This GUITARIST Played The HARDEST Bass Solo EVER??



2,5 mio. ogledi157

    Reacting to Guitarists playing the bass...
    This guitarist says he created the Hardest Bass Solo Ever.. Let's see..

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    1. Davie504

      If you use a *picc* , you're not *epicc*

      1. cheung Jeff


      2. Абдулла Залов

        You are legend

      3. Tomi Benitez

        So i'm a piccer?

      4. Jorge Franco

        Wait you laughed in this vid

      5. playphone PH

        Me, I'm not using picc...... - - - - in my piano

    2. Jalel Samporna

      I wonder how ur camera last after u slapping it so many times

    3. bladymir sarmiento

      Can u play dream theater instrument

    4. Ankan Ray

      ichika Nito has checkmate you

    5. Matt Pfarr

      Buckethead 👍

    6. Jeremy Falkner

      I noticed you didn't try to recreate Buckethead's solo....

    7. 苏雪影

      Lol my bassist was ichika so lol

    8. Michael Suder

      Buckethead rocks out on the banjo too

    9. Alex Waring

      Every time I see a picc I want to be sicc

    10. Hansel Leiva

      Play that davie

    11. Rimm Purple

      What's ur réglage for ur bass my bass never sound like ur... Not epic if u pipi me... Pls

    12. Rimm Purple

      I slap this emotion moment

    13. Antonio Monroy

      I was just watching a video of Sora The Troll interviewing ichika Nito , and now I'm back here watching a Davie504 video again, it is true when they say that all roads lead to Rome LOL, Epico

    14. Deepak Dangol

      Did he Accept Buckethead? That was epic slap.

    15. Big Yeska79

      Therapy time is the best!! I was telling Dave about my divorce, and I was dying laughing after about 20 sec....

    16. Buzzblast 2197

      Says 50 cent then shows Jimi Hendrix

    17. Brothers Surabaya

      Play like anggabassaddict

    18. Shawn Kreuzer

      So basically emotionless bass player that does his videos in pewdiepie's format. I like it.

    19. L-I-K-E our_SuMmeR

      We need a collab between nito and davie😍😍.. Before the virus.. Please🤗

    20. onetax

      Sei un grande col basso, ma quando parli mi viene l'ansia, forse è l'intonazione della voce xD

    21. DoHyun KWEON

      영어 듣기 공부하기 딱 좋은 채널

    22. xxyenxDTM


    23. HighAngle Larry

      I played bass for two years before i grabbed a guitar. I dont care to learn any show off techniques, but the style i have developed includes patterns and positions from the way i played the bass. Thats how ive approached what i write for the past 20+ years. I refer to my self as a musician, but would i be seen as a guitar playing bassist, or just a guitarist.

    24. Región Chala.

      What kind of human just refuse Paul Gilbert?

    25. Corey Audet


    26. Shooter X

      I want to challenge you in tap bass, please reply me, if you Loos,you have to say my name that I am better than you in tap bass

    27. AweSum PowerZ

      Love Davie504!!! Love your whole platform ... very original and each video is great!!!

    28. Aldrin Kid WigiCall

      Ichika Nito, one of the best guitarist in Japan. I'd never thought he was going to be featured here.

      1. Ploopybear

        because guitar is ILLEGAL i mean if he's good, and a youtuber of course he's going to be here

    29. Brandon Bruzzone

      Al tipo no se le mueve ni un musculo facial! Jajaja

    30. Day Light

      And one less string at that! Good job davie!

    31. Acoustic Shubham

      Where I can see you talking normally bro?

    32. sadman sakib Riham

      Ichika Nito has accepted your challenge and played your hardest bass solo easily. Now it's your turn again.

    33. AwLine YT

      Can I play bass ?

    34. Lej Ganzon

      why davie looks like that? lol

    35. Sicario Pubg Mobile ES

      Min <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> with your version don’t match.

    36. NMP

      Thank you for the therapy I really needed it

    37. Ishi I

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="432">7:12</a> ez hahaha go go memes

    38. Plug PGe

      Buckethead !

    39. Olivier Simard

      I think bucket head is slapping faster than you can ... is he ?

    40. MissSam Saam

      Hello:) is there a complete song shown in min <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a> or other comparable songs?

    41. Mohammad Ehaan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a>=<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="432">7:12</a>

    42. Rangya Alif

      Checkmate bassist

    43. Mya Mya Thin

      No😂😂he can play your hard bass

    44. Frederik N. Kalangi

      Ofcourse it's Davie504

    45. Anand Chauhan

      And buckethead😍

    46. Anand Chauhan

      Paul Gilbert 🤘

    47. Zocolate Zip Zookies

      easily the best youtuber in the world

    48. Zocolate Zip Zookies

      50 cent picture was fucking Jimmi Hendrix

    49. Marco Piasentin

      Buckethead non si può sentire neanche col basso...CHECKMATE

    50. 준영최

      Davie504's also technical, this video show us, Davie504 listened song Ichika's and copied, but Ichika has more lyrical, melodical and accent(only this video)

    51. Jackson Finnigan

      It always amazes me how when he plays something from some else he does it better, smoother etc. Very few times, if ever, where someone else has played something better than Davie504.

    52. Avinash Sonar

      Davie 504 🔥

    53. Teckney Dumallig

      Davie504:slap right now Ichika nito:slap right now

    54. TheKid Enabe

      When you say slap i always remember to like

    55. Gianfranco Quartaruolo

      E anche Stevie è sistemato!

    56. Allan Camargo

      Man, you are funny and play well! Congrats!

    57. modern11

      Im subbed to that guitarist that challenged you i commented in his videos about bass saying that he is playing with a pick and i told him its illegal

    58. Jacinto Farela

      6.1m epico .

    59. alex da Silva

      Mais feio que bater na mãe kkkkk

    60. Keanu Reeves

      “Thats the power of a 4 string bAss” -Davie504

    61. Kevin Julca

      Epic chaqueta intro in the bed

    62. Andrews Félix

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="400">6:40</a>

    63. Heyarentyouthatguy !

      I really enjoy all your videos very EPIC. seriously though Im smiling the whole time I'm watching.

    64. Sab Thunderboy

      HAHAHAHAHHA I am sick of getting checkmated as a guitarist! This is what we,guitarists can do. PFf! So CHECKMATE Davie504

    65. Ichigo Kun

      Finally 6M.......Congrats EPICO🔥❤

    66. TheRandomVideoStation

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a> why didn’t that happen to me yet?

    67. ROD


    68. aarfdood

      Your good Davie, but what's that shit all over your face?

    69. Jose Soto

      I cried

    70. Susie Miyuki

      He also beat you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    71. Louiel Yandug

      Sdaiy lwiay

    72. Evgeny Bekker

      Lol Paul Gilbert in the first video!

    73. Denovis

      Bar chords on a base, jesus. What are You fingers made of?

    74. nur fachruddin

      Sopo to arek iki?? Gatel

    75. Sinan Saleem

      (In therapy time) Me: Davie u have small pp Davie: *I agree*

    76. AriochStarr

      You had me at "OHEMMGEE"

    77. KlondikeMIC

      Dislike for calling Jimmy, 50

    78. matt lawand

      You're genius with the therapy idea eppiiccc cheers!

    79. Ramazan Savaşçı

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a>

    80. MICHAL