I went to RUSSIA just to play this song...



5 mio. ogledi278

    I went all the way to Russia (Moscow) just to play these songs...
    Can you guess them all? Leave a comment NOW
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    1. Davie504

      Forgot to bring my *Сука* *блять* t-shirt... maybe next time... *SLAP* *LIKE* *NOW*

      1. MARVEL Битва чемпионов вася

        Ну чё нормально

      2. Brazilian Top


      3. Surime

        Пэздец Нахой блэт

      4. Dude Channel

        Русские тут

      5. GoalieJoe59


    2. Probasket

      Хорош брат!Бля от души!

    3. Hasan Bütün

      Slav time with BASS

    4. shUYer


    5. Chimicamente Irragionevole

      This video is EPIC....

    6. Allmost the FrostTea 0

      Well i didn't thought that he'll play rasputin

    7. FIRST

      What about the Ukraine?

    8. hunterrra

      Slap like Slav

    9. ослинкин пранк

      блины агонь

    10. Vibrant Disaster

      *_Impressive But Can You Play Outsider Now?_* *_Checkmate!_*

    11. KidKat RBLX

      Bassist: Italian Country: Russia Wears: Adidas Identity: True spy

    12. blosterxhid

      play bi*** lasagna in sweden


      То чувство когда прогуливаясь по москве ты попал в видео итальянского музыканта

    14. iFroasty


    15. OhYeahItsMax Maximilium

      rasputin is *epic*

    16. Loli Police

      Slavik vibes*

    17. Thế Nguyễn Khắc

      it's more like SLAV LIKE NOW

    18. Di Wang

      So after 8 months and still nobody else noticed his Adidas outfit?

    19. helen allordenaag48

      Very empressive but can you play megalovania while fighting sans

    20. tree !

      There is mass credit card scams going on when you use your card the employee's are writing down your number and giving it to friends and shopping online on your card

    21. b r u h

      I know it’s overdubbed but I’m not mad the travel bass quality is 🤢

    22. Fernando Cañada

      Soviet Anthem is the best one around the world! Commy bassists of the world.. United! Communist Bassist Manifesto!

    23. Fernando Cañada

      Glory to Russia! Glory to Red Army! Glory to Soviet Union! I love Communism and Bass!

    24. MEGAREEF 8

      Very impressive but can you play Christian memes in Israel?

    25. rohan shah

      tetris rasputin and idk


      Похож на Выборгского гопаря



    28. Ēriks Balodis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> smile reveal

    29. GELO ICE

      Very2 impressive... But after eliminating COVID 19, can you play Hey Barbara(by IV of Spades) in the Philippines?

    30. Voxx

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> got me

    31. Ivan Lapshenkov

      Да ну! Серьезно?) Великолепно!!!

    32. axel z

      this is EPICCC

    33. LukeTheGreek


    34. Julio Centeno

      Ra ra rasputin

    35. Дмитрий Цымлов

      Хороооооош coooooooool

    36. Zetong (Frank) Fang

      As soon as I saw The title I knew that it was going to be about the National Anthem of Mother Russia...

    37. Tony RELaX


    38. Miguel Calvarido

      Very impressive, but can you play Lost in Japan while you’re in Japan?

    39. Mons. Singlert

      Right, right, Davie is bass JoJo.

    40. Faith Flores

      Halo senor o I mean hello man or sir

    41. The Bright Ninja

      Блин, даже итальянцы в России становятся похожими на дагестанских гопников

    42. Liudvik Kom

      Видео получилось весёлым, а главное православным

    43. FlyManGO

      Welcome to Russia

    44. Izzat Iqbal

      Very impressive,but can you meet Jojo's Bizarre Adventures writer Just to play Giorno Giovanna's theme song

    45. Славик Гитарист

      I live in Rossia

    46. Jason Boyd

      loved it thanks you for creating you slapper XD

    47. that memzzEXE


    48. R3TR0 '-'

      Slap if you slav

    49. Montano John

      Very impressive. But can you play the Philippine national anthem in Iloilo,Philippines?

    50. Alex none

      Москва-не Россия!

    51. gozdni joža

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> was that TETRIS ?

    52. Вадим Мозинов

      Вот это зашибись. Чотко.

    53. A cute cat

      Great, now go to Moscow and play Moskau.

    54. breathtidalwave

      Impressive but can you go to the moon and play fly me to the moon?

    55. Darki ТебяВолнуетМояФамилия?

      Бля нахуй, русские рулят,!

    56. Gianfranco Quartaruolo

      Non ti hanno arrestato per disturbo alla quiete pubblica? 😂

    57. TheRealHilmiYT

      Seems the thing that i would do.......if I’m a success youtuber with 6M subscribers and has a GOD like bass skill

    58. Awesome O

      Rasputin But Korobeinekei Is Played

    59. Emerson Shinnick

      All the slavaboos in the comments 🤮

    60. Антон Антон

      greetings from Russia

    61. Hi Im Bird

      *Stalin approved*

    62. Vito Babic

      You play your travel bass when you are on a trip

    63. Edo Fox

      this is not russia, i can't see any Vodka

    64. Леон Исмагилов

      Круто, наш пацан)

    65. Dylan Goodrich

      Sooo. Did you drink it?

    66. Ryan Cazorla

      Epic 00.47

    67. Xiack Diane Catipon

      Weak fly to the Philippines more epic

    68. Mandalore The Ultimate

      On those Russians

    69. h2potter

      Davie, huge fan here. Me the LIKE slapper, ohh, SLAP! I DARE you to go to Romania and play Ciocârlia!

    70. Vincenzo Palumbo

      So impressive... but can you go Rome and play Mameli’s anthem?

    71. err1ckhyperZ

      imagine how much he'd spent just on plane tickets to play songs all around the world... THE DEDICATION

    72. Moll Diyar

      Row row rasputin

    73. Km24 fit

      Slavs. Slap like now

    74. _ MARSHALL_

      Hi, I am from Russia, сука блять.

    75. Fuck Off

      Legend says, at davie504 is still playing bass in russia

    76. GD Galatune

      i t s *o* *u* *r* b a s s n o w

    77. AlexMacX

      You could travel all around the world and still look like you were born there

    78. Luiggi Salvidar


    79. Darla Miller

      Wow 10 out of 10 i love Russia but dont ask him to go to chernoble

    80. sona zen

      То чувство когда ты из России