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    Deep in a secret Slurp facility, an experiment is being conducted with some...slurpy results.
    Grab the Slurp Legends Pack now!
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    1. Thomas Mariman

      Hey epic where is my boy daedpool its todday the day

    2. DamiaFaizal

      Unbaned jarvis epic games give him a chance

    3. Jacie Borrebach

      Hey since you listened to me last time I’ve decided I’m just suggesting but what if when your playing before you pick up a gun, if you have a wrap on that type of gun it has the wrap currently equipped is on that gun before you pick it up and there should be a small animated thing for when you drop the gun once it hits the ground the gun goes white then it changes back to its original styleI feel like while your just adding the final adjustments to the dead pool colab you could add this in just before the skin launches

    4. abeer wahid

      chaos agent

    5. IsyaboiEthan _


    6. DJ Levy

      Yo epic you know Fashion shows no can you give me permission

    7. Devionne Poole


    8. Savedtoast Mika

      Please bring MIKA back the skin from season 9

    9. Savedtoast Mika

      Please bring MIKA back the skin from season 9

    10. Cool Dude887

      Boooo fortnite

      1. bocoy noiu

        like what the f tim sweeny

    11. Leticia Muñoz

      Porque quitan duos

    12. Cole Mitchell

      Epic games please put one shot into fortnite pls

      1. bocoy noiu

        Lol i saw chaos agent

    13. carmen calle plata

      Y si ustedes quieren tener amigos en fornite digan que tengo rrason

    14. carmen calle plata

      Denuncio a fornite por decir que no podemos acer amigos con los enemigos

    15. Trivikram r gowda

      We want the old map back plss

    16. zeshan kazmi

      Danggggggg I have too get that

    17. Toussaint Johnson

      Epic games can you add back food fight or sword fight

    18. king brawl stars nls


    19. Belinda Allan

      Trying to persuade people to waist their money on a really bad game

    20. ИваРо

      Agent haos

    21. Emma Raphael

      Hey can Alan walker be a challenge skin PLEASE lots of people will like it

    22. Seb Playz

      Im just askin

    23. Seb Playz

      Can you add Lightsabers to Creative?

    24. Soinas Doyi

      They really make all their skins look cool

    25. thiago perfume

      epic games I would like you to release fornite for ps3 😢 everyone needs to play it for us even I have no money to buy the ps4 and if you sacrificed it would be a fabulous genius that was all thanks

    26. ViktorUFO

      Lol i saw chaos agent

    27. Jayce Vawter

      like what the f tim sweeny

      1. Soinas Doyi


    28. Monique Southard Van Keuren

      Hey Son what do you wanna be when you grow up A Slurpee legend OK

    29. Ivonne Brocker

      Why you take out the slurp pack of the store

    30. Abdsamad Khatir

      I want to play fortnite oppo f11 pro

    31. Abdsamad Khatir

      I want to play fortnite oppo f11 pro

    32. Abdsamad Khatir

      I want to play fortnite oppo f11 pro

    33. Abdsamad Khatir

      I want to play fortnite oppo f11 pro

    34. gacha-wolf Popoca


    35. Marie Evans

      This game is terrible i got hit for 220 with a pump from 52m away

    36. Yousef Mulan

      مين عربي

    37. Mhde Heeb

      How mas to old fortnite

    38. cbL

      It is possible to get lvl 300 in season 2 chapter 2 please let us lvl up fast I am annoyed with clckbate

      1. misolou fout

        I like the fact it cost vbucks that's way better

    39. George's epic gaming

      Hi epic please can you put hemlock in the item shop sometime soon because iv been saving my v-bux for ages for her and I bearly get them so pls put her in the item shop she's my favrout skin

      1. misolou fout

        رجعوا البنزين ما زي شكله ورجع معاديك

    40. ElchrisZombiXD xd

      Lo sacaron de la tienda que sad


      Ripely was probably Brutus before he was slurpified

    42. ShellyLuv Mir


    43. Ace Zestydragon

      why epic removing the bolt action sniper

    44. Quirxs-

      Now we know part of the reskin process

    45. 1Vibrant .-


    46. Jaxon Knot


    47. Callum Chappell

      This is the playground for r/young people SLsel

    48. pacpoc ytb

      Les tag sur Fortnite ce serrer cool en mode créatif

    49. jubzy bubzy

      Hey fortnite can you please give me ikonik skin and scenario emote

    50. Masterx29

      It was out for 10 days a d I bought it and it said error then I realized it was deleted from the shop

    51. consequencing

      Bring the old map back. We need to get epics attention

    52. Jefferson Zelaya

      Idk why but in the new update my slurp skins got deformed in the face can u pls fix that

    53. Kofiekan TO

      When will thee be a new world cup

    54. حسن فيصل

      رجعوا البنزين ما زي شكله ورجع معاديك

    55. Jax_Moser824

      I like the fact it cost vbucks that's way better

    56. Ayden Olivas

      Is chaos agent the leader of Shadow? Also why did Fortnite change it from A.L.T.E.R. To Shadow?

    57. Tr4pper_you_nocked sorry

      CHAOS AGENT!!!

    58. Bradley Knight

      So if you swim in blue water with a green jacket when you hop out it turns black OK

    59. arminder bajwa

      Potete rimettere il pack per un giorno che io e i miei 40 amici dobbiamo shoparlo

    60. spacez_ TaCOZ

      Put them out for one more week pls

    61. Lifty YT

      Tbh fortnite should bring back slurp juice but make it only available in slurpy swamp

    62. Breki Th

      Please bring it back

    63. j k

      Look in the background?!!!!! Someone else is there

    64. Ege Soyer

      Why is there chaos agent at the back ground

    65. Precure Vanguard

      Can I be the first to say: Leviathan is the first member of the Voyager family to be in a ‘Legends’ Pack? 👌

    66. Spider-bot


    67. Darryah Garner

      I had a feeling Chaos Agent was there because after all we did actually see him make Ripley so basically bezel Ripley's cousins

    68. Joey The Dog

      When is ikonik coming back cuz im gettin s10 soon

    69. Luke Knotts

      Overtime please

    70. Sweetfroggydude

      How much

    71. Donmachael Ransby

      Can we go back to old fortnite please and unvaulte half of the guns in the game the only reasons is because I was only able to play half of season 8 and the whole season 9 please can you bring it back please please please

    72. Vgalo

      Can you remove sbmm I really wanna watch ceeday but he’s tired of the sweatiest people trying to be the next faze sway.

    73. Manuelthekid-ish

      And it’s gone less than a week

    74. super soup

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> N U T

    75. AgariBeast

      its gone in 11 days wtfff

    76. TheMedievalSlayer YT

      I was saving up to get it! Why is it gone already?! What the heck EPIC?!

      1. TheMedievalSlayer YT

        Tadija Pantelić ooooh (sorry for being annoying and having ask constantly what you mean!) stay safe

      2. Tadija Pantelić

        @TheMedievalSlayer YT I didnt know they will dissappear 7 days later \_(*_*)_/

      3. TheMedievalSlayer YT

        Like by what?

      4. TheMedievalSlayer YT

        Tadija Pantelić I know this is annoying but why were you surprised?

      5. Tadija Pantelić

        @TheMedievalSlayer YT i was surpised

    77. nieooj gotoy

      I guess we know who owns Slurpy swamp Chaos Agent

    78. trevor burrus

      ugh even that ur doing good on up dates most of us can say nothing will make up for what you did to javis unless you unban him.

    79. MegaOht

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a> play on 0.25 speed, leviathans head bowl flies off

      1. AgariBeast

        yep wtf

    80. Mr. Jodo


      1. nieooj gotoy

        could you please make a Naruto cooperation ?