This 9 Year Old Bassist Plays Better Than Me??



5 mio. ogledi510

    Reacting to some of the best kid bass players in the world.
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    1. Water lol

      I like basss

    2. Jehat Kumruaslan

      ‏‏‎ .

    3. Jehat Kumruaslan


    4. Jehat Kumruaslan


    5. Jehat Kumruaslan


    6. Jehat Kumruaslan


    7. Jehat Kumruaslan


    8. Jehat Kumruaslan


    9. Jehat Kumruaslan


    10. Jehat Kumruaslan


    11. Jehat Kumruaslan


    12. Eduardo Monteiro

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA must be a joke probably!!!!! That guy doesn't even play better than me. And I'm really newbie!!!! And he's using a pick. Desgusting!!!!

    13. Crash Leader

      The first actual video of a kid is fake. A bass has four strings... the guitar he has has five strings that makes it a normal guitar

    14. el pro xd


    15. Mihael Mattos


    16. yourviewer animation

      Guitar player plays bass.. better than davie504? Me: what is this, a joke?

    17. kun li

      Davie 504 is the best

    18. kun li


    19. Wither 101

      This happens to all of us *Musicians*

    20. Chill Raiser

      lmao david can get emotional and wise when he actually tries xd

    21. Podemos llegar a 500 subs sin videos?

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a> hahahahaha

    22. Mark Pielago

      I love this guy's guitar skill as well as his sense of humor .. 😂

    23. Julia Black

      No. Davie is better

    24. UnngoyTM Tayo

      * You are playing a guitar! check mate!

    25. Rock Age

      Reasons why KIDS TODAY CAN PLAY INSTRUMENT FAST 1.Because they have supported Parents 2.Because some of then a rich 3.They have internet they can just search shits even PHUb

    26. Lachlan Duiker

      can you help me to play the bass

    27. Stef Poelstra

      The intro song is different than the original song so he doesnt get copyrighted claimed

    28. high ground

      Is nobody going to talk about the bearded dragon playing BASS


      So saxy

    30. Cesi carbone

      Me : I wanna die Davie : Not so bad after all

    31. sholenn vlog channel

      Your just copy pwediepie just bass version

    32. Samuel Vasconcelos Damasceno

      Ficaria bem melhor na minha língua kkk português Brasil

    33. Ranjani Joshua

      Slap 👋 your bass davie504

    34. gaspar sanchez

      Estaría bueno que Active subtítulos para que los de otros países entiendan :v

    35. Oxygen

      9 years old bassist 9 months ago 9 is my fav number

    36. Mike Nukem

      Best comments from Davie 2 date. Pipoquinha wins. The last kid video was definitely accelerated.

    37. Ygor Pires

      This kid slapping bass in the Square, is a Brazilian bassist, called Michael Pipoquinha, is now older, but, its amazing yeat

    38. Sharifah Sanisah

      You when you were kid

    39. Dark Soul

      Can you play 70 strings bass's I challenge you

    40. Alex Moreno

      I’m five and I play bass watch this slap slap bass slap subscribe now or else you will not be spared by the bass god Davie504

    41. MorganGamer 04

      Cosa non si fa per arrivare ai 10 minuti ahahaha

    42. Hop S

      So does someone know why this has so many likes??? Spaghetti

    43. Joy Arroyo

      Slap like and slap subscribe

    44. Internet Privacy Advocate

      I liked the kid in the Zebra Shirt. He was really laying it down. He must listen to Davie 5zero4. The girl in the red dress was in the groove too. Very cool.

    45. justin dungog

      @Davie504 If i slap the guitar, will i be amazing?

    46. Donal Trumyie

      I slapper from Indonesian🇲🇨

    47. J2FROSTY YT


    48. Donovan Salonek

      he is not better

    49. richey cat

      That baby just slap the bass thing

    50. Double Dose

      Better than Davie504? ....................... NOOOOO!!!!!!!!😠

    51. Cake meh Cake

      I don't know meh?

    52. Mr. tihon


    53. supratik nagula gaming

      I think Davie is better than the bassist

    54. John Geno

      O M G

    55. Naigell Topia

      Those any of those kids have a girlfriend🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    56. Tayfun A

      I am not from Argentina

    57. zack gaming roblox

      I slap the bass

    58. Rashad Yusuf

      Lol :>:>

    59. Ebenezer Godson

      This is a word to that guy "You know what u can't even play like a noob or pro or hacker the thing u played even my young bro will play 🥴🥴😈"

    60. Ebenezer Godson

      He is not playing like davie504

    61. Joshua Khuhvei

      Never better then you davie

    62. Flexbloxian Gaming

      Elmo 4ever

    63. Ayaan Upadhyaya

      Very impressive a 9 year can play!

    64. Sumit Kumar

      I will do a voice reveal at 4 million 😂

    65. ZexifY :D

      In this video i got add for a guitar.

    66. Gluis jacob TV

      Headphone is a part of his head lol hahaha

    67. luz roxas


    68. Neko Mely

      just. WHY there was a GUITAR add in YOUR video?!?!

    69. KernOUT

      *Prodigy exists* Every other musician ever: *cries in sadness*

    70. gundurr___

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> ignore that face

    71. Crucifier PG3D

      Davie should do a try not to laugh.

    72. Diego Pinheiro

      Faz uma analise do baixista ( já falecido) da banda chama " Mamonas Assassinas"

    73. Scott Rogan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> Best bass FASS

    74. Scott Rogan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> Not my tempo

    75. Deland Vann

      I broke many phones when I watched each of his videos because I slapped and slapped. 😂

    76. Corrado Pea

      solo gli italiani possono capire

    77. Corrado Pea

      slap like now significa schiaffa un like ora

    78. O Sta

      Dave everyone is better than you SLAP LIKE KNOW Jk uda best