Jake Paul Defeats AnEsonGib Via First-Round Stoppage



8 mio. ogledi23 189

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    Objavljeno Pred 24 dnevi


    1. Indo Smoke

      He took out Millhouse 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Gag tea


    3. Jeff Prez

      Anyone here after wilder lost

    4. Sameer Ibrahimi

      6:19 who else heard that “piff” sound when jake hit gib

    5. Ati Gaming

      JJ in background

    6. Irham Baihaqi

      Who vote for jake paul leave a like

    7. Thomas Pleasants

      What's up guys I didn't feel this but I wanted to tell you guys but I love my house yesterday

    8. Fletcher RBX

      Dang gib was spamming crouch so much that I thought he’d get the sticky keys notification

    9. Joseph Le

      3:29 Gib trying to look intimidating.

    10. le mattzoR

      I feel unconfortable watching this, i think this is disrespecting to real fighters.

      1. huttio srreu

        I did not know jake had a tattoo

    11. thinkbeforeyou speak

      this jake guy looks his a natural boxer nicely done

    12. Zgan

      What is the background music? 8:28

      1. huttio srreu

        hi ksi

    13. Joseph Vernon

      Gib’s strategy: Dodge Duck Dive Dip & Dodge

    14. The Swede

      Next One iron Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul make it happen

    15. Jalil Khan

      4:18 Logan Paul vs KSI

    16. Jason Bolanos

      Jake why do your teeth on top have colors

    17. su tart

      well,he won cuz he had gib had duck locked

    18. Unknown Blue Kid

      For all those wondering the song played on the background after Jakes win is 'Aqua' by BabyBoySlime.

      1. Superboy Gaming and Vlogs 5

        Agua not Aqua

      2. Stanley Adams

        Thanks dude

      3. MASTER ISH

        Wow thanks i spent so long looking for the song

    19. Nba Clips

      What tf is up with the announcers hair

    20. Bronx jayce

      Okay who's the ring lady on the left like frfr

    21. Vivian Turcios

      Gibs trainer: what you wanna do? Gib:squads Gibs trainer:what else? Gib: squads!!!!

      1. dueeh nyyu

        He was spamming crouch so much I thought he’d activate sticky keys

    22. Rupiqz on IG

      sorry but Jake would lose to Ksi

    23. Amir Hamssa

      I feel scammed and I didn't even pay for the fight

    24. cosmicYT

      hi ksi

    25. Flame.k’s Fire life

      I did not know jake had a tattoo

      1. huttio srreu

        Is it joke?

    26. B Bracken

      This is sad.

    27. R patel

      You know how mini Jake Paul was there you maybe learned from Jake 🤚

      1. huttio srreu

        Waste the energy.

    28. John Wilks

      Who is Gib?

    29. JEED O


    30. Rak_45

      Gib was teabaging the whole time.

    31. JamVlogs

      Gib makes me appreciate deji a little bit more

      1. MCC Vlogs


    32. I’m Chayz

      Do you guys know the the victory song that was in the background of jakes victory

    33. Jocelin Martinez

      My Jake Paul we all love Jake 1...2...3...JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE 😃😃🙂🙂

      1. roouit patan

        Is KSI vs JP confirmed?

    34. Jose_xForward

      This was longer than the fight 😂😂

    35. Dalton Loch

      End the fight when he knocks him out smh. Their boxing rules are wack

    36. how to properly clean your plastic computer

      He was spamming crouch so much I thought he’d activate sticky keys

    37. YFXGT

      Jake looks like maroon 5

    38. Sameer Ibrahimi

      Why is he still crouching when Jake isn’t even touching him?

    39. Christopher R

      Thought the ring announcer was gona pull out a dubbi (blunt) while announcing the fighters 🤣🤣

    40. Hesekiel Martin

      Waste the energy.

      1. MCC Vlogs

        @roouit patan I honestly think Jake would demolish him 🤣

      2. roouit patan

        Jake won’t beat KSI.

    41. Hesekiel Martin

      Is it joke?

    42. I’m Chayz

      What’s the victory music in background

      1. I’m Chayz

        For Jake Paul when he won the fight

      2. roouit patan

        My man gibs did the Mongraal classic

    43. PedropedroLA Medina


    44. Elliott Cook

      Gib hit shift way too many times

    45. Kenneth Turknett

      Jo jake paul

    46. Hugo Plejer

      Is KSI vs JP confirmed?

    47. Jaideep Abraham

      I watched "GOING BROKE" (AB diss track) For 12 hours straight... Click on the pic to watch

      1. vinasu maaj

        Jake is better

    48. FnafBonnieFan

      Can people give gib a break like jeez.

      1. MCC Vlogs

        If Jake were the to lose, would you give him a break? No you wouldn't, so why should we give Gib a break?

    49. Tyshawn Taylor

      9:07 the moment when u realize u proved everyone wrong 💯

    50. Rik Gissel

      *_”This man has got legs and he is white”_* - *Shannon Briggs, 2019.* So Shannon was right all along. You do need legs when you box.

    51. Reactedgaming 341

      Ksi: fine I’ll do it myself

      1. Aaron Varkey

        Hope ksi get killed by jake.

    52. Mike Mozeak

      Anyone know the song playing after he wins??

      1. dueeh nyyu

        1:58 after I put salt on my eggs

    53. Xecrolt


    54. Xecrolt

      *R E N G S A Y E E D*

      1. dueeh nyyu


    55. TRUE CRAZY

      My man gibs did the Mongraal classic

    56. rxh

      Jake won’t beat KSI.

      1. rxh

        Indefatigable Boy he’s not 😂 everyone said Logan was better than KSI. How did that end?

      2. Indefatigable Boy

        rxh are you demented? Viddal Riley and the Mayweather Gym said Jake is better than Logan

      3. rxh

        Indefatigable Boy he won’t. Jake is not better than Logan. KSI will beat him as long as he continues to train the way he does.

      4. Indefatigable Boy

        rxh he will

    57. LovePugs4Life

      I think gib got sticky keys

    58. Pyro

      Most likely gonna get some serious hate. People are gonna call me a Jake Pauler when I'm not. Jake pulled it off against Gib when everyone doubted him, I'm not gonna be seriously doubting if Jake can beat KSI. Not saying he will but, I feel it may be an equal chance here

    59. MRBoss Gamer27

      What’s that song playing in the celebration

    60. Lol Kid

      NDL NIKO

      1. huttio srreu

        I’m in Saudi