Make This Video The Most DISLIKED Bass Video EVER



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    Let's make this the most disliked BASS video ever.

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    1. Davie504

      Slap l̶i̶k̶e̶ *DISLIKE* now

      1. 5G5

        dislike? not EPIC

      2. Zomboy -52


      3. Zomboy -52


      4. Haze Nightcore


      5. Rodrigo Pinheiro


    2. Madison Bruchman

      But I like the video...

    3. Hunter XIIIV

      The video is 4 mins 20 seconds long 420 lmoa

    4. Pot Of Flaws


    5. DinithBoi HCR2

      Why did i dislike? CAUSE HE SAID THE WORD GUITAR!

    6. Cancerous Vibez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> dem strings are groovin'

    7. Suripat Patsuri

      Que cazzo. With a bass line like that I simply cannot dislike this. Sorry. LOL

    8. Suripat Patsuri

      Please. Get your Corona Bass and SLAPP it for us!

    9. Marcello Marelli

      Why tho

    10. Mega Hoschi

      S L A M M

    11. Вован Иванофф

      Хей, я один русский тут?)

    12. AdamP.R.

      I have the same bass, thanks for catching my interest to it because I wouldn't have known this exist. Now I can S L A P

      1. Devon Johnson

        Mine looks almost identical, besides the fact that mine is Ibanez, not fender

    13. ZeusDNK

      Haters: *Confused screaming*

    14. Paul Schmidt

      Warum so wenige Likes

    15. Leo ?

      This video is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> minutes

    16. 26 Chale

      I love your video

    17. 26 Chale

      I slap like dislike *video* 😂🤣😂 🅱️ass

    18. Musician Paradise

      I hate to hate this !

    19. Erick Valent

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="259">4:19</a>

    20. Logan Gacha

      The people who clicked the like button are blind or bullies

      1. Logan Gacha

        Hopefully, those people are blind because 22K BULLIES NOT E P I C C

    21. Ryan Mallaghan


    22. David Muhoza

      I can't dislike sory

    23. Bruce Lee

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> Okay

      1. It’s Me E

        Just stop

    24. Atanas Atanasov

      Why is the end of the video exactly <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a>?

    25. Rai Angelic

      Please notice me davie,,my master

    26. Fruit Savage

      22K 834K SHARE SAVE

    27. Gaming Spider

      Make this the most dislike comment

    28. • ItzGhaKunZ •

      LIKE MEANS:*davie's subscriber* DISLIKE MEANS:*haters coming*

    29. Qyrto

      *E P I C*

    30. Gaspard Guillaumie

      Isn’t it inspired by « sex in a pan » from Béla fleck and the Flecktones ??🧐

    31. denis 17

      18 000

    32. isyourboySinboy


    33. Gnem Tanduran

      I let the bass guide to like or dislike the video. And I slapp the dislike button when the bass stop being slapped

    34. Jeseena Tahiyat

      it's funny I want to like video

    35. Mr. Germany

      Hard to Slapp Dislike? *Just turn your Phone upsidedown*

      1. Shallex

        but then it would look like i am slapping like which he told me not to do

    36. Mother luvs Ⴆɾҽαԃ

      Stupid ME

    37. Leif-Anders Douhm

      Hate to dislike something so good, but your wish is my will, one more dislike.....

    38. bgcypherX9

      PFF NOOB

    39. Joshua Maquiling


    40. Joshua Maquiling


    41. Devin_ Nation

      lmao he just put music in this and pretended like he played it

      1. River PB

        it's not even a big deal. he's using playback. he said it on one of his sdiay videos since he's shooting in several angles, he makes several takes and puts his best recorded sound on top of the videos. hell, everyone who shoots multiple angles on a single camera does that.

    42. Fernando Torres


    43. Jakub Michalczyk

      Just love this guy...

    44. Adrian Kidd

      It's not a nice feeling giving a dislike to a video I did enjoy... damn

    45. Remy R

      my most favorite disliked video ever.

    46. Hentai_Anime

      Haters: *I will like it*

    47. Japan ball

      Me : *flips screen* Me : It’s big brain time

    48. Gledis Dervishi

      Slap -like- *dislike* NOW!

    49. Kan Tai

      Wait this video's likes/dislikes number is almost half the views. *M I N D B L O W I N G* -Next challenge: make it the most unsubscribed from bass channel HYPERS-

    50. Carlos Gomez

      Atleast the haters liked the video tho...

    51. Явор Коцев

      Not EPICC lesson plan to be more than real estate agents for the think tank top and bottom of the Dark you are not the intended recipient you are not 69

    52. heat.

      let's make this the most disliked comments on a bass video

    53. gianni valentini


    54. Samara Was Here

      Friday: *most disliked video ever* Davie: im boutta end this whole mans career

    55. Christina Engels la Rusa

      OMG! The most disliked the most cool bass played video ever

    56. eyponyme

      This solo sounds like "sex in a pan" from Victor wooten. It's on purpose I guess, but nothing in the description....

    57. Chuckles McGee

      is this solo on your albums? edit: imo your best solo, cant get enough of it

    58. Gabriel Gonçalves

      Davie, come to Brazil

    59. The Joker

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> Replay button for myself

    60. GRAY WOLF

      the thing is the video is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> mins which makes it much better

    61. baseline_hitch Shalhoub

      The slap groove in this video is EPIC!

    62. Dᴏʀᴋ Dʀᴀᴡᴇʀ


    63. Miroslav Daniel Roshal

      Bass rewind 2019

    64. Matija Mladenovic

      You're free, Davie, you can take them headphones off

    65. Matija Mladenovic

      I don't have the heart to SLAP the dislike..

    66. MQQx118 YT

      In realtà i dislike sono del mondo sottosopra

    67. The Void2

      like = dislike dislike = like Am i right?

    68. Steven Garcia

      Wow, my heart stopped beating, that was amazing.


      me:want dislike davie: dislike this video me: like this video

    70. Marquise De Tassony

      L'ho appena aggiunto ai video che mi piacciono

    71. Hafiz Aziz

      Even with the approval to dislike this video, my eyes tears up.

    72. 芙蘭衛隊-冷泉裝甲師

      Almost 420420x2 dislike now

    73. Auto nickname

      I still put like on this video

    74. MarvelFan01

      It kinda sounds like Subway Surfers xD

    75. Николай Гоголь

      This is bite for haters they are like the video

    76. Suction Cup Man

      4 min, 20 secs long

    77. 딴딴

      Davie504: Make this the most disliked bass video SLsel Rewind 2018: Hold my B-ass

    78. Bobba Fett Swe

      If i have your permission then i PICK

    79. Andrewik

      Davie504: Most liked BASS video on SLsel. Davie504: Most disliked Bass video on SLsel * perfectly balanced, as all things should be *

    80. Santo Organa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> minutes LMAO