Jack Black Plays BASS?



2,2 mio. ogledi125

    Unbelievable news in this episode of SDAIAY. SLAP LIKE.
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    1. Davie504

      *i like bass*

      1. jason compton

        Sell all basses, buy one epic bass.

      2. Gobsito

        I'm Brazilian hehe boy

      3. Bimo Aryoputra

        Me too

      4. Christos Polymeropoulos


      5. Surusuru Kun-kan

        I'd like to play one :'v

    2. Silvano Crisótomo

      JB Groovador!!!

    3. Ancient Watchman

      I wonder if people actually talk to David504 during THERAPY TIME? 😂

    4. Damir Stantić

      do you have any videos where you actually play the base for more then 20 seconds?

    5. Mike Simpson

      You would have made a great comedian, especially in the 70's. Your weird, funny, and in tune with your silly side. SLAP> Epic

    6. UglyDolls Buddies

      Davie, your SDAIAY videos look great! I SLAP-LIKED you now!

    7. Richard Chikosi

      Even though wasn't saying anything I really felt heard by Davie. Thanks Davie504. I SLAP LIKE NOW

    8. 509g1

      Looks like he doesn't sleep. Slap ur fucking balls. He sounds like the 10 minutes later voice. Just play guitar and don't talk

    9. GloryNinja56 XD

      U are so bad... At playing guitar. Dont stop playing 🅱️ A S S

    10. TheD3LAY

      🅱️ASS 🇧🇷

    11. Alysson Pereira

      Davie how to learn English?

    12. mattshiznet silva

      This guy edits with sooooo much effects and he asked to slap like now like 15 times chill


      Cara to tão feliz, consegui entender 90% do que ele disse nesse vídeo

    14. Casey Moo

      I missed the part where Jabels plays bass.....omg

    15. Juan Leach Barral


    16. JR12 Kermit


    17. Dante Giove


    18. Aisling Dennedy

      Is that a bong shaped like a dick in Jack Blacks hands

    19. Dr. Moustache

      Next vid: Davi504 Plays Bass?

    20. AVerySadPuddle


    21. Damian Young

      Davie: im going to us me: OMG

    22. Gustavo Lino

      Vai Júnior s2

    23. Xraid

      mey: lets play guitar deyvie: thats a weri gud idea

    24. Xraid

      I: you cant slap ur noob lmao davE: I noticed LMAO

    25. Some One


    26. Johnny Billings

      Thanks for the therapy I feel better now

    27. Dupage Rock Music School

      Davie ...just checking in. Keep up the slap like now.

    28. Boss Nicksong

      Send some bass on me :)


      @Davie504 you got more than 300k likes in this video. And said that was going to play with a picc. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 💔

    30. Kaden goss

      It seems you need to play with a pick...

    31. Bobby Trujillo

      I just watched this really high, and the therapy time really fucked me up 🤣🤣🤣

    32. Aldrich Villapana


    33. Levent Bayram

      The dooo and davie504 👌 it could so interesting.🤔

    34. Joel the gamer

      300k likes you have to play bass with a pic

    35. King Yakisoba

      I love this guy!

    36. D K

      Play with the pik here 300 k already

    37. Julian Carter

      One more dad, here, revived by the power of BASS after watching your videos. I APPROVE these EPIC videos and SLAPP LIKE them NOW all the time while I SLAPP the BASS. Grazie!

    38. XxAz- GamingxX

      I like bass *Thats not cool* I like guitar *I know you can do it ive been there* WHAT HAPPENED???

    39. Charley 607

      I dont like any pizza

    40. Emperor Buttman

      Therapy Time made me feel better about coronavirus quarantine

    41. Henz_y

      Did anyone else get their sound muted at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="339">5:39</a>?

    42. Nonsensical Jutsu

      We need more therapy time

    43. PH Alves


    44. Diego Ferreira

      Dave assista o vídeo de KLEYTON FARNEY. Mandando um recado para vc no Bass.

    45. Gu 807

      You have no chance with junior groovador NOOB

    46. jorez13

      Jack black is rock god

    47. Knotted Fox

      the therapy session was astonishingly comforting :D

    48. Uhellig Krig

      i'm brazilian and i slapped the like on the beginning of video, before you say "if you're brazilian slap the like now", i'll get some reward? maybe a bass battle against Junior Groovador

    49. Maxime Bouchard-emond

      I challenge davie to try To listen To the bass in "and justice for all

    50. Idk Sa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> I CAN’T-

    51. Lol Rekt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> not gonna lie, they had us in the first, second, third, and fourth part

    52. Samuel Mendes

      Junior bass groovador against Davie504...epic Brasil pride

    53. Joydeep Dutta

      God dammit! The more you watch him the more you become him. I freaking said checkmate to someone today because he wanted to hang out and I didn't. I'm afraid I'm going to soon S L A P P someone.

    54. Abdalla Dajani

      Me during therapy time: I’m thinking of hanging myself Davie: that’s really good idea

    55. Charlie Acosta

      It´s impressive how in the therapy time he answers according with what I´m thinking (sometimes "saying")… It´s the power of BAss!!!

    56. MegaTron1503

      Davie: if you are brazillian... Brazillians: *Rise from the Ground*

    57. 1000 subscribers with no videos L

      Bruh I don’t have a bass but I have a guitar but I want to get a bass

    58. Lucas Pessoa Ribeiro

      Jack Black: Junior Bass Grovadooorrrr Me: Isso aí meu rei, é nois porra!!

    59. Victor Hugo Ferreira

      I didn't even know that Junior played with Jables in a show, thats was awesome

    60. Thyyyyyyyyy

      🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 here!

    61. Micah Jared

      WT M F ???? I love it. Be Easy on me, PLEASE.

    62. AngelLuka

      BR fazendo a festa. xD

    63. Kayleen Lettice


    64. Music Laboratory

      Playing base is good training wheels for a big boy guitar.

    65. Pablo Luan

      David! I challenge you to play Forró! A Brazilian rhythm ! It's so swing

    66. D2p _

      I'm brazillian bass player and I slap like

    67. Unslaad Vokun

      Brazilian slap like coming

    68. Shawn Matheny

      6 million........get on with it already.

    69. Gabriel Gonçalves

      Davie, come to Brazil

    70. Celeste Herrera

      Soy de Argentina no entiendo una chota lo que dice pero igual me da risa mucha risa

    71. KeithTheKreHater

      I love your videos and admire your skills. But you really REALLY need a good glycolic facial soap.

    72. Jamillo Santos

      @Davie504 talking about brazilians bass players, trying finding "Sérgio Groovador". (Can I say EPIC?) He is EPIC. (Can I say checkmate?) CHECKMATE!

    73. MasterReset

      Brazzilian Here!!! Chers

    74. Andres Torrez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> davie without headphones:O before 6m subscribers no need to reveal

    75. Trippy McHippy

      Jack Black = budget Chris Farley.

    76. Alexander Lim

      Does 504 means 5 or 4 string bass?

    77. Colossus OfHate

      I know a girl who's last name is Bass

    78. Matt P

      My little Cousin is named Bass. He’s 4 don’t slap him

    79. #D1ttY Tw1ns

      I was generally talking to my phone in his therapy session and my mum walked in and just walked straight back out again 😂😂

    80. Ivan Rodriguez