Roger Federer v Rafa Nadal Exhibition Highlights | Match In Africa 2020

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    1. ProBoy19931

      Man I really expected to some black people in the crowd, I guess I was a fool.

    2. Vernelle Douglas

      These two just make fans love them more and more.

    3. Christopher Gamboa

      Poor lady in the video, Maybe she really should get a picture with them.

    4. Kim Lcd

      2 loozers qui frappent la petite baballe , pauvres idiots

    5. Charlene Dong

      can someone let me know if this match is supposed to be like super serious (grand slam serious) because players seem to be joking around.....

    6. Brett McMillen

      Man, even though this is exhibition, I kind of wish Fed would incorporate some of this style into his normal game.

    7. fetzcou


    8. Oliver Juria

      How come with novak these two (federer n nadal) are not that friendly with him?

      1. Oliver McCall

        Because he ruined their dominance

    9. Léonard Baumgart

      Rafa is the best

    10. Azmi Ganie

      real friendship from two tennis titans

    11. EFC

      Se nota un Nadal cansado y de seguro entregó un poco el partido para guardarse para lo que viene. Aun así fue un gran show mas que un gran partido.

    12. R

      Match in Africa. Arena full of rich white people !!!! Where'd black Wally....

    13. Hamza Zaidi

      5:37 Why does that lady's dress look like it's been blurred?

    14. Gabriël van der Berg

      Picking Nadal for the event because he knew Djokovic would wipe the court with him

    15. diungy alisnr

      Nadal is a master of the skyhook smash. He's done so many in his career

    16. Deepak kumar

      Probably the best rivals ever in any sports like goku n vegeta

    17. Marcos Stephens

      6:36 - the dance is Hilarious with Bill Gate & Rafa

    18. bodoy euir

      Tennis will never be the same without These Two..greatness personified..Long Live Fedal..💙

    19. Orange Scout

      Just love both these guys and their friendship

    20. diwakarfan

      Fake smiles from Nadal

    21. cnmmd qiuoo

      Tennis will forever be poorer without these two. Fedal for life. ❤️🐐🐐

      1. bodoy euir

        There are so many weirdos in the comments who are just so angry with life 😂 Why don’t you just enjoy two great sportsman doing what they do best. when they are gone you

    22. arialrock

      Supongo qué Al final habrá Escondido la billetera...

    23. Wagner Melo

      Uma bela festa, espero que alcance seu objetivo.

    24. lilinparis1

      I will not miss these two players when they retire.

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        can also Whats-app us on tel:+27786930004.

    25. Marco Lam

      I hate exhibitions. Audience can only enjoy the most of tennis when the two players go all out.

    26. sebastian pascu

      Nice orgy at the end da fuck?

    27. Sanne V

      5:10 i want this picture as background on my computer.

    28. luc lapierre

      Des hommes de cœur...

    29. neejoy sola

      Nadal is a master of the skyhook smash. He's done so many in his career

    30. sawsan fiysal

      Though the match in cape Town but the audience are white, still racism exists in the country

    31. ShockWave

      Love the exhibition. A good reminder of non competitive tennis in its own beauty. A great show of Rafa’s skills. We know Roger is able to do many things, and some people in general don’t view Rafa as such. But here, I think it’s clear he’s also very skilled, and knows how to have fun. The way they played some points where it was like they were trolling each other was hilarious. Especially that slice battle. You cannot have an exhibition with Federer and not have the slice battle. Though I was hoping they would do the topspin battle too, but likely that’s reserved for doubles.

      1. neejoy sola

        2:28 NECK

    32. Aditya Tripathi

      Roger fed👍 n.. thank u both

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    34. zoz asd

      History of tennis My favorite is roger with all respect to rafa

    35. João Gabriel Denilli

      if you watched this whole video with a smile on your face, like i did, you are a truly tennis fan

    36. alisuo toko

      Tennis will forever be poorer without these two. Fedal for life. ❤️🐐🐐

    37. James Cox

      There are so many weirdos in the comments who are just so angry with life 😂 Why don’t you just enjoy two great sportsman doing what they do best. when they are gone you will regret hating people you’ve never met

    38. Adriano Milano

      Before i supported Roger now Rafa

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      1. alisuo toko

        FEDAL rocks and Chokovic/Drugovic sucks bigtime.

    40. Andy H

      Are there better ambassadors on the planet for their particular sport than these two? Truly an honor to witness their entire careers and enjoy all they have contributed.

    41. kuruman1

      I love these exhibition matches...they really show what these guys could to mere mortals.

    42. kuruman1

      Fed is living the perfect life.

    43. Champions Hub

      what is bill gates exactly doing in this exhibition match??

    44. aola wili


    45. Arne D

      The void in tennis will be unsurmountable when both of these tennis gods leave the game. They have given us so, so much.

    46. Shetal Parikh

      Ok - please explain me what is there to not like this video?? This was one of the best moments in Tennis!!

    47. motopythons

      2:28 NECK

      1. aola wili

        Yes it is so beautiful to see these two legends play to eachother, but am I the only one that prefers it a lot more when they play seriously? Let bahrami do this stuff!!!

    48. Shauka Hodan

      Thank you ROGER FEDERER and RAFAEL NADAL for did the humanitarian.

    49. Jay Sean

      It's cool they take this tournament more playfully than seriously competitively. If I had to play tournaments and win all the time, it would be nice to just show up and have fun with less pressure every now and then and stay warm, entertain the fans and see some friends. I initially was annoyed that they're messing around but then it occurred to me how intense their careers are and a little fun every now and then is something they more than deserve, even if a tournament like this is the place for them to have that moment.

    50. Marjan Prithie

      For the first time ever I have seen Roger to dance 😂 even though he was only jumping 😂🤣😆

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Haven't seen a single black person in the audience. An event just for white wealthy upperclass?

    51. William Yeoh

      Exhibition match means nothing as who is more superior. Only in ATP tournament especially GS will indicate greatness. So far, Nadal is undisputed king of clay. No one can emmulate his French Open record.

    52. alida flus

      Nadal is a master of the skyhook smash. He's done so many in his career

    53. TR_Pianoo

      What a *T H I C C* court.

    54. Kevin Smith

      FEDAL rocks and Chokovic/Drugovic sucks bigtime.

    55. Celso Lima

      Que belo exemplo de esportistas...

      1. alida flus

        Bill gates dancing 😄😎

    56. Mike Atkins

      crazy how their play when its not serious and just for show is still such a high level. Even when they arent serious its almost more of a treat to watch because now they just trick shot and show off for the crowd with an already predetermined outcome of the winner. I love the showmanship.

    57. Yamid Hernandez

      Djokovic el dia que ud haga esto que hace federer y nadal se dara cuenta lo lejos que esta de ser el goat federer no es el mejor de la historia por los grand slam o por los records que alla batido es el mejor de la historia por lo que el hace en las personas federer simplemente$the goat

    58. Nathaniel T. Beene

      2:48 That's a fault, right?

    59. Ma R

      Nice Trevor Noah in the crowd

    60. Frederick Dourado