John Williams - The Final Saber Duel (From "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"/Audio Only)

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    Music video by John Williams performing The Final Saber Duel (From "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"/Audio Only). © 2019 Lucasfilm Ltd.

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    1. Samuel Ludke

      When kylo walks through the water you're like, oh boy here we go!!!! That's the good stuff!

    2. Rolando Gareca

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> Goodbye Dear Princess 😭😭😭

    3. The NetherOne

      I heard there was an unreleased new version of duel of the fates, anyone know if that's True? And if so link?

    4. Aspirador Tube

      The battle needed to be more epic and the song too ;-;


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="176">2:56</a> “Goodbye, dear princess.”

    6. ironjedi

      Star Wars + Ryan Johnson= a masterpiece

    7. superdiskboi

      imagine if Keiki Kobayashi composed the battle of Exegol soundtrack, the amount of tears in the theaters

    8. Rebel Friend

      "The only way you're coming to Exegol is with me."

    9. SaraSong2653

      Lets all be honest ALL star wars movies would not be as good as they are (yes including prequels and oridganals) without Johns Music

    10. Andrea Edits

      My favorite part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>

    11. Things Are Gonna Get Spicy

      Honestly I loved TROS, but people aren’t criticising the parts that matter. I really did not like the final dual between Rey and Kylo, mostly because it was the final lightsaber dual of the entire saga! They needed to go out with a bang but not much really happened and the score was kinda lacklustre

    12. Project Zorgo - Operation Roblox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> ..If you do as I ask. KILL THE GIRL!! End the Jedi, and become what your grandfather- Vader could not.

    13. The Nerd Dojo

      such a great fight honestly, the setting of it, the intensity. The way the lack of music for most of it makes you really feel the environment. There's a lot about this film i don't like but everything revolving the D-STAR II Wreckage, The Final Order and Exegol is not part of it. Keep those things and insert it into a better script and you have a perfect star wars finale.

    14. CriticalGamer - Mobile

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> YESSS

    15. General Grievous

      "Oh i don't think so"

    16. Aaron Weatherford

      Guys. Duel of the Fates being used does not make any sense at all. It has no involvement or significance within the story and or the scene at hand, and musically speaking, it just doesn’t make sense with what’s happening. To say that this scene needed a “memorable theme” within is disregarding everything this scene is about. It’s disregarding that this scene isn’t about the epic scale of the fight or the spectacle. It’s about the emotion of these two characters. This music is meant to reflect on how angry Rey is as she fights Kylo.

    17. Juwei

      I still think, that the episode 9 soundtrack is weak compared to the others

    18. The Guy

      Even though it is not as powerful as Battle of the Heroes or Duel of Fates, I actually liked this more

    19. KasagiaJ

      Hey kid

    20. The Conspiratorist

      An absolute disappointment for what was touted to be "the best Star Wars duel". The score is forgettable, and the duel is much the same.

    21. José Manuel Contreras

      Leia's and kylo's themes complementing each other here is sign of Williams' talent. Such a beautiful piece.

    22. Meh

      42 years and the mad lad never lost his touch. Such beautiful music.

    23. Akmal Jailani

      I want to know please please where is the music when rey gives ben lightsaber please .........

    24. Zyder

      pretty lame for being The Last Saber Duel...

    25. starwarsjunkie7777

      Worst goddamn SW movie soundtrack EVER. There’s nothing interesting here, and it’s recorded so insanely terribly. Clearly John Williams’s worst work by FAR, and the audio producers should be ashamed of their terrible audio mixing. A truly sad day to be an audiophile and a Star Wars fan.

    26. Trailer Made

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> i loveeeee it

    27. The Green Devil

      Where is the score where Ben talks to Han?

      1. Mostly an F1 fan

    28. 308328928

      This isn't fight music

    29. Lucas Masoch

      I like how the music is focused on Leia's passing and Ben's turn rather than a big, overdone duel.

    30. christopher corvino

      except there really was no final saber duel was there?

    31. Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation

      Whether or not you love or hate the newer films is fine. But there's three things Star Wars fans can always agree on. 1. Baby Yoda is adorable. 2. Adam Driver is amazing. 3. John Williams music is stupendous!

      1. Raphaël Borg

        All the world thinks that AD is amazing. Not just the fans, but the haters and ignorants too.

      2. M. Weeks

        Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation yes

      3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

        And 4. Ewan McGregor

      4. Kyoety

        *dude after 10 minutes comes back from the bathroom right when Rey stares into the sunset. *what did I miss?*

      5. Bern

        He's overrated

    32. tomab17

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> "Goodbye, dear Princess"

      1. Pearce Farrell


      2. Frank Anderson

        tomab17 Leia’s theme is a beautiful. My favorite in the entire series

      3. Haroun


    33. Chibbs

      I wouldn't have cared that DotF wasn't used in RoS if they hadn't featured it in a trailer, I was waiting the entire film for a climax that never came.

    34. Darin Staley

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> and onwards is reminiscent of Superman when he finds Lois and her car under the rubble

    35. Rayhanov Razgriz

      The Luke's X-Wing is the legend with the Millenium Falcon in my opinion...but all aircraft in the Star Wars is the legend in Fans's heart NB: Sorry for my bad english

    36. Bailey MacDonald

      What song has the part where Kylo and Han talk and Ben throws his lightsaber?

    37. N

      I may be in the minority but I think the score has been weak for the last 2 films. I love John William's and the work he has done in the prequels and original trilogy.

    38. Riley McCord


    39. Pat Waters

      So long... Leia🙁😟😢

    40. Rolo Tomasi

      I grew up listening to John Williams' scores from Raiders to E.T to Jurassic Park and Star Wars and many more. His scores have helped me get through many ups and downs. I am glad he wrapped up Star Wars so powerfully. Thank you.

    41. Tanoshi of M

      It broke me when Leia died because this was the last time we would get to see Carrie Fisher un Star Wars. And when Chewie found out that she died, I bet every Star Wars fan felt like that when they heard the news of Carrie Fisher's death.

    42. Ready Player Two

      Leia: My life was all that held him back, but my time has come.

      1. ᏋᎵiᏣᎦᏂiᎰᎿ ᏣᏂᎯᖇᏯ

        @Babatunde Nigarian prince I think he was joking, but okay

      2. Babatunde Nigarian prince

        Ready Player Two that line is not from Leia, thats from Odin shortly before he died in Thor: Ragnarok.

    43. Patricio Castro C.

      Undoubtedly, with Chewie's heartbreaking scream knowing that Princess Leia has died, it was time as fans we could cry for the last time, her final farewell with the final chords of her theme by John Williams ... Goodbye, Beautiful Princess...

      1. 0% Steam

        but that was the only emotional part ofthe movie

      2. Job Buenaagua

        Just watched it. Chewie's reaction is the most heartwrenching.

      3. Noah R

        For a second i thought you meant reys scream for chewie. I was laughing so hard when that happened. Bitch sounded like a mouse

      4. fightingfalcon777

        determinator 94 I feel that, pal. Every episode of the sequel trilogy, he loses another of his closest friends. Then this one hits particularly close to home because it’s a double mourning: the character mourning the loss of another character, and the actor simultaneously mourning the loss of Carrie

      5. determinator 94

        Not gonna lie - Chewie’s anguished roar got me

    44. Collin Lewis

      This is the Rey vs Kylo duel

    45. JoAnne Kirley

      There's nothing sadder than a weeping Wookie

    46. spootybaby

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> There is something so dejected and defeated about that brass section solo, powerful

      1. Salmon

        its not from padme's funeral, its a very different chord structure whatever it is, it is one of the best parts of the soundtrack

      2. Piras jean fred

        And this part is not in the movie...

      3. Melee Hell | Bot

        It's the song from Padme's funeral

    47. God Emperor of Dune

      Does anyone know the track when Palpatine is destroying the Rebel fleet? And the part he force drains Ben and Rey is cool too. But they dont seem to be in soundtrack.

    48. David Olsson

      Ugh i hope this was the last of Disney star wars.

      1. L Shadow

        Episode 10 we lied

    49. Christopher Spielberg



      Leia dies here

    51. JorG

      Whats the song of the Kylo Ren vs Knight of Ren scene?

    52. Dennis de Ruiter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>.... Ben.........

      1. Supersonicspyro 2577

        It's padme's funeral theme

    53. dari_ m

      What final duel? Ray beated kylo again for the 3rd time was terrible The knights of Ren were killed in less than 50 seconds And sidious loses even tho he can make a massive storm

      1. Kung Olaf

        Kylo Ren beat Rey and was about to kill her for good. Then Leia distracted Kylo and Rey "killed" him. Rey unintentionally cheated. The same way he cheated when Luke beat him in TLJ: he grabs Rey's stick and throws it away, effectively disarming her while he is armed. Then Rey uses the force to get a lightsaber out of her bag. Luke and Kylo Ren beat Rey in TLJ and TROS. Get that in your head.

    54. iamblackgambit

      This fight was terrible they fight so slow..kylo is a horrible light saber fighter..just ugh it wasnt as epic as it should've been!

    55. Josafat ヨサファット

      It hurts me to realize people think all the duels in star wars have to be fast paced or full of choir for the sake of "epicness", every battle has his own internal conflicts, and I think people got used to think all confrontations in star wars are splashy. Just think of the context of the scene, the real intention behind their confrontation, if you see the scene you'll see duel of the fates doesn't really fit. I guess most of the complains are from people who grew up with the prequels.

      1. Piras jean fred

        It's true, my father who grew up with the original trilogy (4-5-6) loved the rise of Skywalker (he likes revenge of the Sith too, this is the only star wars of the prequel that he likes) but he said that this episode 9 is an authentic star wars like in the 80s when he was my age now. From my point of view the best Trilogy is the original trilogy, but I like the prequel and the sesquel too, I think they are equals. Every generation has a legend 🙂

      2. sikid4000

        @ugaaa5 Not defending episode 9 but Mike Stolakskdak is an idiot.

      3. Peterthesneakybastard

        Josafat ヨサファット It’s the opposite. It’s the prequel fans defending ROS for the most part. Also, many would argue “Lost Stars” is the best of SW music. Same with “Immolation” and “Binary sunset” Obviously those are very slow and beautiful songs. Point is people want quality, not “fast paced” or “epicness”. You may like this score. That’s fine. Art is subjective. But don’t just assume everyone else is being short-sighted.

      4. Anthony Martensen

        @Jeremy Brown unfortunately this kind of mentality is rare on the internet.

      5. Jeremy Brown

        @Royale With Cheese Hm?

    56. Bliz974zard

      Can someone tell me the name of the song that <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="375">6:15</a> comes from i can't seem to remember.

    57. General Binks

      I wish it was battle of the heroes.

      1. Spideygamer88


    58. Kieran Holmes

      Anyone know which track is when Rey is exploring the Death Star wreckage?

      1. Última Bolacha Do Pacote

        I think is "The Old Death Star"

    59. Hömïë dčhääñël

      Palpatine: I am all the Sith Rey: And, I am all the Jedi

      1. 0% Steam

        @Deathtrooper 2200 great ending.

      2. Wizardducklett

        Sounds familiar

      3. Deathtrooper 2200

        Palpatine: And I am the senate Rey dies

      4. Wi11iamson

        Dollar store Avengers Endgame

      5. Stevie Platypus

        @Matt Fedorka Not Yet

    60. Chris Hisel

      Battle of the heroes and duel of the fates were much better lightsaber fights, the lightsaber fights in the sequels were incredibly weak compared to the prequels no where near the level of emotion... and it’s not John Williams fault, he’s the most brilliant of composers, this music is good but not what we wanted for a climatic fight I don’t understand why they made the duels so weak when the strong duels are the one thing everyone agrees on that they love about the prequels

    61. Thomas F

      Theme" knights of ren " Pleeeeease

    62. D CONWAY

      The end of the SKywalker Saga then on the blue carpet Kath Kennedy declares that oh maybe we're not done with the Skywalkers yet... milk milk

    63. Duck


    64. J P

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a> I love how he uses Leias theme

    65. Avery the Cuban-American

      Star Wars won’t be the same without John

    66. Hugo

      The first light saber duel "duel of the fates" much better than this. Disapointed. This trilogy had the worst lightsaber duel for all movies, period

    67. ctgstudios421

      Three bests moments in the entire sequel trilogy came from this movie 1) Luke lifting the X wing 2) Chewie gets his medal 3) Ben Solo turning good in the same place as Vader, then usings Han’s blaster then helping Rey

      1. Der Judenpharao

        @Daniel Bollinger No its a DL44 but youre right is some random DL44

      2. That Guy That EVERYBODY Hates!

        Disagree. Chewie getting a medal felt like the type of fan service you add to a movie in the last couple of hours. The Kylo/Rey vs KoR/Sovereign Guards and Kylo killing Snoke were much better moments to me.

      3. Anakin Skywalker

        Adrian Q chewie never got a medal in ANH

      4. Braden Lynn

        @ctgstudios421 lmao

      5. ctgstudios421

        Braden Lynn Uuuuuhhhh sorry but 2/3 of those are some of the worst, most botched moments in the trilogy. Except number 3. The throne room was honestly so bad and rushed and it killed Snoke which forced Episode 9 to be all over the place with Palpatines return. And the choreography... horrible tbh. Then Luke vs Kylo?? Really? What about that is special? It’s a 3 minute standoff where they kinda just yell at each other. Luke should’ve been there and they should actually had a duel. It was very underwhelming.

    68. THM-Films

      For all the people saying this track is weak it’s not really. The final duel in this film barely uses any music which adds to the intensity of the fight. The beginning section of this piece is used towards the end of the duel. Duel of Fates would not have worked at all in this scene and once you see the film you will see why.

      1. Peterthesneakybastard

        While I agree that dual of fates wouldn’t have worked that doesn’t mean there couldn’t have been better. It’s not this score is bad. It’s actually pretty good. It’s just disappointing in comparison to the legendary John Williams.

      2. Brians View

        Actually I felt this among all scenes needed an epic piece of music

      3. Snoke's Missing Hairpiece

        @Stratowind why does every lightsaber duel need memorable music?

      4. Snoke's Missing Hairpiece

        @Just 1 yep

      5. Just 1

        This is the part on the Death Star right?

    69. Ella Golisz

      Leias death after Carrie fishers for whatever reason it is makes me so sad... Im still happy they included ahsoka

      1. Eohll

        @Paweł Leśko which is mostly as an force ghost.

      2. Ella Golisz

        @Nim777YT in the movie you cN hear her saying Rey and sth about the light side. It's not much but it works

      3. Paweł Leśko

        @Nim777YT One of the voices talking to Rey.

      4. Nim777YT

        Ahsoka? Where?

    70. Adair Sheppard


    71. Armando Garcia

      Guys understand, the music could not be otherwise because of the context of the scene. John Williams has to stick to what he has on screen and Duel of the fates did not match

      1. Adam Leg

        @Jack Stuhley That would be very cheap move.

      2. Jack Stuhley

        Battle of the Heroes actually fits really well with the scene.

      3. 0% Steam

        ok but nevertheless the music is still amazing( as for screenwise their was nothing epic to work with)

    72. The Supreme Leader

      I am all the sith !

    73. Brandon Donato

      Sheev Palpatine... Galactic Emperor -Utterly Defeated... DEAD

      1. Thrawn


    74. The Real T

      Leia’s theme jesus, big tears

    75. Sahidur Rahman

      This one was used when Rey fights Palpatine I seen the movie yesterday really good

      1. Babu Frik

        Yh definitely was...

      2. Andoni Borbor

        How about lightsaber flights?:/

    76. Rafael Ferreiro

      Hey kid...

      1. Patrick Gogan

        Dad... I know...

      2. Andre Marek

        Hey kiddo...

      3. NinjaEfor YTッ

        I know what I have to do but i don't know if I have the strength to do it

      4. Mr Quaker

        -Your son is dead -No... Kylo Ren Is dead

      5. JoMotion Studios

        Rafael Ferreiro I know what I have to do

    77. Star Wars Story

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> Reminds me of Padme's Funeral....

      1. general grievous

        oh yes that episode

      2. Salmon

        i think it plays at han talking to kylo it also plays when kylo dies at the end i think its like kylo's "redemption" theme

      3. superdiskboi

        0:45 from this bit to 1:15 it sounds like what Basil Poledouris would compose

      4. Piras jean fred

        But this is not in the movie... It's cut

      5. MrHPsauce01

        And Qui-Gons funeral, which is the same theme, which all comes from the music when Yoda dies in Empire. All connected

    78. Astronomical

      I love John Williams but this score doesn’t move me like the other trilogies

      1. CoccoBelloYTP

        @Eye_Patch_Pirate I said this about TLJ only. But there are 2 or 3 crazy good tracks in there, too. About episode IX though.. when he chose THAT theme, he did absolutely GREAT. I just wish I could hear it here

      2. Eye_Patch_Pirate

        I've hearing people say this since Empire. :P

    79. Ryan Nicholson

      Where is the music which plays when Ben solo comes to exgol and shoots down some bad guys with his gun? Please tell me it's like a more heroic and happier version of the kylo ren theme id be very greatful if someone told me

      1. Fletch

        If you type in 'light side kylo ren suite' on yt there's a video where someone cut all the ben solo themes together. The actual theme is on an unreleased track called 'parents'

      2. Yo Lo

        Ryan Nicholson

      3. it's a.c.e-pop

        Ben using a blaster reminded me of Han Solo, i feel like if we could see more of his real personality he would have been much like his dad

      4. Peter Xiong

        Its on the FYC soundtrack. I found it here

      5. Edward Harman

        Its a modified version of the Kylo Ren theme, I think in a major key with a slight modification to the melody. though Im no music expert.

    80. sinister is random

      Thanks for the music Disney takes no credit they don't deserve it with a bitch who controls Lucasfilms hence why we are gonna be emotionless to the ros movie booing it instead of praising it for being total crap