I went to WEST VIRGINIA just to play this song...



2,4 mio. ogledi65

    I went all the way to West Virginia in the US, just to play this song...
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    1. Davie504

      Country roads...

      1. Big Chungus

        west virGINia

      2. Baldman Joe

        Very Impressive but can you play Rocketman on a Rocket?

      3. DASK8 TV

        Come to my country jakarta, indonesia please. :) orang indonesia like yang setuju.

      4. SquidTree


      5. Boo Guys


    2. watercups

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> is truly one of the most unforgettable icon of West Virginia

    3. Czeckered Past

      I bet you wont play "Oklahoma" in Oklahoma.

    4. ShrillWizard

      Like I wanna make a joke about this but....it’s pretty damn amazing

    5. Comerade Zakaria

      R.I.P Merlin

    6. Amir910

      FALLOUT 76

    7. zac hamilton

      Can someone tell me where to find this in tab?

    8. therandom_ guy

      When I realized I stood in the same spot as Davie 504 BIG PEEPEE

    9. that memzzEXE

      Just beautiful

    10. keep calm and panic at the disco

      Very Impressive, but can you play "Demons" while being in hell?

    11. Shinobu Koucho

      Lmao 69 MPH

    12. Master Ryan

      Next video: I went to Philippines just to play this song

    13. h2potter

      Davie, huge fan here. Me the LIKE slapper, ohh, SLAP! I DARE you to go to Romania and play Ciocârlia!

    14. Jesse Mamuraja Tamijs (L) XI.MIA.4

      1k dislikes are from east virginia

    15. Neel

      I just learned that it's actually one of four state songs of West Virginia.

    16. Audrei Arguelles

      the 1k dislikes are from east virginia

    17. Adrian Jovanović

      Very inpresive now go to island to play We are number 1

    18. Samuel Collins

      Very impressive, but can you play AC/DC with a lightning bolt?

    19. EM7207

      Very impressive, but can you play The Pain is Right Here in Indonesia

    20. Oliver

      Go to Alabama and play sweet home Alabama

    21. Mario Romero Oz

      Very impressive, but can you play Blinding Lights at Sin City?

    22. Marcos Alvarez

      Very impressive but can you play....... “stairway to heaven” outside a bass store 😤

    23. Marcos Alvarez

      Very impressive but can you play....... “stairway to heaven” outside a bass store 😤

    24. Marcos Alvarez

      Very impressive but can you play....... “stairway to heaven” outside a bass store 😤

    25. Marcos Alvarez

      Please put this on your Spotify! I WOULD LISTEN TO THIS SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN

    26. Hunter Fox

      Hope you enjoyed our beautiful state! You done a great job representing the great state of WV!

    27. Dirt

      R.I.P. Merlin 👋😓

    28. Kevin

      That's fine, but can you play BFG Division on Mars?

    29. my Luna

      i love my state WV

    30. DVAcme

      Very impressive, but can you play "We Didn't Start The Fire"while not starting the fire?

    31. Dragon Daze

      Well can u come Philippines and play sisiwit

    32. Pedro Canova

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> .....

    33. Nukifile - ML

      When a comment makes you go farther.

    34. Besso

      AHAHAHAH che ridere cazzo. Mi ricorda il video di thePruld

    35. Edi Edward


    36. Romania Meme XD


    37. PattuTheRabbit

      play bitch lasagna in lasagna



    39. Charley 607

      Impressive,but can you play hotel calafornia in calafornia?

    40. ef colita

      Very impressive but can you go to the philippines to play maggelan

    41. MaterTCOG

      This is a good tribute to Merlin from kingsman

    42. jriverarox

      6.09M subscribers can't wait for it to be 6.9M

    43. bill lacey

      That speed tho... Slapp approve!

    44. Aaron Z

      Very beautiful video this was my Grandpas favorite song. My dad and uncle were in a band together and whenever Grandpa was in the crowd they’d play country roads for him and he’d tear up. Country roads was played at my Grandpas funeral in 2016 my dad refuses to play this song and whenever we hear it it makes us cry. Awesome video though very beautiful scenery and you played it great

    45. ninni viener

      Amazing, but can you play stairway to heaven while you are dying?

    46. Mc Nguyen

      “Country roaaaads take me hoooome to the BASS I beloooong West Virginiaaaaa...”

    47. Alex Delarge

      Lol you just know why he zoomed in on DICKS

    48. saturn return

      this is my second favorite to around the world

    49. HenryAB 2008

      Very impressive but can you go to Wuhan and play “Battle of Wuhan”?

    50. Ramen Fan Boy

      Very Impressive, but can you play "Beverly Hills" by Weezer while in Beverly Hills?


      Darude sandstorm in a sandstorm


      Go to alabama and play sweet home alabama

    53. Timothy Sulit

      Wow,just wow!!!!!!

    54. moosan guoy

      Very impressive, but can you play air on the g string with air on the g string?

    55. Amber Storm


    56. Kitty Crusher

      🎶🎤*Crunchyroll take me Home to my waifus and my imouto's...* 🎤🎶

    57. German Hunter

      I was about to say, if he was going to West Virginia, he had better play country roads

    58. Eleni Tsiaousi

      Impressive but i bet u cant play "sweet home alabama" in Alabama

    59. Abia June Repuya-Consulta

      Your good on bass davie

    60. DongzPh Official

      Very impressive,but can you go in Ph?

    61. Rvn Diezel

      Can you play Titanic in a sinking boat?

    62. Michael Widner

      I wish i could like this video more than once

    63. Conzie Juliane Jireh

      this song is in kingsman movie right?

    64. Nupur Bhattacharjee

      Now play stairway to heaven in heaven Led zepplin would be so proud of you OMG

    65. Memes med Matti

      Very impresive but can you play "Midnight Train to Georgia" on a midnight train to georgia?

    66. Progaming Tom

      Take me hooooome Country Roooooad Slap approved

    67. Jonas Olesen

      Could you play BASShunter - DotA (and yes i know the original is from daddy dj)

    68. Dutch boy


    69. Alyssa Maze

      Please tell me there's tabs for this! Hello, from a West Virginian bass player! x3

    70. Abby Ghost

      Very impressive but can you play the martian sountrack on mars

    71. Lam Trần

      Literally everyone knew what he was going to play...

    72. Tate Schmaltz

      West Virginia is currently the last and only American state left without coronavirus right now

      1. OD on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

        Mr. VillainGuy country roads

      2. OD on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

        Mr. VillainGuy Take me hooome

      3. Mr. VillainGuy


      4. OD on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

        Tate Schmaltz We got a case here now

    73. KONO DIO DA

      As a long time subscriber and a West virginian I approve this video

    74. Олександр Гуцол

      Моя мрія - подорож до West Virginia, тому що цей штат дуже нагадує наші Карпати. Сподіваюсь, що рано чи пізно моя мрія здійсниться...

    75. A Deadly Mouse Trap

      Ahh the c virus still not known

    76. Szczepan Wolski

      Very impressive, but can you play "Sweet Home Alabama" in Alabama?

    77. Francesca Stoppani

      Davie will you slap my (b)ass? (eddai)

    78. Koala Zueiro

      Very impressive, go to Brazil and play A Cultural music from North of brazil, I DARE YOU.


      Country bass Take me bass To the bass I belong West bass Mountain bass Take me bass Country bass

    80. BeerMan

      Finaly some youtuber who know how to spend his money!