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123 GO!

123 GO!

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    Home is where the heart is. And it’s also where all your stuff is!
    But don’t worry, we’ve got some organization hacks that will keep you sane whenever your’e home sweet home.
    Did you find these home organization hacks useful? Then send this video to your other fellow neat freaks!
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    1. Karolina Rzeznik

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    2. Cailyn Cooper

      i love you 123 go

    3. عبد الرحمن عمار

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    4. Bri's Spot

      2:45 you can go around the table and bend down

    5. Bri's Spot

      2:45 you can go around the table and bend down

    6. Sumit Darji

      No no no no I said I was going to do the word no do you touched no no no we’re done

    7. Jessica Mazzuca

      It’s so Funny

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    9. Maeve Lynch

      Class ur the best ever all the hacks worked thx a million

    10. Ella Surratt,joey

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    11. Tam Owen

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    12. Omii Misaya

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    14. Hawler Jahanam

      ILOVE 123GO

    15. SHOCK em' ALL

      Ur my favorite vicky and lily

    16. Ebony Tate

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    19. Addison Holman

      Why couldn’t he just go around the table!!

    20. Fatima Vasquez

      Do you really answer the phone when you're in the shower I mean you can answer the phone after you are done

    21. Nokin Jamir

      She forgot about her snacks

    22. Deqa Elmi

      I Love 💕 you guys

    23. Faith Fab

      Your eyes can go so wide!

    24. Tim Miller

      This is cool

    25. Rachel Berkson

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    26. Rachel Berkson

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    27. William Conner

      Wow cool videos on 1 2 3 go SLsel channel

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    30. Leah Winchester

      Me: sees candy dispenser hack Me: speechless

    31. casey Anderson

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    32. casey Anderson

      Me: MOM Mom:WHAT

    33. MZAIII

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    34. نسمه

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    36. •ITZ• ICA•

      The iphone are water proof

    37. Pilar Banchon

      Porfis español 😇

    38. Ladi Divya

      Nice video

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    40. Køøkie Løver

      *PLLLAASTIC AVALANCHE!!* Wow plastic :>

      1. Yellow Ivy

        Yeah use hydro flasks

      2. TheArtistLife

        Better warn the turtles XD

    41. DianondSniper Cutsinger

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    42. Rycka Eagle

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    43. Reino Guzman

      omgawd theres so many plates! "washes one Plate and makes one Plate avalanche

      1. Michela Botg

        So true XD

    44. Kerri Ryerson

      7:56 3 rings can you count again please

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      Your smart

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      Me seeing the thumbnail:yay there's Vicky! Lets watch it Me in the video:wait i thought Vicky made that!! 🤔🤔

    50. S Mayfield

      2:45 why couldn’t he just go around the table? No hate, just suggestions

      1. Panda Boba Gaming

        He would block the movie

    51. Brielyn Crochet

      I loooove your videos

    52. 101 kelly hong

      2:27, cant she just call after a shower? And wont vicki hear that shes in the shower??

    53. 101 kelly hong

      1:35 though, lol

    54. Rami Pash

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    55. Genevieve Landrum

      2:00 you don’t need to watch and call friends

    56. famosos ten top

      I love your hacks i am going to try them all really. it is so satsfying 💕💞💗😘

    57. kawaii Gamer

      guys "don't judge the book by it's cover" duh its just trick just understand it

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    59. Daniel Zasai hlychho

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    60. Chris Stanton

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