If Footballers Did... Love Island!💓🏝️ (Feat Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Zlatan and more)


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    See who wins Football Love Island!
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    1. 442oons

      Would you like to see a Part 2 on Messi? Click ‘i’ to vote!

      1. Ahad Zhobin


      2. Lucas Oliver

        Om Patel i

      3. ID__ItzKyTheKing




      5. SANDY Chahal

        Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    2. Beata Durukan

      Where is OLIVIER GIROUD

    3. Abdulla 2000x

      You put Neymar and Ramos a 8 pack


      442oons Love Island is way better than the actual thing, and I think everyone with an IQ of more than 10 will agree with me

    5. The truth

      Why did you have to do Pepe like that 😭😭

    6. The Barneysaurus

      2:19 Pickford couldn’t reach for the kiss

    7. The Barneysaurus

      1:51 😂😂😂😂

    8. lynx boy

      Why does Harry and raheem got 4 packs Ron has a six pack and Sergio Ramos has a six pack

    9. Alan Walden

      Philema Jones is even more beautiful than Phil himself

    10. Jacob thomas

      He needs to make full episodes of this , this is class !!!!!

    11. Emefa Highly

      But sterling use his manners

    12. bodoy euir

      When Neymar said SHUT UP big nose Thomas Müller started to be sad

    13. Jabari Warigi

      well it was cool but real weird

    14. Jabari Warigi

      what the fuck was that

      1. bodoy euir

        Why did u remove the new vid

    15. Brayden Mower

      0:32 look at bales hand.

    16. diungy alisnr

      They should’ve done it as a series like el apprendiz or im a celebrity

    17. A A l e x an der

      2:06 2:08

    18. Young Fizz

      You should have club ones like Manchester United

      1. diungy alisnr

        What happend to the last 16 vid

    19. Ibrahim Lawal

      Giroud needed to be here

    20. 1000 subs with no videos challenge!!!!!!!!

      1:10 erm because you are in Man City he is in Tottenham

    21. vliduu zeeb

      I’m a man - Cavani 😂

    22. DanGIDK

      Tbh I expected Giroud

      1. mnika voli

        Pin it

    23. Aqua Jellyfish1

      Phil Jones got me dead 😭😂😂😂😂

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Pin it

    24. seeni gzty

      2:25 oof no man should experience this

      1. mnika voli

        RIP 442oons's team hope

    25. William A Alfaro

      Tou should call zlatan pinocchio

    26. Notaxmar #10

      I’m looking better then ever!

      1. seeni gzty

        Neymar has no six pack and messi has one

    27. Arda Aydemir

      why did you delete the last 16 song

    28. Uros Mihajlovic

      why did u remove new vid

    29. Omar Rayyan

      Why did u remove the new vid

    30. jim Yolo

      Why you delete the champion league 16 parody

    31. Im Olivier

      Why did you delete the last 16 song?

    32. Kacperro

      What the hell happend to last 16 song?

    33. Gru Mz

      What happend to the last 16 vid

    34. Muhammad Zain Patel

      Who's come to this vid after he deleated the vid he just made

      1. Prince Opara

        It’s back now ppl

      2. double a 2007

        I havnt even watched it

      3. Swatt 1888

        Yeah idk why

    35. Abbey Gilligan

      Go mosala

    36. ApplejuiceAdam

      They should’ve been woman footballers

    37. MoToMoToHATESYOU

      RIP 442oons's team hope

    38. Mount The Goat

      Pin it

    39. Afonso Carvalho


    40. sc123

      Yes I am the most liked comment on this video.

    41. Callmetekkerz

      Neymar has no six pack and messi has one

    42. Thomas Logue

      One of the love island people: Couple up with someone Zlatan: i'd like to couple up with all of you🤣 0:11

    43. Rob Hollister

      bad as fuck

    44. The MoonManBGk

      Make a video about Man city's ban from the champions league

    45. mnika voli

      This is you 👱🏻‍♂️ 👕 👖 👟👟 one like = one Love

    46. Dragan Lavadinovic

      Jones was anyway me

    47. Anurag Sadhya

      Where's Olivier Giroud when you need him ?

      1. Anurag Sadhya

        @mnika voli Might as well Real do it sooner

      2. mnika voli

        If Liverpool thrash City at home might I suggest “blue mooon has totally been destroyed”

    48. Doctor Savage

      2:16 Not cool man, not cool

    49. Callum Davis

      Imagine calling pepe a flop after yesterday

    50. Tom Krys

      Video on Man City best be coming out soon

    51. SKZ- LeM3c

      A-Z of Pep and Jurgen ?

    52. Waldness Topic International

      Dean make up Champions League last 16 song and Man City banned from Uefa 2 years: Every football club reaction please 442oons!!!!

    53. Zak Cousins

      Make a predator vs sergio Ramos

    54. qopoy dnon

      2:25 oof no man should experience this

    55. Autumn Jarvis

      Corse it’s phill

    56. Autumn Jarvis

      Ronaldos man bun

      1. qopoy dnon

        Then the FIFA president would commit suicide... (dark humor)

    57. Captain Kitosh


    58. afutla qian

      I've always wondered are the vegans in the real world eating meat in Minecraft

    59. Mt Footie-Freak

      Who's here after Caroline Flack died?

    60. TheActual5000

      Weird as the host killed herself after

      1. afutla qian

        Hey Messi what about Thiago Messi