The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

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    The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
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    1. K Tulipan

      Huge hype about a useless car from a car company that is burning cash in the billions and laying off in the ten thousands. Orders will fall to near zero in the weeks ahead. Buckle up for the 2nd downturn in stock prices

    2. ruisiauto

      Based on the looks...Audi e-tron seems to be a better deal after all...iPad and Glass roof really doesn’t sell me the car.Sorry whoever gets offended! Just my take on it.

    3. andy ly

      This could have been a 10 minutes video

    4. nissanv8FTW

      just a reminder to tesla-cucks that they can disable supercharging at will, disable the car until an update is applied for a DOG FART button, and remove auto-pilot feature from a used car even though it was equipped with during purchase.

    5. R P

      If you can’t buy it till Jan 2021, then how did this guy buy it?

    6. Jessica Byrd

      The way Doug reacted to driving the car, is how i reacted watching him drive it... so exciting!!!!

    7. Jessica Byrd

      Joe mode was created by a tesla customer that complained on Twitter about the volume in the car with kids in the back. His name was Joe.

    8. ItzFrosted

      Model Why?

    9. ant l

      Doug is the type of guy that wants a HUD to show which gear he's in on an electric car...

    10. jose arzola

      Bruh this is my middle shook parking lot

    11. ant l

      "HUD to show which gear you're in..." You're always in the first and only gear.

    12. D Wnright

      Tesla have nailed it here. Can't wait to drive one. Agree styling a little boring, but the rest of the package it outstanding.

    13. ZyxEL K

      Use GoPro when you drive, please

    14. 1k Subs No Videos

      I've been a fan of Tesla cars since the beginning, but the Model Y's appearance is extremely underwhelming. In my opinion, it just looks like a generic $20k car. It doesn't look like it costs over $50k, which makes no sense considering a big reason people buy more expensive cars is for their appearance.

    15. Raphael Brandão

      "Even Elon can't fight physics" SpaceX: I'm a joke to you?

    16. Dean Winton

      Only thing I would like to have seen Doug go over is the ease of the voice commands. He mentions some things are a little harder to do with the touchscreen like the glovebox. Push the steering wheel button on the right and just speak "open glovebox". Or, turn on rearview camera. Or, adjust outside mirrors. You can even tell it by voice to lower the temperature and it will in 3 degree increments by voice. Great new voice commands came out in the last major software update on model 3 and I'm sure are already on the new model Y. And as far as the 3rd row of seats, they will not be rear facing like the ones that used to be an option on the early model S. They will be flip up seats like the third row on a VW Tiguan. Good for little kids but basically useless for any adult. In my opinion, useless if you don't have small kids. Certainly not worth $3000 or waiting another year for if you want to buy a model Y. Nice review. I always like the way Doug smiles when he hits the accelerator (like he's surprised driving fast in a Tesla).

    17. Joseph McDade

      It still has that absolutely hideous center tablet that looks like they forgot they had to add one and stuck it on last.

    18. Wayne mourik

      Dirty knees Doug, where have you been...

    19. Michael Allen

      Doug the type of guy to give his own penis a Doug score.

    20. Chmu rskyy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1210">20:10</a> Joe Mama.

    21. Jm3

      You use the word "and" way to much

    22. tree

      joe mama

    23. penusliski

      I find it really appalling that almost all viewers know about `Joe mode` feature history, except Doug. How hard was it to actually spend few minutes on Google before making such embarrassing comment? Or was it supposed to be a casual joke?

    24. Monkey Killer


    25. Michael Daddyhart

      The only car I've been waiting for is the bronco and a v8 raptor from Ford

    26. blaster 0416

      Yeah, a heads up display to tell you what gear you are not in..... In an electric car.

    27. Priyanshu rocks

      Who exactly is Joe ME: " Joe MAMA"

    28. Jim Wheeler

      That rear middle seat latch bar doesn't retract into the seat?

    29. Drivertilldeath

      Yah the price is pure BS. Electric cars should cost around 60% of a ICE vehicle as electric vehicles have way less parts to make. These electric car prices are stupidly over priced. No electric car should cost more then $19,000.00 tops.

    30. KD T

      what's with the knees?

    31. Luke Foster

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1208">20:08</a>

    32. Paul Murphy

      Most affordable model...this one costs $70,000. Wise up man.

    33. Josip Ricov

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla discontinues model X in near future.

    34. Josip Ricov

      Love it but it’s to expensive. Wish model 3 was a lift back!

    35. GnarbySZN🐍

      This is for all the lesbian soccer moms.

    36. nick gabb

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1213">20:13</a> joe mama damn, elon got him good

    37. Abraham RR.abraham

      Tesla is a car A perfect1 🙄

    38. G J Resa

      So you can smoke 95% of all “sports cars” out there from a stoplight while being a car meant to compete with the likes of a Toyota Highlander.

      1. G J Resa

        Sinanberk27 most “street races” scenarios will likely be from stoplights where you need quick acceleration. My point holds- this will be a 40k production car. It’s hard to find a car near that price which could compete with this car. Most sports cars around 100k will not do well head to head in most street race scenarios against what is basically an electric Toyota RAV4.

      2. Sinanberk27

        Only in a straight line for a quarter mile it can compare, curves and a longer road will smoke all tesla's

    39. Anthony Holland

      I suspect the rear seat passengers could control the seat heating with an app, eventually - one giving limited access to the car's functions.

    40. Paul Evans

      Wish there was some mention of how it feels getting in and out of driver's side (i.e., how low is the seat) and how much clearance do you have, especially in the front (a problem in many sedans when going up, say, a steep, poorly-graded driveway). In other words, how would it be for somebody doing constant in-and-outs, and driving over a lot of variable pavement, including some unpaved steep or pitted roads or driveways. Is that a deal killer?

    41. Al Ebnereza

      So much for being "Affordable". Good review as always though, Doug.

    42. Paul Beer

      I watched all of this. It was very ...Dougy. Your genuine enthusiasm for the car shone through!

    43. Erik Leith

      But y?

    44. Blark Dexture


    45. Allen Crabbe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1210">20:10</a> oof

    46. FlashTV

      Doug, regarding the non existing cargo cover, I must say it worries me a lot... because I travel with my kids with a lot of cargo for week-end trips or vacations, and with no cargo cover in case of a accident, occupants may be injured by flying cargo... cargo covers, or cargo nets, help keeping the passengers safer!!! What do you think? I really wanted to order a Y, but this made hold the purchase and think about the Jaguar, or just go for the Model 3

    47. Scott Thompson

      Tesla has the worst build quality I have seen, reminds me of Kia's from the 90's.

      1. max Maxie

        Did you pick this line from 3years back...

    48. Stefan V

      Yeaaaaa Douggie let's all buy big SUV's that consume a lot of gas. Fuck the planet . USA USA smh

    49. carpuppy

      Don't be fooled by Tesla! These cars are nightmares on wheels when it comes to repairs.

      1. Gerald H.

        carpuppy don’t confuse an X with a 3/Y

    50. Lew

      Cool review. First I have watched on a Tesla. So, does the car see police cars and ID them? I would like that feature before I bust a red left turn arrow.

    51. Sean Riley

      Tesla would sell so many more Model X’s if they would build them without the falcon doors. The vast majority of buyers don’t want those overly complicated doors. They just want a reliable practical SUV that happens to be fast. Elon Musk, if you’re reading this, ditch the falcon doors.

    52. Woody W

      Bland, poorly constructed and boring. Technology lemmings will love it.

    53. Goku Gt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1209">20:09</a> its joe mama


      Hi Doug I love your videos a lot, very informative and entertaining at the same time, plus unique. a request. Could you please add a front facing camera on a car when you are taking it for a spin? you for a split screen that could also show us how really fast the car is going, only if you think it will add not take away from your image and what you are going for. Thank Bonke from South Africa.

    55. 22vx


    56. Billy Crutchfield

      WAY To Pricey $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    57. WTStudios

      Doug's the type of guy who wants a head up display in a electric car to see in which gear is it

    58. Chyna Piano

      Tesla Why?

    59. danny abe

      Want this car.

    60. Green Lion

      Doug’s maxilla may be too small relative to a normal mandible, causing him that frontal lisp. His tongue has little room to move. Jay Leno also has this very, very rare issue. They’re both into cars and have the same eyes... why do they hide him being Jay’s kid?

    61. Perdidos na irlanda

      So bored

    62. Maxime D

      Do we have any info about towing capacity ?

    63. Draken X

      Styling is the lowest score aside from handling... I can't wait for him to get on a Cybertruck review :)

    64. TranceParadise

      Doug Mode? xD

    65. Daniel Sysila

      Finally... Tesla S3XY

    66. Johnny Rosenberg

      I never wanted a SUV and I'm pretty sure I'll never want one.

      1. Gerald H.

        Johnny Rosenberg relevance? The Y is not a SUV, it’s a crossover.

    67. Yusuph SLMV

      Why does it seem like the materials used feel like very cheap ? I'm talking about the back of the seats especially and some plastics....

    68. James Davey


    69. GP 97526

      Does this guy own a Tesla...? sheesh...should have been obvious that 75% of M3 was in the MY...same software dummy..the wow features you are talking about have been in my M3 for months.....*yawn* research on dog..joe....huh?...warning message on slam center console lid....? Has this guy been in a Tesla?.....3.4m suscribers?

    70. Einnor Diecast

      Im sure Elon is secretly watching at home and smiling

    71. James Boyd

      You’re going to review it and give it a Doug score, but I’d rather it be the Jaguar F Pace. Unless you care about how you open your door differently, but the jag has so much more swag to go with the tango

    72. David Murray

      Rear passengers can just DL the TESLA app the change their own climate and seat temps.

    73. Dennis Fernandez

      That back row could've been pushed an inch or two back



    75. Alorand

      You can easily control the vents and heated seats from the rear with your smartphone.

    76. Erick Laser

      damn, materials look cheap

    77. Edgar H252

      Wow looks like Model X and Model 3 had a fun time.

    78. RcHydrozz

      When it gets an 800 - 1000 mile range and costs $15,000 call me.

      1. - JPL -

        Maybe you can get a used one in 6 years with 85,000 miles on it for $15K. Regardless, even a gasoline equivalent of this exact car would easily start at $35K. Have you checked car prices lately?

    79. Brad

      Really sweet. Out of my price range.

    80. AIO inc.

      You mean this Tesla has a supercharged V12 engine and costs less than a used Buick Park Avenue? Oh. Then no, I think I'll pass.