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    A very romantic video. Send this to your crush, it works all the time. 420% success rate.
    Do it now. and SLAP like too.

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    1. Davie504


      1. Long Weeb


      2. Wylie gamer 28

        @Gamper is gay Utes and

      3. Wylie gamer 28

        Send bass

      4. My Opinion


      5. JOSEF BORG

        @Mohamed Ali That was his secret plan... to scoop up all the girls in one holiday! LOL

    2. Richik Sinha


    3. wona wyn

      i wish my crush, who plays bass, was as *epicc* as you, davie. and btw, his name is dav(i)e. [binge-watching...]

    4. Auron FRASES

      You look like young toto cutugno

    5. senZ-Kun

      G-string more like G-spot

    6. Alessandro Casini

      I sent this to my crush She is my wife now

    7. Sayori

      E and S are the letter equivalents to 59, so how does it make 69?

    8. Athos Cleveland


    9. Ok Memer


    10. Norman

      *S-E-N-D D-U-D-E-S*

    11. Dan rephaiah Dacumos


    12. Dale Fry

      You exaggerate, Davie! Tried it on my crush.....is only 69% success rate!

    13. max timothy

      sht that intro rhyme yoooo

    14. camel Can

      Thanks I'm sending it to my crush.

    15. Nam Tran

      SLsel recommend this vd for me.

    16. kasa fuego

      title of the song pls?

    17. Monkseal 13


    18. Reyes Isaac

      I don't think my girlfriend understands the power of bass. 😢

      1. Ouasis Zach

        Don't take too seriously i am just kidding

      2. Ouasis Zach

        Break up NOW! She'S NOT THE CHOSEN ONE.

    19. Matthew

      Baby Yoda disliked the video

    20. Madelyn Cohen

      My crush is weirded out by this

    21. Jitzy Skayla

      Thanos chin in the thumbnail

    22. Дарья Веретина

      if someone will send it to me, I’ll exactly Marry him

    23. ĐPŽ Gaming

      I sent this to my crush Got rejected

    24. Logan Plays

      Yo Davie, there is a problem. The problem is that I’m not gay 😂

    25. Just some boi who watch YouTube more than you

      I have to confess something I have a crush on davie and I am a guy

    26. •-• Ur mom gay

      Send bass

    27. Johna Catliza Montes


    28. Georgije Petrešin

      I need this on Spotify.

    29. ARIK SMM

      N, is for Ni.......ntendo

    30. Alex Rutter

      You blinked 5 times Davie

    31. Luigi

      I need the lyrics

    32. Arlan Arlan

      I go to share this my gf

    33. Sam H

      Lookin like thanos in the thumbnail

    34. Mari anna

      Send 🅱️ass

    35. ImJustAGoblin

      i send this to my crush *now give me* [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

    36. ThePrince _Latin

      Im going to send this to my Crush, wish me good luck

      1. Ouasis Zach

        So what happened??

    37. Alex Abraham

      This is not true Davie 504 video he did not start video with with W H A T S U P S L A P P E R S

    38. Oofed

      What about Send Nukes

    39. 小さな麺m2o꙰J⃖I⃟N҉ø

      🅱 A S S❤

    40. 小さな麺m2o꙰J⃖I⃟N҉ø

      🅿lay 🅱 A S S

    41. Oscar Delangel


    42. Kritsanan Chipomcha

      งงในงง ทำไมเราขยับตัวตามจังหวะเพลง

    43. Iron Lightning

      I showed my girlfriend, and mostly, she just shook her head. She doesn't share my sense of humor. But I love her anyway. Even if she breaks spaghetti, or doesn't laugh at Davie.

    44. Fourth Corder

      If I could only watch one SLsel video for the rest of my life, this would be the one, 🅱️ass

    45. Michelle Richey

      Omg you are so funny I love this video

    46. Luh Aquino

      bro, L.O.V.E is my favorite Frank Sinatra's Song lmao

    47. Aubrey Meisenholder

      I would send this to my crush if I had the guts to 😔

    48. Usagi Tran

      I really need the lyrics

    49. RD BTZ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a> I thought it’s gonna be the Spider-Man pizza theme 😂

    50. Jet Æ

      Memes: 69% Comments that say next reveal: 30% Me From *Frank Sinatra* : 1%

    51. il nuovo Lang Lang


    52. Whatever I do Boy

      I did it broo

    53. James Marshall May

      S-E-N-D B-A-S-S

    54. Nicholas Souza

      *O baixista mais louco que eu conheço ksks aqui do Brasil assistindo e sempre dando like haha*

    55. Not Mango

      didn’t know stallone could play the guitar

    56. Professional Memer

      I sent this to my crush and he said “you have one too!”

    57. Suzy Bronson

      Pause at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> u will see the word ASS

    58. Snowman

      is this available on spotify? damn i love this epic song

    59. Geo

      1.8 K people have small PP

    60. Iver_Namsos

      Epic joke by Davie right here🤩

    61. Party

      sorry, I don't have anyone to send this to because I have been getting exes since I was 10 D:

    62. Klex

      the youtube algorithm showed me this... what does it mean??

    63. hyuma stop motion aukiji

      When I send this video to my crush she left me and when I try to talk with her she SLAPP my face

    64. Awkward Redhead


    65. AX Marek

      What if I don't have crush? I think I'll send it to my mom cause I love her :3

    66. Angelica Manigque

      here’s a pickup line: are you davie504? because you have a lot of 🅱️🅰️SS

    67. Dio Wuryanto

      Awesome song..you should make albums

    68. Said Ibaceta


    69. SpaceZ


    70. Just some boi who watch YouTube more than you


    71. Ernest John De Peralta

      Davie's voice: Baritone Bass

    72. Yosbone GT

      Damn there is a lot hidden adult jokes hahaha

    73. Joliepers Rencer


    74. John Cristopher Limbo

      this has gone sexual

    75. Ishtiak Khan

      Can I get the instrumental version of this song

    76. zer0 2

      i hope my crush will crush me back when i send this ;)

    77. leah payud

      Really Davie? S-E-N-D N-U-D-E-S? Wow, pervert is oh the loose

    78. Earthquake eye man

      So davie is a simp?

    79. Haston Martin

      *Nat king cole intensifies*