It's hard to watch, but I can't look away - Threadripper 3990X

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    With 64 cores and 128 threads, Threadripper has finally dethroned even Intel’s biggest configurations at a price far lower, to boot. Could it be too good to be true?

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    1. Linus Tech Tips

      At 4:23 the table should say AMD Threadripper 3990X has a base clock of 2.9 GHz.

      1. Dash3k

        ok boomer

      2. Andreas Lindhé

        No, I'm pretty sure it has a base clock of "64 cores | 128 threads".

      3. Black Knight Gaming

        You should just edit the video. ( Yes it is possible after uploading)

      4. Kyle Dailyda

        First Name Last Name why

      5. Dan Odden

        Ah yes and my 1600 has a base clock of 6 cores and 12 threads.

    2. Neckbeardicus

      10 years from now people arent even gonna need GPUs lmao

    3. Rosegold Beats


    4. Edmundas Miezelis

      2018: Nvidia introduce ray tracing into RTX gpu 2022:AMD runs ray tracing on cpu

    5. Shrkkng55

      Can we reach 256 cores before 2022?

    6. Iván

      Those ridiculous and childish AMD CPU's names, they lie in every way, spend a lot of money on fake news to reduce the gap between Intel, but yeah well, whatever for the money. AMD doesn't even have information about their own products, what a garbage...

    7. Salt and Vinegar

      they run crysis at 9:20

    8. MXStar189

      what was that he ran after the cinebench?

    9. SHROMP

      I expect Crysis would run better if you loaded the game into a ramdisk

    10. Tushar 2001

      I bet if AMD started making CPUs with more cores they'll beat Radeon Department eventually 😂

    11. Mauricio Dias Ferreira

      that fat guy is so white... wtf

    12. Vincent van Hoven

      Love the intro xD

    13. Jasper Rodriguez

      nahh they just wanna kill some intel ass LMAO

    14. The Unboxing Authority

      Perhaps to make epyc more competitive AMD could allow a few cores on epyc to max at 4.3Ghz for single core apps, and master control processes for parallel compute operations to avoid bottlenecks. I'm not sure what they would call it. 3rd Gen Epyc?

    15. MR RushDush

      I am using the AMD 7 2700 x

    16. Dan B

      Really like your daily content. I used to build all my own desktops, was always a fan of Asus motherboards. So now After probably 15 years of just relying on laptops given to me by employers I want to get back into the game. So I am looking at Ryzen 3950X and an Asus ROG x570. But as i start looking at cases what's with all glass!? i just want a simple white case. preferably aluminum. I really don't want any lights on it.

    17. Johannes_ Died

      A kidney is 262000 dollars so you cold probably trade one for the Xeon platinum.

    18. KTP MOVIE

      5:07 สายถักลายธงชาติไทยรึป่าวว

    19. Rick Powers

      "Should have gone optain..." Use store MI!?!?!

    20. David Petzold

      my 3950x makes 9200 Pionts in r20 . . . no OC! Just NH-D15

    21. Prateek Gupta

      Gonna have Coldfusion do a video on AMD.

    22. Ray-an Traya

      Here in Philippines it's called WR for WalletRipper

    23. Boktorinator

      11:00 Crappy 6700k 1080 Bruh

    24. Chris Santos

      9:50 Quem viu esta informação no canal do Peperaio da um LIKE!

    25. Chris De Wet

      why cant you brdige the gpu with the cpu usage as a dual usage or is that not possible yet?

    26. Antony Zuker

      11:10 saliva dropped to keyboard from the mouth. So disgusting.

    27. Adam Conn

      it was 5 cores away from perfection...

    28. Lee Sea

      What do you guys think of the Terra 15 from Aftershock? I ordered one and I'm waiting for it to be delivered. SPECS: Intel I7-9750H (6 cores, 9th Gen) RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 (MAX Performance Ed.) 16GB DDR4 RAM M.2 1000GB NVME SSD 2TB Hard drive 15.6" 144Hz FHD It has a spare M.2 SSD Bay and RAM slot, so it can potentially support another 1 TB of storage and 16 GB of RAM. The total cost was almost 2800 SGD, and most prebuilt gaming laptops only have a measly 512GB of storage compared to 3TB, while having comparable specs everywhere else at approximately the same price.

    29. John Farda

      can this run calculator ?

    30. SoylentGamer

      Amd fans: "AVX512 isn't supported by anything! It doesn't matter!" Also amd fans: "So what nothing supports this many threads?!?!? that's how technology gets pushed forward!"

    31. rcatank

      was that the $54,000 mac pro that just got ripped? or just the $6000 one?

    32. Reedith Graham

      what ram was used ?

    33. Rafael da Silva


    34. slybunda

      only thing in the video that cant run is the fat guy.

    35. Clarence G

      nice sync with the music 0:48

    36. ZombieBrine1309

      I always test CPUs by testing how many virtual machines it can handle (running windows 10) and stopping it after it reaches its base clock speed in task manager

    37. phuong tran

      But how can the game which run only on GPU graphic driver can render on CPU instead? Even the CPU is strong enough I don't think it can use the CPU to render

    38. Sebastián C

      What are the graphics settings on crysis?

    39. Thomas Progli

      Gamer: "a CPU cannot run Crysis without a GPU" Threadripper 3990X: "hold my beer!"

    40. sieyk

      Watch Ornstein and Smough gush over AMD

    41. RedBlueWhite

      Fuck you Intel. 🖕 Why? Because of processor with 2 cores for 100€ or more. Cheap Intel i5 4460 (4 cores) was about 200€. Today, you can buy Ryzen 7 2700/X for 135/175 with 8 cores and 16 threads. And with that, decent cooler. With intel's CPU? Junk.

    42. Geek Conspiracy 98

      Apple macpro look meh

    43. Valencio Diaz

      Not gonna lie this cpu is one of the perfect cpus for their 6 gamers 1cpu imo

    44. Le TNZ

      Why windows ? ... it's not the benchmarking reference OS anymore

    45. Leonardo Ocaña

      Can anyone link to the video at 12:33 where Riley is an SSD serving files?

    46. david langat

      Nobody: Linus: Nucking Futs.

    47. WiiBox 500

      Does this mean we can finally use 128-bit operating systems?

    48. Arindom

      'Grow up guys.'

    49. Soner Seckiner

      Fat one is very ugly.

    50. Eran Badit

      Fake news. Almost every modern CPU can run Crysis without a GPU. Proof:

    51. suzuki400boi

      Anthony is the James May of LTT

    52. Ferry Kusjanto

      Go to celebes

    53. cordell Hughes

      Everybody always says the most powerful CPU/GPU is overkill then 28 days later...

    54. Энекин Скайуокер

      tell me please. why TDP 280W better then TPD 225W

    55. Yah_ Yeet

      But can it run genesis

    56. BEN ZED

      oO !!!

    57. Sir Brucie

      AMD is clearly out for blood

    58. ATLsF1N3ST91

      Wow, it's only $4000???? What a fucking steal!

    59. lol haha

      wait 5 years and 64 core CPUs will be the ryzen 9 flagship lol

    60. Byron Armstrong's Voice

      @10:20 That's the first time I've heard someone else say Nucking Futz!