SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs AnEsonGib FIGHT

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    Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib both had a huge boxing match, im going to be sneaking in to see KSI, the sidemen and maybe Shannon Briggs? SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE NDL.
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    1. Nemanja Savic

      next day : Why i am in prison!

    2. Classified _09

      Yikes oof

    3. iiFUGHTER 16

      سواد وية 😂💔

    4. Ghamal Greene

      I'm not even kidding this man is a Genoius

    5. Parum Patel


    6. Strange

      It took me a while to realize that "Reng Sayeed" is another way of saying "Ringside"

    7. CioCioCio

      Hold up, Niko made another one

    8. Mcf walk2006leo


    9. Charlie

      underatted vid

    10. vage

      Have a good day person behind the screen😊

    11. FARHAN 4L

      fucking legend

    12. Sijuix

      9:34 legends say the man on the right is memeulous

    13. Theo larsson

      ‘Can u take you’re glasses of’ reng be like ‘no I am blind’ man ur going to se a fucking boxing match🤦‍♂️ u still god tho

    14. ΛCΞ

      Niko your the biggest schmake you baited yourself out because you were hanging around will all of those youtubers it was so bait. Why would a prince be hanging around with youtubers. If you didn't do that and if you stayed away from youtubers and told your fans to keep it lowkey you would have got in.

    15. AnimeBox

      ههههه انا عربي و هذا عجيب جدا

    16. Joshua Johnson

      The Uber probably thought he was a terrorist

    17. Abdul Muraad

      What is your religion

    18. digbert longbert

      saudi prince but has uae id

    19. Noah G

      Does this mean he is banned from any kind of boxing event?

    20. vCCum


    21. mufflezz

      No shit you got banned

    22. Lil Ogy

      Yes is saw my name saying NDL NDL NDL niko is the best

    23. Deacon Donaghey

      RIP ringside

    24. Jennifer Rabito

      i love ur vids so much lmao

    25. Bill Da Boss

      Reng Sayeed 😂🤣🤣 that is absolutely genius. just amazing.

    26. Abz bandz


    27. Alfred Lauesen


    28. Sapphiremossblogsand

      Yo I subbed and liked at the same time

    29. Yunus Rehman

      I guess it not going to ksi vs jake Paul unless it's in the uk

    30. John Αligizakis

      Big Up the NDL

    31. Xtrafuntimewithme

      4:40 bruh, I can read Arabic and the name says Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah not Reng sayeed. Is this a clickbait?

    32. Young Radz

      Ringside is dead🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    33. Pavel Raiminius

      jake pauls a pussy enesongib loses to him

    34. belly345buster

      NDL FOR LIFFFFFEEEE One day reng sayeed will have an army

    35. Swordy

      Who else saw imalex? I wonder if memulous was there 2

    36. NJ_ghost06 12

      Wait till they see this video he’s gonna be banned for life

    37. C VK

      your soo lucky like your camera man always gets in trouble yet your doing crazy things and nothing happens in like serious action Idk i just think it's funny xD



    39. OK

      U should make yourself look white with the next fight

    40. the goat

      NDL is for rats

    41. dragon-m plays

      This guy is so committed

    42. Jazgol

      Ringside:Dead Reng Sayeed:Dead Ren san yid:??? All niko has to do Is dress up as a korean

    43. SilencerZz Plays

      i am disappointed

    44. Hipperty Hopperty

      Niko became apu Kwiki Mart

    45. Camo-IOS

      Sneak into KSI VS Jake Paul

    46. low discspace :

      5:42 hello my name osama

    47. Lol Rofl

      6:24 do you have ID on you? no perfect, you're in :D

    48. A Loose Caterpillar

      That d*ck security guard: COM COM NIKO COM COM

    49. Aaron Manyan

      His touching KSI 😂😂😂

    50. Aaron Manyan


    51. Daniel Campbell

      Do a fan man incident for the next fight

    52. IPlays


    53. Yamaha R1

      And what did u do at the end when they bitched you? Did u press charges on the security guard? Regardless u have the passion and u were forced to give your identity u idiot u never needed to show your id now your officially baned

    54. Yamaha R1

      Would it be awesome if your only allowed to upload SLsel videos from inside the United states

    55. Cloud 6 Extra

      Just subed and liked

    56. Pro Reviews

      Ringside has been banned Reng Sayeed

    57. Axel C

      Check airrack, he has similar videos

    58. Abdulla alshafar

      Reng Saeed

    59. Abdulla alshafar

      LMAO NICE ID, In arabic it says " Ahmed Mohammed Abdulla"

    60. Dweny One

      You have to colab with nelk