Rinker

      Les Claypool > Flea. Any responses to the contrary are invalid.

    72. inv

      Crazy he has over 6 mil subs and fake bass vids guarentee he won't post bass vids with computer software proving its live

    73. אוריאנה כהן

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">4:04</a> האיש הזה נראה כמו יצחק קלפטר😲

    74. Kelly Murphy

      Last one reminded me of Larry Grahm

    75. Hotboytrue

      I like the one you said was tap a d not slap it was very good

    76. Josue Rosas

      No one: Twosetviolin fans when they see paganini caprice no. 24 played on bass: :0

    77. hueroski

      This was funny

    78. Ricky Chase

      Your not even trying to play the same thing......Davie you think we are dumb!!!!!!!!?

    79. GeoTimeSet

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a> It Means F**k

    80. josueas1987

      Saludos fondillos!👍