This Is The Only Bassline I CANNOT Play...



2 mio. ogledi119

    Attempting to play some of the hardest basslines and bass solos on the internet... Will I succeed?!
    S L A P L I K E
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    1. Davie504

      What was your favorite *bass* solo??? leave a comment *NOW* and *SLAP like* Do it now

      1. Jay Ar Royo


      2. Victor Lins

        @Josh Noah D Enolpe bass is cheap noob

      3. Chris John Catedrilla

        First Vid

      4. Nathan Willes

        I only slapp like at 69 seconds, so idk yet

      5. karol vilca

        bass solo number 9!! ^-^

    2. Robby Thunder

      Mr. 504... You gots great Bass skills without a doubt.. I'd like to hear/watch your take playing Cliff Burton's "Anesthesia:Pulling Teeth" off Metallicas (kill em all) album.. I doubt you'd find it difficult.. But I'd like to watch u play it.

    3. Mads Jensen

      Seriously, Who The hell is playing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> its insane!

    4. Jake Qwaninne

      the seccond guy sounded like he needed a set up on his bass, or the string guage was giant, too much tention, slap him now, it's the law

    5. Werner Boden

      yOU CAN PLAY BASS , reasonable well. Just kidding. UR EPIC ( without exclamation mark, this time. But who knows ... )

    6. I M R


    7. one click drummer


    8. Juriz

      SLAPPED!!!! from the Philippines!

    9. Roma bekeshov

      Do Mac Miller - What's the use?

    10. jian zild3

      Form Philippines here

    11. Edison Vergara


    12. Mafira Syaharani

      Davie reacted to Juliaplaysgroove and Dean Town in the same video, I got early birthday present

    13. Bryan Montanez

      Ok but can you play stairway to heaven? On bass?

    14. lorenzoschiavetti197

      Prova con la sigla di Jeeg Robot

    15. jam life

      Im from the Philippines 😁,. Secretly watching your epico videos,.so as you said i slapped like now my comment..

    16. Bensiour Ngure

      I looove how this guy plays crispy n clear notes! Art mastery..mehn!

    17. Malik Playz 2942

      I left a comment, dont take my BASS

    18. JT Ecuador

      First Solo --- Name: IV Of Spades - Hey, Barbara!

    19. Rebeca Sortuda


    20. Aaron Angeles

      Because of you i want to buy a bass right now

    21. StonedxMentality

      Can you play the intro from John Wayne was a nazi from MDC? I just wanna see you play it cuz i know you can haha

    22. Lil Ariete


    23. Vivian Bon


    24. Kaden Adams

      Davie504 makes it look too easy

    25. lena

      slap my bass

    26. Boganator hawyis

      When you getting down from the Coronacles, but davie whips out the dua and slaps covid into the 19th bassless dimension

    27. Fernando Cruz


    28. Clebin _

      you missed one note on dean town

    29. Preludium Fury

      you are very funny entertainer. slap i like you!

    30. Noomi Shawlee

      Very good demo, very glad to fall on your video & to listen great basses lines ! Thanks to share.

    31. JAY MALTS

      Hey davie I’m from philippines! Proud pinoy mabuhay!

    32. John Nicolo Duane Diaz


    33. WePlay ForFun

      I am from ph and i dont have bass plss send some bass Davie504😢😢🥺🥺😭

    34. Locke Yeetus

      Stay funky bros

    35. Pierre-Louis Devidal


    36. Daniel Lachica

      from the philippines here

    37. Ivan Mistar

      The first guy you've watched is from the band IV of spades in the Philippines. Zildjian Benitez is the name! Slapped that bass!

    38. Styx XXlV

      Davie504:If you're from Philippines slap this like and leave a comment Me:how she know nahh im not gana slap the like and leave a comment Davie504:she show her *GUN* Me:uhhhh nevermind ;----; Stay home and stay safe :D have a good day

    39. Chuck Bryan

      OMB! This episode of SDAIAY is like all of your others - it is an epiccsode! (OMB = Oh My Bass!)

    40. Basavachetan GM

      It's the law it seems..

    41. Albuen Jan Ango

      I'm a Filipino.. what now? XD Slap like now!

    42. Chrisleer Deluna


    43. Syed Afnan

      Wait ? how the bass sound like Guitar,can you explain ?

    44. Hans Casey


    45. Lels

      From Philippines

    46. Tsad Men

      I'm from the Philippines Davie! Hope you notice me :>

    47. Chester Camon

      I am from the Philippines and I already slapped the like button. 👋

    48. shane bryant

      I T ' S T H E L A W

    49. Klippy [GD]


    50. Schei ße

      Do Space Moses solo bass in "G" by kiyo

    51. Krinche

      whoa iv of spades

    52. Bronznhylle Hernandez

      The firs vid that he has listen is 4 of spades wich is famous band in the Philippines and one of my idol

    53. Maverick Guiriba

      Im filipino i slap like now

    54. Mark Padayao

      Finally Davie504 Recognized tbe Phillipines, HAHAHAH

    55. John Arthur Kingel

      Davie, You're the reason why my 12 Year old Kid stopped playing bass..At first i thought she's just frustrated because we all know how frustrating learning an instrument can be, but when i checked her room and saw her staring at her BASS, and when I asked her what's the matter she responded "I can't play bass anymore Dad" and i asked why? "Davie said Pick isn't supposed to be used on playing bass" She was discourage by your Videos Davie, and now she never want to touch a Bass anymore..

    56. luthmhor


    57. Xzypu YT

      Philippines here

    58. borotno oyo

      u forgot about ryan martinie mudvayne..pls make review about him

    59. MyNames Piggy


    60. Action Gaming

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a> that’s the best sound i’ve ever heard

    61. Abhi chakraborty

      I am from India

    62. dan culala

      What comment do i leave in the comment? Im from Philippines

    63. mhtm nawal

      philippines here ✋

    64. Jhun Christian Gonzaga

      lV of spades is the best and also davie504

    65. Stheno Fors

      that was really epic

    66. S. DP

      I approve of the soulless stare. Slapped that like and subscribed.

    67. AnsonPogs Gwaps

      I am from the philippines love your videos ❤️

    68. Jalil Bantilan

      Can you play canon rock in bass davie504 cover

    69. Jalil Bantilan


    70. Aladdin Jegham

      S L A P LIKE NOW

    71. daaamyx Ee

      I am from the philippines and I have BASS

    72. ChuyChuyan Bibs

      Hee im from philippines lol

    73. FuhrerBunker

      Im from the philippines slappin like !!!!!!

    74. Léo Castro Reis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> this is Vulfpeck... I love them!


      Wtff at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="559">9:19</a> in this video he said "próximo vídeo" eu tô ficando louco ou ele falou português? Am i getting crazy or he said that in portuguese ?or In italian ? Idk.. im confused

    76. Jeremiah Hapitan

      Had to comment. It's the law.

    77. James Omac

      Yeeeaaaa... Philippines 😊😊

    78. Tristan Osmani

      It's the Law! Epic basist you are .

    79. Video #

      LWIAY :))

    80. Vincent Roussel

      My friends, gimme good music with perfect SLAP bass. SLAP NOW.