PewDiePie said this about my BASS :(



3,1 mio. ogledi281

    Talking about what PewDiePie said about me some years ago and bass memes... I couldn't believe that!
    Such an unbelievable episode of SDAIAY
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    1. TDBClient

      Pin this davie and i will buy you a BASS

      1. Samara Was Here

        @𝕍𝕆𝕃𝔸𝕀ℝ𝔼 I approve 👍

      2. Star Platinum


      3. aka-Tyy 22


      4. No need to know my name

        Did you buy?

      5. ุ


    2. MuhammadNW

      Me: I was playing guitar before Davie504 therapy time: You know, that was happening to me yesterday

    3. Cauan D Lopes

      DAVIE504 is 2,04m

    4. Richid

      I was playing the guitar (6 strings bass) while i was watching the video L M A O

    5. Ink Ish

      I slapp the like and now i will smacc the guitar inti the trash can

    6. MNash EnV

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> FBI OPEN UP

    7. Cosmic Canadian

      All memes should just be 🅱️ASS

    8. Ciccio Giunta

      yor pp saol

    9. Sound Guy

      You owe me bass

    10. Eggcezz orriez

      YIAY+LWIAY+SDIAY= LMIAY or LYIAY Last Month I Asked You Last Year I Asked You

    11. Joseph Harper Jr


    12. UglyDolls Buddies

      Davie I have a bass guitar but.... Ok boomer

    13. Wuzzie Crunch

      Did Anybody screen record his pewdiepie monologue and put on his subreddit?

    14. redditgold 420

      This guy is just an unfunny good bass player who is a pewdiepie wannabe. Just make bass videos where u play the bass and make ur own original jokes and stop with the zooming into ur face if u use it excessively it’s not funny

    15. Pim2 Studio


    16. Huaso

      Ok I just watched this video, and you said something about sending a bass. Well I'm a guitarist, and my daughter likes the bass...🤦🏻‍♂️. It's cool though, I got her an acoustic bass. She likes it but wants to experience the electric. Can you hook me up?

    17. Marvellous Gamer

      Your voice is like Google translated voice!!😂😂😂😂

    18. Derva Kommt von hinten

      its not a depression battle. as sasukes brother told us, its an emo off.

    19. Georgica Lungu

      Do height reveal NOW you got 381 k likes on this video

    20. Yugoreshi

      Challenge accomplish.

    21. banana god

      Slap bass

    22. carlisle dormido

      Davie504: "every instrument with a four string is lfa bass" Classical musicians who play violin: "I'm a bAsSisT mAhseLf"

    23. Veer Singh

      Pin this and I will slap the bass

    24. Candy Rider 33

      Now I own a bass from davie

    25. Gabe Zapanta

      davie doesn't answer my questions. Where's my b ass?

    26. mcfahk

      Well now, you lost me with this one.

    27. cristian

      Ear reveal pls!

    28. Justin Moore

      Davie you don't know how much I needed therapy time. I'm just going through a lot and I really needed to calm down.

    29. Rishabh Parmar

      Hey Rishabh here, I think you should try these BASS LINES by The LEGEND (Yngwie Malmsteen) Far Beyound the SUN.. I CHALLENGE YOU BOI...I'LL Slap you...

    30. Simone Fissore

      what is Sdaiay?

    31. Luis Frías

      That is bassline to love! Queen John Decons in Bohemian raphsodie

    32. Kingston Chen

      Can I play bass on my channel?

    33. About everything

      Give me the 10 hours version of therapy time

    34. Central Intelligence Agency

      *_b a s s_*

    35. Ahmad Shahwar Rehman

      davie therapy it is a good thing i liked it

    36. Huening Min

      forehead reveal ples

    37. Jakub Hanák

      S L A P 🅱️ASS

    38. Vaughn Ramos

      Your height?

    39. Finlay Gilzean

      I’m touched 😊; I live near north Berwick which is next to the bass rock, I go kayaking down to the rock sometimes and the next time I do, I will SLAPP!

    40. newac4534 ROBLOX

      How to get stronger: S LA P M O R E B A SS

    41. Raymond Maclore

      you're awesome

    42. shadowgod707


    43. UN SALTED

      I was forced to comment

    44. moonib


    45. Aden Ladera

      Dave, please play a guitar

    46. Aden Ladera


    47. Annie Ayuwoki

      🅱️ A S S

    48. The Rechid bunch of flipping sickO’s

      Slap like for davie’s 🅱️ass

    49. L.R.N.R

      Right eyebrow reveal at 6.9 million subs

    50. Oregonian Vlogs


    51. Maxmilián Škvrna

      Send BASS No, really i have ordered a bass and they didnt deliver it because of the quarantine VERY SAD TIMES

    52. henry collins

      I like A bass S S

    53. Maciej Nelson

      slappppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp the bass

    54. Chullu Pani

      If you don't stop coming to my recommended, I'm gonna fucking slap SLsel

    55. Heathen in the Dark

      You challenged us to comment on vid and youll respond. But will yOU REPLY 'SLAP' TO A COMMENT THATS 3 MONTHS LATE

    56. Matilda Van Hoef

      Does slap my piano count? Because I don't have a bass 😥 Very sad times here

    57. Angelo Mazzoli

      Does my trombone become a bass if I put 4 strings on it?

    58. Eltio- Mesios

      Omg fisrt whats up slappers

    59. Chris Feske

      Now you must give me your slap and bass

    60. Chris Feske

      You wont respond to me I guarantee it Hahaha Checkmate Davie

    61. Lucky Adventures


    62. fetus deletus


    63. Kaden Nichols

      Guitar = sh*t bass guitar = EPIC

    64. Wira teja Teja

      I didn't say anything during the therapy session

    65. Mr.Lizard

      Only kids what pewdiepie says. Also he is a racist.

    66. Alperen Cool

      Where do you lıve davie?

    67. phud

      Slapp is like the opposite of 'guys', every time Davie says it the word seems to have even more meaning

    68. Will Octaviano

      Davie put guitar strings on a bass recently... FBI OPEN UP

    69. Skeli22

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> ok Davie

    70. 31 savage gaming

      davie, one question, when I own a bass can I make a vid on it? if no, I will not slapp bass. XD

    71. Dood Losangelino

      I am a proud slapper but I have no bass skills

    72. TheDarknessTime

      The easiest way to get Davie’s bass)

    73. kabir khan

      Every time ge says “what’s up slappers” my face turns to the right with the slapp

      1. jorged06


    74. JAMMER BOI

      There was a Tom Morello guitar lesson advertisement at the beginning of this video... Not enough bass.

    75. Sam Hays

      Davie, do I have permission to make BASS video with ukulele?

    76. Xerxes

      if you say that every instrument with 4 strings is a BASS, may you play the violin as one?

    77. Divina Bulintao


    78. Divina Bulintao


    79. BOY FIRE

      Comunque te i bassi li fai bene. Sono italiano nn faccio come gli altri che cercano su Google traduttore,e poi sbagliano

    80. Joseph Henry Valdepena

      Leave ur entries in the sub reddit bros And I'll watch submissions in the next episode of lwiay