Russia REJECTED me... :(



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    Things got complicated for the Russia video I am working on.
    They rejected my visa application...
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    1. Davie504

      Thanks for the support! I hope I can solve this problems as fast as possible and make an epic video

      1. øçëāñ

        Your ears, in the thumbnails?

      2. Redrick Schuhart

        Good! Now U FEEL like hundreds Russian tourists, who planned their vacation in Europe, but were rejected too. EPICO! O M G! Love U Davie!

      3. Looper Birhinger

        I CHALLENGE you to BASS in front of KREMLIN(probably gets you arrested, tho).

      4. Влад К

        rusia its like Mordor, why you want in Mordor?you Gollum? -_-

      5. Evg Xoxlov

        come to Ukraine!

    2. Oliver Nøhr


    3. zen1th

      the pre-memer era

    4. Dreek Gee13

      You're going to play Moskau

    5. Remix

      Бро, мы всегда с тобой. Это тупое правительство)

    6. DönerAufFußboden

      You don't need a visa for four days

    7. One Shot /dumb

      Ra ra rasputin

    8. Hai Dong

      What the blyat, Russia?

    9. Диск C

      (i from russia) so... i don't know english very good. but you still cool! i love watch your vids.

    10. broder mirelin

      Way go tu Rasha, my frend, wen Latvia is EU and the same as Rasha

    11. Sakura Moonflower

      Moscow, or Rasputin?

    12. Ильяс Саташ

      Сделайте русские субтитры пж

    13. Rabick Black

      which is good for u

    14. Roman Limbus

      О боже! Нееееет! (Нет)

    15. Mr Ilyassos

      Всё ок, братан

    16. Heellary Boy

      Ты ахуел?

    17. Бородулька 2.0

      Davie504 getting his visa Officer: why you going to russia? Davie: SEND BASS Officer: what? Davie: SEND BASS Officer: wuuut? Davie: I wanna SLAPP ON RUSSIA BALALAIKABASS Officer: ok sending bass

    18. Бородулька 2.0

      WHERE IS SLAPP DA LIKE BUTTON? And, how about Ukraine?)

    19. Igor Gordeev

      Head phones take off reveal at 6 million subs, u r liar Davie! Check mate Mario!!!

    20. Victor Shamraev

      Noooooo. Russia accepts u.❤️

    21. Водку Глыть


    22. Ghost Hunter064

      Your gonna play Rasputin

    23. Siegmeyer of Catarina

      Dont worry, lets drink comrad

    24. My Droid

      Why would the world challenges videos get copyright claimed? Because of the song played? Lame

    25. Юрий Агапов

      Why did they ejected you?

    26. Thihhkoh

      From Russia with love

    27. Паша Карнюхин

      No i dont

    28. LenINka

      Чёртов Путин!

    29. ThirteeN продакшн

      Только не надо играть Распутина и Калинку

    30. ThirteeN продакшн


    31. Astra Music Live

      You cool, with love from Russia

    32. tri mariyanto

      Smile reveal

    33. leon be

      братан мы тебя ждём надеюсь когда нибудь ты сможешь приехать

      1. Павел Селицкий

        Он уже приезжал, его пустили

    34. Anton Plekhanov


    35. TY YT

      But russia likes you

    36. Impossibilitron

      Play Tetris theme

    37. Андрей Дружинин

      Бл9ть... ((

    38. tupa vanilla

      вот уебки

    39. Igor Rogovtsev

      This is because how we have to apply for the Italian (and all other schengen) visas. We can only apply from Russia, and even more, only from the region of Russia where we reside. So if I live in St. Petersburg, I can't apply in Moscow. With the counties that allow us to apply anywhere we want, we allow the same And also almost every Latin American country, Israel, Thailand and a lot of another countries visit Russia visa free. Simply because they allow us to travel visa free.

    40. Alexander Danilov


    41. Vitalich

      Сука блять Гандоны Такого человека не пустили

    42. Тест Люшера

      Bass is 4-string balalaika. Know it, noob

    43. Aurelian Thor

      C&C Red Alert 3 Soviet March

    44. Brog9

      Davie was refused entry to Russia because Putin said no Davie

    45. gundam fan

      Copyright Strikes are a youtube cancer and ruin genuine content.

    46. Bartosz Kawalec


    47. Александр Кужба

      Once I've been in Italy and got in touch with one man during oursame train traveling from Rome to Venice. He told me he was expecting Visa approvement... And that shocked me... Man, just go to Ukraine, no Visa required for you. I'll be waiting for you

    48. luc key

      Russian authorities: what is the purpose for your trip to Russia? Davie504: slap! Russia: denied!

    49. Alexei Pomerancev

      Расия блять.....

    50. Ethanbloodytail

      Your gonna play the Russian National anthem

    51. Oxygasa Random

      Russian cry...

    52. eugyero

      Looks like Mother Russia gave you and your girl a nice 👋slap 👋slap.

    53. Santi Santi

      Russian anthem

    54. vassa _cool

      Go to Ukraine dude

    55. Jacob LaNeve

      Rasputin Lover of the Russian Queen

    56. Looper Birhinger

      I CHALLENGE you to BASS in front of KREMLIN(probably gets you arrested, tho).

      1. Looper Birhinger

        nevermind, i see you already been there(((( DOUBLE CROSS!

    57. Christian

      OMG - stronzoni! Not epic

    58. xyruz etnara

      What if you go in Philippines 🥰🥰

    59. коробочка каробка

      Что ты тут говоришь. Переведите пожалуйсто

    60. Андрій Стретович

      Go in Ukraine. We`ll be very glad to see you.

    61. Maxim Bocian

      Come to Belarus! it is closer, not Asia, and a visa is not needed for a short time!

    62. Emanresuadeen

      In Russia, you don't slap bass, bass slap you.

    63. Guiller Fontelera


    64. MrNikolab

      But you can go to Belarus for 5 days without visa when arrive at national airport, and play legandary Belarus Base!

    65. Ganzfield-2 r

      Ear revealed in thumbnail

      1. Chris Suarez

        That was before he was cursed.

    66. Lalthantluanga Tochhong

      It's okay😁

    67. The Great Salad

      So glad you were finally able to do the Russia video :)

    68. Ps4gamer_ 2000

      Russian Anthem starts playing

    69. WalberCB

      Brazil? Welcome!

    70. theone wangsa

      If rusia reject you then come to my country.. yes BALI country

    71. Bernard Carl

      In the thumbnail looks like you rejected russia

    72. Zhenli Happy

      He is smiling! O M G. Сука блят

    73. Богдан Белаш

      You can go to ukraine , its near and the culture dont differ much

    74. Айнас

      Как я понимаю, ты потом сделал видео про песню из тетриса.

    75. iLheawe Jr

      Come over to Rio, Brasil David!

    76. I'm - SaSha

      ЗАЙКА МЫ LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    77. Gabriel Tempobono

      I challenge you to come to Brazil

    78. Alpaca Tronco


    79. Josh Link

      You should play mariachi in Mexico once of these days.... That would be EPIC!

    80. Got it

      Play Mozart Turkish Anthem in Istanbul!