SUPER SLAV has arrived! (Now on Android and iOS)

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    My fellow Slavs, Life of Boris: Super Slav is now LIVE on Android and iOS! Learn the story of Boris with a solid hardbass soundtrack.
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    I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
    Slav squatting with semechki in my hand.
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    1. Life of Boris

      This is SUPER SLAV! Download for Android: Download for iOS:

      1. Herr Drako ist: Pretty bad with names

        Somehow the western spies managed to screw up level 8 on iOs! Is there any way to fix it?

      2. Ottavio Morciano

        Boris name of the song in level 4:)

      3. Jesse Gillenwater2

        Boris could u fix a bug on lvl 8 when Anatoly throws the bike it never comes down I trust u to fix this so I can get back to my daily squat

      4. Carrie


      5. Noah Stewart

        Ay-yo? Boris! Who made art for game? Adventure Time Artists?

    2. Flip-switch Flak60

      I downloaded it a month ago, but I still can't get through the driving level ;-;

    3. Begas Begavicius

      i like this game it need a chapeer 3 and 4 i completed the entire game

    4. laki fox

      Blat ti menia hoti is tak ponimati?


      NO PC?!?!?!? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww blyat!

    6. Iustin V

      At lvl 8 to me the game dont give me that freaking falling bike Jesus steals it it dont fall!!!

    7. MelowKitty

      Um pls fix this glitch/bug boris LVL 8 on dat game is not working blyat

    8. Sturm Trooper

      I have the game

    9. Davidrcm MC_GT

      VADIM BLYAT!!!!

    10. Minh Kha Nguyễn

      Level 8 i can’t comblete is bug dammit

    11. KyogreRider

      Great game but the only problem is that there are пидор ads. But it is so slavic that it accidentally wipe out the capitalists ads.

    12. MayzerRT

      Its needs updates its missing content Boris My friend

    13. DatOneNoder

      There's a bug on Lvl. 8, when Anatoli throws the Bike a Western Spy takes it, and then the Lvl. is stuck

    14. Ethan Campbell

      Fix level 8 on iOS cyka The bike never comes down blyat and I need more cheeki for my breeki

      1. Ethan Campbell

        Love you but still Please fix

    15. SCP 1471 MalO

      This Game is Blyatiful

    16. sadpuffi

      level 8 doesnt work

    17. nedbroncos0607


    18. jamie

      there is glitch on level nine where the bike wont fall down. if anyone sees this and knows how to help, then please tell me.

      1. jamie

        lol i meant level 8.

    19. PRIME XMEN


    20. Shou Plays

      Level 8 seems broken for some players, mind if Boris fix it?

      1. MisledZeppelin

        Shou Plays Yeah it happens to me too When u click on the bicycle Anatoly is holding it never false down

    21. DJ AdiBass

      How can i overload the app to get a hidden achievement?

      1. czarnakoza 969

        Download shit ton of garbage to ur phone

    22. Jesse Gillenwater2

      Boris um it seems like vadim must of been messing with level eight while u weren’t looking he must of implanted a bug because when he calls out Anatoly I suppose u were supposed to jump on the bike and ride away but when I try it the bike never comes down it’s a IOS glitch btw but fix it for both I suppose

    23. Daniël The Chernodebil

      Maybe put Artyom in it?

    24. Kai plays roblox !

      The bike is glitched on lvl 8

    25. Артем пахомов

      In Android 7.0 device is not working

    26. SNAX

      The bike dissapears at lvl 8 for me i use IOS

      1. MisledZeppelin

        Syched Bape Yeah me too

    27. Norevolv

      The loading is hardbass. But... can i play the game? Because its only cheeki breeki anthem and loading text with Tree. No Game.

    28. NightBuckle 371


    29. Péter P.

      It... Is... AMAZING! The only problem that is has only 4 games in the slavic olimpycs. I would like more. I don't have ideas, but more games would be nice. Even 2 player games, so I could play with my friend.

    30. The YETI BEAST

      Its not working blyat

    31. Milosz Vasily

      Still stuck on loading, blyat.

    32. Frailsandman

      It has problem not starting, stuck in loding screen

    33. KevinMatic

      Ey Boris, when I download da game on da App Store and when I start up the game, it just leave me with da loadin’ screen. (For a LONG TIME!!) Is that what is supposed to happen? Pls someone reply back and tell me.

    34. sees saas

      This ist the reason why my babushka wanted a smartphone

    35. Mikhail_edits

      This is my favorite game :)

    36. Xochitl Sandoval

      You need to update with DLC Artyom and Babushka cat edition


      I really love this game so much!

    38. Dishwasher

      *wipes tear* The hero we don’t deserve

    39. Bob Ross

      This is 1 million times better than fallout 76

    40. OVA Iggy

      Comrade boris, it is time that you update the story mode

    41. Multi- video Channel

      Im gonna download that

    42. Pregnant Scout

      I need an Ushanka like you do... can you tell me where you bought it. Greedings from GermanY

    43. Josh B

      Mayonez is downloading now!

    44. Cowboycomando54

      What about PC?

    45. Goblin Slayer

      This is so gud like babushkas jam more leveks of boris pls.i did it while squatting like a true slav

    46. Not Sam Sam Sucks


    47. CouchingCobra2

      This game is blinifull

    48. Cheeki Breeki

      Steam port with new content?

    49. Overproud Indonesian Production

      Ah yes, i see Profesional Gopnik,Uaamee,Dj Blyatman,and Shashlik king

    50. king of bloop doop

      I found this app before i even knew what the hell a slav was.

    51. Вадим эш

      Ты россия

    52. DOOMGUY 420

      I read a review on it from this one guy who couldn't get past the loading screen. The reason why is because he isn't true slav he is Western spy cyka.

    53. MaybeMaltese

      Perfect free games don't exi-

    54. Mariejane Lito

      im southeastern asian from Philippines so I downloaded it and im not a spy but I must keep an eye on vadim

    55. Random Gaming Clips

      *Goagles how to remove boris's mask in life of boris super slav*

    56. Fellow accelerationist

      I need that track suit.

    57. NOVAN Bakwan Jagung indarni

      make the life action

    58. ItsIvano

      1/4 of this video is littelary an ending xD WHAT A SLAV

    59. Matesco17

      Je to nejlepší hra!!!

    60. Modis420

      This game created by lithuanians and I'm lithuanian😊

    61. JOKSI

      i already complete this game plz more levels

    62. Nicolas Adam Foxx Anthony

      Kid friendly game

    63. Kidlatski


    64. T4U_Monyツ

      I downloaded this game before its easy ITS SO COOL BORIS!

    65. Artur Leimans

      Great game, but what u need to do for last achievement?

    66. Red Edge Gaming


    67. the awesome redkiller

      C H E E K I B R E E K I I V D A M K E

    68. Jake paul's Ass crack

      The characters look like adventure time

    69. Raging Russian Chef

      Hey Boris, I am very broke. If you ever make a second Life of Boris Superslav game, feel free to talk to me if you need a western spy voice, I've done it for so long here I've gotten used to it. Do not be afraid, I may or may not be dead or on fire.

    70. пидор пидон

      Чики брики и в дамки

    71. Inika Inika

      Game sucks. Even with the hint, it didn't work in the car market for the 3rd pick. Uninstalled.

    72. bigweld32

      Russia's only 10 percent slav and slavs are dangerous lesser evolved people groups well beside polish people

    73. lucyna ploszaj

      We need Update blin

    74. Hugo Castro

      En Galiza fai frio !!!!!!! Cheeki breeki!!!!!!!!

    75. -_-LinasB

      I'm the SUPER SLAV

    76. Andzela Klavina

      Play slav armada on androd

    77. DarkEnergon999 6

      I will hack it and get every thing

    78. Wok'n'Maki

      The Game is too short... I need more slavness in my life! :-(

    79. Kaleb Mahurin

      loved this game!

    80. El Presidente