The new Land Rover Defender almost broke my leg!!! *IN-DEPTH REVIEW*



1,4 mio. ogledi410

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    It’s the all-new model 37 years in the making! The new Land Rover Defender is finally here, and it’s just as boxy and offroad-ready as ever! However, it’s also been loaded with a ton of snazzy gadgets, like a 10-inch infotainment touchscreen, surface-studying cameras and an optional shower for your dog... Yes, really! However, with prices starting at just over £40,000, is the all-new Defender really the ULTIMATE offroader? Join Mat and find out!
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    1. carwow

      Hey guys - if you notice a bit of trim missing from the side of the car, that's because Mat drove it into the bank when offroading and lost it in the water!! Sorry Land Rover 😬

      1. tha idealist

        Prados and Wranglers don't lose trims

      2. snmthecloser

        Jeeves McBriterstein from Land Rover here: that will be $102,000. Please wire ASAP. Thank you.

      3. INS Whisky

        Please get your mom to drive it.

      4. Joseph Arinaitwe

        Mat even stepped on the chair

      5. _Generation_ Youth_X

        Nothing beats a JIMNY mat.

    2. EVAN R

      I owned a D90 for 8 years, fully set up for the rocks of Moab, Utah. I would never take this Mommy SUV on any serious off roading. As far as I am concerned this is an abomination to the heritage of the vehicle..I guess they needed more sales for the USA market so had to turn it into another pavement cowboy that can go on a dirt road. The designer of this vehicle and the board that approved it should be forcibly retired...ughgh The reviewer has his head up his ass. The capabilities of this as a stock vehicle vs the original are night and day

    3. Romanian Biker

      I like more volkswagen

    4. Geordo1960

      It’s extremely hard and risky to re-design a classic but I think Landrover did a good job!

    5. Geordo1960

      Bring on your Mom!

    6. Aeld Allkushi

      Your mom should definitely drive it

    7. Ruben Braekman

      It looks like a playmobile car

    8. crusty cornflake8

      older is better

    9. Islam Elkasrawi


    10. Arkaprabha Das

      There's no reason to say yaay Britain. Land Rover is owned by Tata Motors. So yaay India!!

    11. M A Kader Shohag

      you are so funny bro...i never miss your videos

    12. Michael Ewert

      How much did LR pay for this promotional video? You definitely have no understanding for off road vehicles. Stick to cars and crossovers. All these electronics stop working at some point and that’s why people want solid axles, coil springs and diff locks. On heavily loaded tourers leaf springs are still the way to go. You can’t fix the fancy shit on a track in the middle of nowhere. This electronic toy is build to make the LG garages some money.

      1. alida flus

        It looks like a Freelander from the front

    13. King

      "UNSTOPPABLE" .... on a muddy road. Shouldn't compare it to a Prado, that Prado will still be running when V2 of this Defender is released. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1139">18:59</a> see some external trim has fallen off. Cost your kids tuition to replace

      1. alida flus

        Far tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive

    14. Just George

      Mum driving this Like

    15. John G. Adams


    16. Johnny

      When the CyberTruck goes live, it will be the beginning of the end for SUV's as we know them. Just a matter of time until Tesla attacks the market.

    17. tonoton tonton

      There's and old saying... If you want to go offroading, choose the Range Rover If you want to go offroading and want to come back with your SUV, choose the Land Cruiser

    18. Sairamsingh Thakur


    19. Kaye Salas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="675">11:15</a>

    20. Ben Thomas

      WHY is there so many sex references on a car show 😂


      Would be amazing to see your mother driving

    22. Hamdan Abdurahman

      Yes we want from your mother to drive the defender

    23. Prime

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a>, 😁😁

      1. bilias hour

        Now we need a 1.0 3cyl engine...

    24. Prime

      I love the new and upgraded discovery 4

      1. bilias hour

        "Redesigning a british icon is never gonna be easy" well.. redesigning iconic land rover defender is now on indian hanss

    25. ALFIE A

      They ruined the prestige old look, its looks plastic and looks dull, loook at the Jeep wagon and Mecedes Gwagon, No one will ppl this for off road. Complete joke

    26. Ryan Lewis

      That bloke doing the interview is a twat

    27. Justin Bussell

      I like everything but that random trip piece in the middle of the window

    28. Clive Geary

      Far tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive

    29. Samuel Muya Wachira

      It looks like a Freelander from the front

    30. T am ara Wij

      Yeah I want to see Mat's mom

    31. Valdas K

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="769">12:49</a> Sooo in other words Mat, you wanted to say you found a dick shaped plastic hinge on a back door😂😂

    32. Coordinator61

      Stop telling that its better then a Land Cruiser. Get this new Defender to a proper off-road track in Tasmania or Australia instead of this typical Land Rover test facility. I have been there, every 4x4 can drive this. The difference with a LC is: proven reliabilty plus you do not need all these electronic stuff in the rough, it will break down anyhow.

    33. Atharv Arora

      Mat the type of guy Sorry, Wrong channel!

    34. midou 76

      I hate SUVs but this thing ... Arouses me

    35. Hugo Henttinen

      ceo of braking hes leg with a land rover

    36. HC

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="295">4:55</a> The Matt Rogan Experience

    37. Jit Nayak

      Its indian stuff now

    38. Centurion 78

      "Redesigning a british icon is never gonna be easy" well.. redesigning iconic land rover defender is now on indian hanss

    39. Elvis Božič

      Now we need a 1.0 3cyl engine...

    40. nitin282632

      off road challange between jeep wrangler AMG G63 and new defender

    41. okow tina

      “squiggy on the dash” sounds like a producer tag

    42. Афон Слепцовский

      Why brit english is sooo relevant for autoreviews=)

    43. Robert H

      My my you are behaving more like Tiff Needell these days , very precious !!

      1. okow tina

        The Land Rover is owned by TATA do I need to say more 😂

    44. Richard Looker

      All of you idiots reviewing this car have completely missed the point of what a defender was. This is now a poorly made electronical piece of crap. That will spend more time in the dealership whilst several mechanics surround it not knowing what is causing issues just staring at a diagnostic machine for weeks. They should have made some adjustments to the existing defender. Not scrap the best proper motor they have made for a chinese computer minefield.

    45. Jack Rotter

      Wrangler has better approach angle, Defender has better break-over and departure at its *highest setting*. But we all know who would win a real off-road battle. Fun fact, the original land rover was actually built on a Jeep Willys chassis.

    46. AYHIX

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1138">18:58</a> where is the plastic? x) <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1184">19:44</a> too. is it gone? hahahhaa

    47. Joseph Arinaitwe

      That's an ad for the water

    48. Schwanzus Longus

      It looks like shit, nothing more to say about it. I’d take an old Defender over this crap anyday

    49. mixio hili

      I’m medically not allowed to drive, I have no interest in cars and I have no reason to watch these videos but he’s so entertaining that I even play the ads. Go Mat!

    50. AR3NA


    51. Mohammed Aslam T A

      TATA- jaguar-- land rover--india-- TATA

      1. mixio hili

        Now that he mentions it, looks like he's got the help of some benzos for this video. A little less animated lol Edit: Oh yeah forgot about the car trying to cut Mat's leg off. Benzos

    52. nihkil venkatesh

      Yes I’d love to watch her !

    53. Kholo Mokolo

      Yes we would

    54. Asif

      what this gay does not understand is that the monocoque isn't restorable, once it starts rusting badly it's scrap. a defender that's scrap in 15 years? what an icon...

    55. Gary Simpson

      All that electronic suspension & boot lowering. Frightening to thing how much it will cost to repair/replace when it goes wring & it will go wrong as its a RJR product.

    56. LNT Mr_W_Kumam

      too many advertisement carwow.

    57. doodle_ dude_598

      I would absolutely love to see your mum's reaction on the Land Rover Defender offroad.

    58. Ali Hussein

      The Land Rover is owned by TATA do I need to say more 😂

    59. sjonhigh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> Thats why I love old cars, I dont want a car (wether if its a Porsche 911 round the track or a Defender in the mud) that drives itself.

    60. JK


    61. Theodore Papadopoulos

      Yes we want to see ur mum driving that car

    62. David Brokenshaw

      It's about time Matt began to grow up. Pathetic childish humour doesn't cut it with me i'm afraid.

    63. Ashu Gautam

      Yes please I would show that to my mom too.....

    64. Schere Tischlampe

      Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the good old Defender anymore. Way too much useless electronic crap and way too expensive. Quite useless car now for offroading. :( It's more of a status symbol for moms married to a financially potent man.

    65. Aceto Salato

      Panda is better!🇮🇹

    66. Esthavio Jon

      Bean v2...The intelligence...everytime cen I c him...mattttt

    67. 808080

      Now that he mentions it, looks like he's got the help of some benzos for this video. A little less animated lol Edit: Oh yeah forgot about the car trying to cut Mat's leg off. Benzos would be good after that. No hatin'

    68. Panasony MicroOled

      Land Rover Defendee

    69. alida flus

      It looks a lot like the renderings of the new Bronco. Also, coming to the U.S.?

    70. Brian Wallace

      Nahhhh, still don’t like it.

      1. alida flus

        The video with your mum would be awesome

    71. kotafey

      Yes but what does it cost in toilet rolls?

    72. Lewis Bolton

      you filmed this in ledbury

    73. Warrior Dragon

      The rear almost looks like a hummer h2. Correct me if I am wrong.


      wtf? mat is like a kid, he speaks abot things that no sense with the test drive and dont let enjoy de video with his ocurrences, and want to road fast everytime, its a offroad test!! not a speed test, i hope change that guy

    75. Shaswat Stark

      Mat ❤️

    76. Achint Dhiman

      Mat's mum and chimps can drive this car easily

    77. roostermike

      Air suspension is rubbish in my opinion, have seen so many failures. Stick to coils, at least they are easy to customize or replace. Just looks to me like a slightly better off-road version of a discovery.

    78. BAK

      Its stopable by land rover electrónics reliability

    79. wajdi ballout

      Will any reviewer in the world PLEASE try the G Class in such conditions WITH OFFROAD tires please ?

    80. Vasco Jardim

      NO way that has 857L of boot space... as with other Land Rovers that figure probably is up to the ceiling.