Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

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    Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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    1. Bharath Singh

      sir i really want to feel the real speed of s20 ultra and i cant afford it so requesting you for a fast giveaway announcement 🤘

    2. Jojo Vlogs

      Should I upgrade and replace my huawei mate 20 pro this year? 💭🤔

    3. MJW Mum

      He is as cute as a pie

    4. Aman Yadav

      Nice ultta

    5. TEAM B2R

      In which device u watching this video comment plz me oppoA57😊

    6. StormL움GMT

      2020:16 GB ram 2069: 69 GB ram

    7. pradip dudhaiya

      Please compare Samsung S20 ULTRA vs Redmi note 10 Pro in details.

    8. StormL움GMT

      9:38 8K is four times the resolution of 4K? God: What have i created? Teacher: Did I learn Wrong (4×4=16 and 4×2=8)

    9. Rizwan Ali

      So osm

    10. User

      Damn that notch looking old..

    11. soul reaper

      What iphone got cheaper than samsung 😂😂

    12. Rajkumar Khadka

      Wow Samsung is learning from Huawei

    13. jmb

      im getting this shit to upgrade my aging galaxy s6.

    14. Manjunath Nargund

      Loved you explains bro

    15. Wandeilson Lucena

      how do u guys pay more than a thousand on a iPhone 11 with only 4g of ram??


      And here I am still using my phone made of two cans and a string

    17. Raw & Reckless Rello

      I'll be just fine with a 1tb s10plus 🤷🏿‍♂️🤣

    18. Anees Gondal

      Nothing is better then your review

    19. TheShubbah

      you know what I want? a phone that is thicker so I don't have a retarded camera bump! plus an increased thickness can potentially result in bigger battery or space for other things.

    20. Bharath R


    21. Prof Emeritus

      Samsung galaxy J5 is Enough for me 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Yooner

      Apple: someone take notes

    23. Cryph0nix L3gend

      Am I the only person bothered by the fact that he spelt 'conclusion' wrong at 15:13?

    24. Andrew Varey

      very good video , what a incredible phone left apple way behind , lovely !!!

    25. Dark Star

      best comparing video so far 😉😉😉

    26. Hardel Nwosu

      Thanks alot for this video

    27. multiple perceptive

      2010: 16 GB storage 2020: 16 GB Ram 2200: Teleport to Mars through your phone

    28. multiple perceptive

      This phone has equal ram as my last phone's storage 😂

    29. Fed Reserv

      Even Note 10+ beats Max 11 in all aspects except some camera regimes. S20 camera iz beast. Iphone will have to put some effort to reach Samsung in flagships.

    30. Lucifersure DeLosMuertos777

      You forgot to mention new iPhones are still using the same single lense camera system that the older ones used back to the 7s. They just upgraded the camera processing application. The pictures look great but aren't real. I'll stick with my Samsung that can take raw photos without photoshopping it before I see it.

    31. Elvis Ros

      4.4k dislikes from iPhone users

    32. Anime Game

      You are the best SLsel for review I watch all of your video 😂😂and I learn a lot for my commercial market I sell phone and tele 😂thank you

    33. Person

      Do not hurry on s20 order Wait the p40 series it will be full bananas

    34. Technology Tricks

      I love the display and camera of Samsung S20

    35. Uriel Ortega

      If I win this phone I will eat not only my shoe but my entire outfit

    36. Baskoro Janssens

      I remember 7 years ago when I was so happy to get my nexus 7 tablet with a snapdragon s4 chip..... Loooong time ago 😂😂😂😂

    37. Aser Dela Cruz

      I dont know if you will notice me but I still trying. Just praying and wishing for new phone not for me but for my mom. She will celebrate her 54th bday on May 20. Just a simple phone. Its okay for us whether expensive or not. Just want to try to give smart phone to my mom. Thank u.

    38. John Perez

      Good explanation 👍🏻 been planning to buy the samsung ultra but still no 💵 😂😂😂

    39. Darth Malik

      Will still suffer from Amoled screen burning..All my samsungs died by screen burns..

    40. Shubhum Jain

      I just dont like those 3 pimples on iphone 11

    41. Gaddy welcome

      In my country is the price same. 🇨🇿europe

    42. Rushabh kale

      Arun brother has something for us this time..!!! And its power packed beast with hell of specs...I surely want this,I know I could win this.hahaha😅😅😅lots of Love.. brother..

    43. EE Reviewer PH

      9:38 "8K is 4X the resolution of 4K" 🤔

    44. Robert Jacobson

      Apple is overrated and overpriced. I've never liked the iPhones. I've had two of them, and for me, android gives me the better experience. Samsung's flagships are overpriced as well. I actually bought the Samsung A70, and its awesome.

    45. Hold my groza

      Samsung designing team : " we should make the bezels small and update it with a beefy camera with a high refresh rate screen. Apple designer team : *changes the position of Apple logo* boom *Innnnnnoooovatttttioooon*

    46. ananda tan

      you're just talking pal, not displaying true test

    47. Sabbir Ahmed


    48. Aidil Hakimi

      i guess i just use my money and go to travel instead buying this phone.

    49. rockstar lee

      Apple always has this buttery smoothness that Android hasn't been able to replicate @ 4:50. I rest my case on this true quote. iOS is optimized to not need a lot of rams. That's why iphones still run smoothly over any current Android phones after a couple of years. Flag ships Android phones will start to stutter and slow down after 3+ years but apple will perform fine and maintain that smoothness. Android flagship phones will never triumph iphone when it comes to software support, security, iMessage, Apple ecosystem and Apple resale values. We all know teenagers/young adults don’t want a stuttering phone that’s why every teenager and young adult want an iphone. I’m not saying teens/young adults are smart, they just know their tech and know what works.

    50. Santh Prakash


    51. Chuba Longchar

      I love watching things which I cannot have.

    52. Hashid Srz

      Not a good reveiw he supports iphone . But the truth is samsung is better in any situation


      Nowadays samsung phones also requires of kidneys.....😂

    54. Mehedi hasan Sizan

      Where is your s20 family camera review?

    55. Bidyanand pandit


    56. Lonnee Carr

      I phone gang >android squad

    57. Bilal Beloued

      best youtube tech channel ever ,thank you

    58. Aladin hegic

      Damn and I'm watching this on my NOKIA 3310

    59. Deepak Roundal

      Samsung should stop producing it's exynos chipsets.

    60. Fida Rasool

      Anybody can gift me s20?? 🙂