Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm

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    Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota. Look for his book "Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Deadly Germs" for more info.


    1. Cathal Ó Braonáin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> "480,000 deaths." So not nearly as bad as the first five years of yanktions you fuckers had on Iraq in the 90's when as many as 576,000 children under 5 may have died. And which your democratically elected leaders thought was "worth it". A plague on all your houses!

    2. ecdctechmma

      joe rogan believes all the sauna bull shit pseudo science

    3. Cathal Ó Braonáin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1259">20:59</a> Huh?

    4. Brandon

      Recent reports are informing citizens that new york aren't testing for Covid 19 unless you need hospital treatment

    5. Dennis Ortega

      1918 Spanish flu patients that were outside recovered faster and easier. Vitamin D, SUNLIGHT

    6. gabe rybicki

      If you voted for trump then this is your fault


      Chronic wasting disease does in fact elk so either he’s wrong or the CDC is wrong

    8. Philly Stinson

      IMHO . . . He spoke a lot of BS. OF COURSE MASKS HELP. We always knew this.

    9. warequalsnofuture

      WHO THE FUCK is watching this propaganda? 13,7 Million dumbfucks who believe in the "alternative" Disinfo-Lie?!

    10. JAGWAH66

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1238">20:38</a> You mean YOU couldn't. Underestimating Melanated people is what is killing the global European. CAN'T WAIT!!

    11. Marc Gambone

      Is it possible that the world governments were purposely slow to act ? Population control?

    12. Marc Gambone

      Joe exotic president Joe rogan vice president Joey Diaz top adviser

    13. Malhether

      High dose super vaccine... I think I'll give that one a miss!

    14. I Wanna Talk To Sampson

      You notice how every idea he had about eradicating the virus was I think, or we think? It's all an ASSumption. He's trying to make an "educated guess" on what will be this, or that. When this is all over and it's proven to be no more than a slightly pumped up version of the normal flu, all you paranoid mother fuckers are going to be back peddling. This alone is going to have us quarantined for probably a year. Watch what happens to the economy in that period of time.Talk about being totally fucked over something we basically encounter all the time. This will go down as one of the biggest things the government has done to us and been like "gotcha, bitch.". If it was as bad as they say it is, we would be on permanent lock down. We're talking about full blown martial law. Honestly, we are VERY close to martial law right now, and it's because of something that is VERY similar to the flu. Taking your freedom away, one second at a time.

    15. SuperCilios

      I think this doc is talking shit..the covid is man-made and is intentionally let lose

    16. Radius


    17. Chrysalis

      STOP 👏 EATING 👏 F**KING 👏 MEAT 👏. And these viruses wouldn’t be such a problem! 🌱🌎 ☮️

    18. stefan S

      1.16 lime disease vaccine, so there is a problem with vaccins.

    19. snap patruce

      “Mother Nature does it so much better than we could ever do it.” I doubt that.

    20. Praha Mama

      Hm, sustainable Mega Cities Agenda 2030, What a fantastic idea..... No wet market ( Oh , no ) but cardboard food, . All 2/3 America Hopefully Tasty Italian food markets ..... No Mega cities And tasteless architecture No Rude Kids in schools, Or other jobs. Like Nasty hyena good Vibes . We will come tru, Think the 20 century All the genocides, ww1-2 .... I see light on the end.....even if i be not here any more ❤️🇺🇸🎺😘

    21. KELZ FAM

      As a healthcare worker, I am given one N95 mask and told to use it until it cannot be worn anymore!?!? WTF does that mean!!!

    22. KELZ FAM

      This is a man made virus created by scientists in Wuhan China over 40 years was just when were they going to release it on the world. Now we depend on the only manufactuer of the N95 mask, which is in Wuhan China....Wow!! We just now realize the US doesnt manufacture masks to protect us...

    23. Matt Henneberry

      Thank you for having an informed and interesting person directly in the field to give us straight info. You're THE MAN JOE

    24. LSC I Tube

      So neglecting & abandoning Puerto Rico relief efforts came back to bite us all in the butt ?

    25. Jenn Clark

      Beginning? This started back in November or December of 2019. Today is April 2nd and measures to stop the spread did not start until 2 weeks ago???

      1. Memes Aren't Funny

        Your comment isn't clear but if youre asking why it didn't get more traction earlier its because in nov-dec the FIRST people got infected in china from the meat market stall, that's not detectable, people have no right to be upset about them not seeing it even for weeks after that. However then the Chinese government tried to cover it up for weeks after that to avoid embarrassment/financial woes. Between that and the WHO we really had no way of doing anything or knowing until trumps end of January travel ban. That is widely considered to be the first measure to stop the spread, and was two full months ago not two weeks. That all being said, yes this is just the start because it will last for several more months. So not sure what youre talking about?

    26. wnnalis cioov

      I love how excited this man gets when Jamie pulls up the articles...He really loves his job...

    27. Joshua D

    28. Xavier Andres

      The information here is invaluable Thank you Joe, for thinking about someone like Mr. Osterholm to be on your podcast. And thank Mr. Osterholm for accepting the invitation.

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Event 201 what a coincidence all this was practiced just before it happened for real

    29. JOHN Waynne

      The ones that have gotten covid-19, and they pass away. Can the family sue WUHAN, CHINA 4 creating and infecting ppl???

    30. RNAUGH100

      43.20 - he claims handwashing is almost useless 45.00 - he class regular masks are useless Little does he know, he influenced public understanding of this which is now considered misinformation. Oh dear

    31. P D

      I suggest people watch this and educate themselves.

    32. Greg Thompson

      This was the same type of "expert" knowledge used just barely a decade ago about the swine flu. Predicted massive healthcare problems and deaths. Same hygiene instructions. Total shutdown is the only difference now vs. then. There are so many other highly respected experts with 30 plus years experience apiece that are saying the data does not support the scare tactics and shutdown. The con is always who are you going to believe?

    33. Ekc920

      Look up Dr Andy Kaufman, Dr Rashid battar, Rfb, Rfb2, crrow777, a plane truth , high impact vlogs, for more accurate on this plandemic

    34. Ekc920

      I've only read through about 50 comments but I haven't seen any1 mention Dr Andy Kaufman or Dr Rashid battar or other md's say viruses aren't alive and can't be spread p2p. Or empty hospitals when the news was saying they were packed for testing and the nurses don't even no anyone with covid. My understanding is viruses only spread by being injected into the bloodstream via vaccines or, let's say, gen mod mosquitoes

    35. Yooper eh?

      “Masks don’t work”. Lies.

    36. Brent Tanner

      Load of bullshit. Read what Fauci posted in medical journal....a "mild" disease.

    37. Aurel of SurrealityDesign

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>:00; they talk about the Spice Melange.

    38. Margi Noser

      Piece of shit - Devil-puppet - get the hell out of here - a.s.a.p. HELL oooooooooooo...You Can Only Get a Virus from Vaccine Injections!!!

    39. J J

      News flash if this virus kills 3 million people that would be less then 1% of the population. 400 k people is 1/7 of 1%

    40. Victor Gomes

      joe "jamie will pull that up" rogan

    41. J J


      1. luv 2m8

        EXACTLY! No one does any research for themselves, just believe whatever someone tells them. Where are all the funerals? Obituaries? Why hasn't the mainstream media interviewed anyone, not one story from devastated family? Does anyone know anyone that has it? Does anyone know anyone that knows anyone that knows anyone? More people die from the yearly flu but TV didn't tell you so you have no clue! FYI there are 1000's of people dying every year all the time! WAKE UP! Just a HOAX to bring in ONE WORLD ORDER, LOCKED DOWN (a prison term) all remaining rights, freedom gone forever. Investigate everything you hear! STOP believing whatever you're told! OOPS too late you're already an enslaved prisoner now!

    42. wailingbear good cwd info if your interested.

    43. Dave Mayton

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3409">56:49</a> Most vaccines are just temporary bandaids for a deeper issue, even if they do save lives. About 60 percent of all human diseases and 75 percent of all emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic (from animals). Most human infections with zoonoses come from livestock and/or their feces, including pigs, chickens, cattle, goats, sheep and camels. Tuberculosis, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Spanish Flu, SARS, MERS, The Black Death, H1N1, Anthrax, Ebola, The Bubonic Plague, Salmonella, Measles, Small Pox, Chicken Pox, Polio, Asian Flu, HIV... Every one of these was caused from animal agriculture and consumption.While I'm on the topic, I may as well mention microbes here. Your body alone contains ten TRILLION microbes. Most are useful and friendly, some are not. Your immune system has difficulty fighting off those which it has never encountered before, and those type of microbes are increasing on a planetary scale in both numbers and mutation varieties. The microbes in any creatures body aren't distributed evenly though. The vast majority are in fetal matter, which we now have flowing rivers of and spray generously over the ground and aerosolize. We are one microbe mutation away from utter decimation.

    44. Teresa BarnesMatych

      It’s the 5G Friends! He says it “acts” like it’s infectious! Don’t trust what you see or hear,they are lying! Check out Guidance 2222, Teresa BarnesMatych on YT!

    45. BigMelonHead1

      I leave in Minnesota can confirm winters are not getting warmer

    46. Johnny Johnson

      Did he say the Walton family was funding his research?

    47. Dave Mayton

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2771">46:11</a> Hospitals CAN'T stockpile necessary items because they are taxed on any surplus they carry. Taxation again incentives wrong behavior.

    48. Kurt Adamson


    49. Amandeep Mann

      and who was the main culprit...that 1% who maximized their profit by moving all the production to China..but who objected or we even cannot...

    50. A JR

      This old man was told what to say,

      1. Bruce Hauge

        Get your head out of year ass. He's been reseaching over 40 years and knows what he's talking about. He doesn't need anyone to tell him what to say.

    51. Cyrus III%

      Its all bullshit!! WAKE UP!!! all Americans!!!!Its Alllllllll bullshit… LISTEN UP!!! …Just give me 10,000 good awake men that are ready to fight and I/we can kick off a civil war!!! A war for true freedom!!! ...A war for the people by the people....Aaaand i know!!! Many many more strong awakened men will fall into the ranks!!! with 100s of thousands to follow!!! and i know i know most military MEN and WOMEN will join the cause...Well burn down the white house and do away with the 1%!!!! AND ALL PAST & CURRENT POLITICIANS!!! Then we start a new white house! a new country! a new united states! a new government based on the Deceleration of Independents …By the people for the people and help the masses that are hungry, poor and sickly! Do away with todays tax system!! and nonsense bills!!! do away with fossil fue!!! and use hemp to create oils, fuels and medicine!! Can you dig it!!....There is way way for all Americans to prosper!!We just need to FIGHT!! its my right!!!, OUuuuUR RIGHT!!! OUR DUTY to protect America from the outside threats AND FROM THE INSIDE CORRUPT FUCKED MUPPET POLITICIANS!!!.... DONT LISTEN TO YOUR TV!!! .....DONT EXCEPT A GOV HANDOUT OR VACCINE --STAND UP, HAVE SOME BALLS AND FIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!AMERICA IS MY COUNTRY!!! OUuuuuUR COUNTRY!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!! Can you dig it!!! I said….CAAAAN YOOOOOOUUUU DIIIIIIIG IIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!

    52. J Corona

      Which state had a better response? Which country did better? W/the how,where,when...etc.

    53. Shawn Berry

      C'mon Joe watch this video

    54. sb50ct

      Mr. Osterholm basically said COVID-19 travels through and is transmitted easily through the air, and that washing hands and wearing masks, while better than nothing, is more of a "makes you feel like you're doing something" task and not effective enough to protect you from the virus. As he puts it, "just breathing" is the mode of transmission. And here I am today, weeks later, reading on major news sites that officials now think it is easier to transmit then originally thought, like through the air. For 3.5 weeks I have seen our government talking into the same microphone, in the same room, breathing right next to each other, telling people to wash their hands and talking about masks. Where is the disconnect!? Or did Michael just guess and manage to be right? Seems like he saw things crystal clear weeks ago. Loved his straight talk and not sugar coating everything! Bring him back again in a few months so we can get an accurate idea of where we stand in this nightmare! I knew nothing of this man a month ago but believed everything he said at the time, and especially do now.

    55. Sukh Degun

      We've been here before haven't we. When are we going to learn???

    56. rmauersr

      If true that the virus does not like hot weather, I wonder if putting clothing or masks that may have been exposed into a clothes dryer would help. Has anyone read any discussion about this? Time in the clothes dryer?

    57. Karla Bramon

      Joe and the sauna issue 😂

    58. chris neube

      This virus should be a wake-up call to everyone about being prepared for disasters.

      1. Nurse Dan

        it might be more.

    59. George Reynolds

      Coronavirus might be natural, but it could have been discovered and released by the ChiComs. The timing is too convenient. I believe it is a bioweapon attack.

    60. Edi Fišer


    61. CrossFit Hammerschmiede

      It's so obvious that JR uses Probiotics and wants the doc to justify it! Great interview though, as always.

    62. clyde b

      Nature has its own balancing agenda. We dont except death myself included. Mine. What happens when we save the world Only 2 lbs fit in a 1 lb bag.

    63. clyde b

      The dems had all energy focused towards bullshit impeachment, remember. It definitely played a role.

      1. stream2watch

        You are clutching at straws now. "Definitely played a role" is not an argument.

    64. spenzenpoek

      This was a quick 90 minutes. Very interesting topics. Thanks!

    65. Kevin Ellis

      Heat melts fat. The Sauna is effective in melting the outer layer of any virus. The Doctor was correct it will not kill it but it will weaken it. Also a virus is not a living thing. You can’t kill something that is not living, since the virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule. if you read John Hopkins University’s on COVID 19 they clearly state that is why you wash your hands in warm water 77 degrees Fahrenheit Soooo This contradicts John Hopkins University infectious diseases statement. Get Eddie Bravo on that task It seems like a Public Relations attempt to control the narrative The doctor is a consultant to W.H.O. and a member of CFR. Great podcast keep up the great work Joe and I wish this was a dream. I hope you all health and happiness

    66. D Volsung

      Joe was cut deep when he was told that saunas arent killing viruses and are not boosting shit. He was shook and just couldnt let it go lol .

    67. milk mon

      Go listen to the highwire they got the facts down . No fear mongering

    68. YourHeinness

      Now commenting on the 2nd of April! How low are we going to go ? And how vulnerable are the USA going to be? Now heard of aircrafts carriers having to turn back to a base because there are staff infected with this bad boy! These are humongous cities on the water patrolling the oceans and keeping other naughty nations from misbehaving! If we loose even a third of them all hell might break loose! Are we ready for the Third World War yet? And what has been the predictions on this? Because we know how naughty the Chinese and Russians want to be!


      Fucking bullshit...fucking bullshit Next year flu catches man.


      Why your wifes boyfriend tells you to stay at home...

    71. Carlos Nunes

      The good thing about coronavirus is that all other diseases stop killing. Good job Bill Gates.

    72. Glenn D

      13 MILLION VIEWS !!! 🤙🏽

    73. Rick D

      Too bad our leaders didn’t listen to this guy sooner!

    74. okow tina

      " Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either" Albert Einstein

    75. Eric Hoel

      I'd love to hear an update from Michael. Dr. Dave Price from N.Y. City frontlines is saying that it is PRIMARILY transferred from hand to face. The straight talk is super helpful. The data keeps changing though. Thanks, Joe, for all that you bring to our society through your interviews.

    76. Van Allen

      Your performance on Tucker Carlson’s show was a true actor’s job. Your demeanor and temperament here would have better served the viewing American public.

      1. Bruce Hauge

        That was 3 weeks later dude. I don't think he could have imagined chump and is cabinet could possibly be this incompetent since this interview and continues to botch this big time.

      2. okow tina


    77. Neverwinter27

      Make another video of this, keep people informed please

    78. Cisco Cabs

      Joe " I have my serious face on for this one " Rogan

    79. Shane Tipton


    80. Paul Carter

      If I had a sauna or the equivalent to ( which is right now, my other half throwing the central heating in full beam) I'd be trying to legitimise the health benefits of it against COVID19. But right nowour house is like a mossy rock on the shittiest , most humid beach you've ever a Petri dish from Wuhan