Lil Mosey - Blueberry Faygo (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    Lil Mosey - Blueberry Faygo (Official Music Video)
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Produced by Callan
    VFX by Scissor Films
    Director of Photography - Logan Meis
    Steadicam by Renard Cheren
    Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino + Jay Tauzin + Mogul Vision
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    1. ZEEMY AKA


    2. Joesoe Loesoe

      He got some hair in the armpit tho

    3. Daytime Fox

      this guy even has the hype house

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    5. funny videos tik tok

      wow very nice

    6. FlamingRex Williams

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> That bitch better start runnin

    7. Piper Rockwell

      Addison rae

    8. Longlive Xxxtentacion

      Only people that says he is the whitest black guy on earth can like this

    9. Moneyツ

      Put it on 0.75 in speed. It hits different

    10. Gamingwith Rock

      I spotted Addison rae

    11. Gio XDD

      69 MILLY *Amazing*

    12. Ace PvP

      fuck u tiktok developer skids you guys fucking ruined every good song, fuck tiktok & fuck the developers...

    13. Salwa Nuraini

      I love this song cause of amv and ff7r edits, not from tiktok, i can't stop to listening this music😍❤

    14. Finns Thauvin

      Good song but lots of sexy girls. Not good for young kids.

      1. Isaiah Hall

        Nobody forcing them to watch

    15. Jeniffer Castillo

      There at the hype house

    16. NOT_Nannis -YT

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> Addison

    17. nulldertigg

      fuck tiktok

    18. Longlive Xxxtentacion

      Only people that says he is the whitest black guy on earth can like this

    19. c-à-d Lou

      Il a quel age ???

    20. elite_ Okan

      There is addison

    21. EthxnFN

      Who noticed Addison and cole

    22. Shannan Foley

      There is tony ❤and addisln

    23. Game Hub

      I honestly came here from a csgo montage

    24. Mosed

      Im surprised how he doesn't get erected while recording the video. lots of girls and butts lmao.

    25. Cursed Stray

      Mosey looks like an albino walter

    26. Vero Juarez

      Thats the hype house


      Hell o

    28. gamer OD

      Best song

    29. Maurice Rauhjers

      I saw Lil Mosey in person performing live in 2019. It was a good time.

    30. Kolasha

      Я 1 тут русский? (p.s за лайкайте0)

    31. Jany Kimy Kimák

      soooo good

    32. Rodrigues Lucas

      Isn't that Drew Dirksen at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a>?

    33. maniya hardware

      love it

    34. młody x

      only kids hate this music

    35. Aubree Jadyn

      That's the hype house cuz I saw addison and lil huddy

      1. Henry Gray

        If u came from TikTok u need to get a life

    36. Aaron Lopez

      Was gonna add this to my playlist until I saw lil huddy

    37. DIY Network

      Yo addison my cousin want to make out with u

    38. r3linqui5h23

      Wait so is that big chick twerking meant to be sexy? I saw more ripples in her back than the pool...

    39. stepAside

      This is not rap

    40. PUBGamers

      Use me as "i hate tik tok" button

    41. gentechgamer 18

      if you see how long ago this videos was posted.... thats how long im jamming on this song😏😏😉😉

    42. Jay Boy

      Craig man jumping no I mean😀🔥🔥🔥🔥

    43. Gaming Zone

      So lil mosey is talking about the Money,Faygo which is a Company and He’s talking about a drink a Faygo

    44. Bobbie Candelario

      Tony Lopez is in thereee😂😂

    45. Carlo Raphael Evardome

      The song is better on your first time hearing it

    46. jacob carson

      Like for this song

    47. Milan Komen

      Lekker nummer

    48. Aalia Green

      Only ppl from TikTok can like this

    49. Scarlett McCall

      I saw tony Lopez in the vid ahhhhhh OML OMG

    50. Jean Franqui

      OMG this video dude is incredible and the music😝

    51. Николай Галич

      Чуваки кто с России лайк

    52. NBZ Bank TV


    53. Sasitorn Ruenprasert

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a>Catch what

    54. Vr Addict

      What I think when my cat listens to me

    55. Flav396 Dan

      I'm guessing he filmed this at the Hype House because he has a crush on Addison Rae ( in his tiktok he sang a song for her).

    56. Farcry

      The beat 🔥 he didn’t make it but it’s fire

    57. Anthonyrbx YT

      When you realize The Kid LAROI is probably getting it from Addison because he's at the hype house

    58. makaylah Garibaldi

      Only true people notices it was filmed at the hype house

    59. Giann fam

      When you realise your at the hype house

    60. CJNasty PLaYzz

      Was that addson

    61. Jax

      Thanos let him borrow his infinite hoes

    62. Holden Pribula-Sanders

      Get off this shit song and listen to looking for a hero- Polo G

    63. ToshanGaming Unlocked

      I just realised some random dude broke into moseys house to do a weird dance

    64. Luke Luke

      I love this song

    65. ZFare

      lil mosey is the blackest white guy I have ever seen.

    66. Yøkø

      Ngl like song is fire

    67. Alex h

      Follow me on tik tok at @useralex722 plzzz

    68. Estrella Venegas

      U at the hype house

    69. Goutham T Girish

      Anyone from india 🖤🔥💯

    70. Manny


    71. Manny

      The girl in the blue bikini is begging mosey to touch he butt

    72. azia_ YT

      Him and Addison are will be a cute couple!

    73. Cum Chalice

      I typed bagel in the search bar just to find this, I dont think think this is my type of bagel

    74. jivia Louis

      duh hype house

    75. KO KHANT

      HOw to get famous Other singers: With pretty little bitches Lil Mosey: Addison rae and lil hubby

    76. Princess Zamier

      I just see that was the hype house like if u new that was the hype house

    77. Ashley Regan

      Where is charli

    78. 沈祖和


    79. • S t r a w b e r r y M i l k •

      me just noticing this is in the hype house-

    80. MitparFilms

      69,000,000 nice