I went ALL AROUND THE WORLD just to play this song...



2,1 mio. ogledi75

    I travelled all around the world just to play "Around the World" by RHCP (and more..)
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    1. Davie504

      Slap like now for an *EPIC* 2020 P.S: Taiwan IS a country, noobs.

      1. bTs mEmEz

        Ma Davie le cuffie anche in macchina?

      2. Lal Lza

        1:59 headphone.take off reveal

      3. rugicyril jr sulla

        But can you play Man who cant be moved without moving?

      4. DARKSIDER V2

        @HerraTomaatti what the heck

      5. Mark Anthony Silvestre

        Slapped Baby!

    2. Mason Lee


    3. Angelo Kanaan

      Come to Brazil!

    4. Joao Carvalho

      come in Brazil

    5. Marcus Balbas

      Can't believe we were in the same state and I missed him

    6. Issei Fujiya


    7. Barkın Burcu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> is that an ushanka in the background? *USSR anthem plays*

    8. Ryan Miles

      Come to Indiana. Only people with big PP come to Indiana. Visit our amazing cornfields and cold weather

    9. brucelevesque25


    10. Rahim Shahzad

      Davie: ''If your country appears...'' Me: smiles in Hong Kong Airport

    11. Полина Пименова

      Davie: "If your country appears..." Me: *cries in Latvian*

    12. Dick McPenis

      You visited my country, but not my state (Alabama) Checkmate.

    13. Nayer CS

      Come to Brazil man

    14. Yuri Aires

      Corona vírus estragou o rolê do Davie :/.

    15. Totem of Undying

      Listening to this on my bass amp and it really makes it betrer

    16. sock toast

      Davie:If your country appears... Me: *happy tea noises*

    17. Emerson Veiga Rivolta

      Come to Brasil!!! Now!

    18. Sviorr

      OMG did you just played Around the world while playing Around the world? EPICO!

    19. geomategamer

      where is georgia?

    20. Byron GDX

      I slapped the like right now:)

    21. Kolla Smoth

      S lapp

    22. NEhankit

      I knw they wouldnt allow anything near taj mahal . :(

    23. Adam Schumi Schumacher

      Davie:if your country appears Me: sad beer and socks in sandals noises

    24. ThatOneLoser

      i love that song

    25. skasian R


    26. Cal

      I have dine my duty to comment

    27. Protocal Cyclone


    28. Damien Ellowitz

      dont delete my water please

    29. Otavio Ramos


    30. gabry_ infernape

      OMG Italia Is first

    31. Erim Gök

      İ just love how he put Eiffel Tower with an arrow writing North Korea next to it in the thumbnail

    32. Abi Yahya


    33. Taylan Deniz

      Coronavirus at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a>

    34. Vinícius Tavolaro

      Come to Brazil

    35. Leonardo D. Silva

      come to Brazil! O nosso país precisa de mais músicas com 🅱️aixo! It would be great see @Davie504 slapping 🅱️ass on Amazonas river! Checkmate!

    36. Yago Leão


    37. Zanaps Napeds

      Im Fan of yours sir from phillipines

    38. CreeperHead783 - Subscribe to his channel.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a> Press F for Mini 🅱️ass

    39. Gökhan Özcan


    40. Rwik Dey

      You can come to Kolkata in India

    41. h2potter

      Davie, huge fan here. Me the LIKE slapper, ohh, SLAP! I DARE you to go to Romania and play Ciocârlia!

    42. janno288

      Nobody: People with coronavirus:

    43. Khazi Caceres

      I'm from Philippines 🇵🇭

    44. Link gaming


    45. Kyle Koshiyama


    46. Jae Alefosio


    47. Abrar Cool66


    48. Eiker Gameplays con la maraca de tu vieja

      Davie: If your country appears. Me: *Cries in taco, burrito, spicy and all that Mexican estereotypes.

    49. Karina Espinoza

      Ear has been shown.

    50. Nathan Luong

      slapp from usa O M G

    51. MitsukeZ [FR]


    52. Xander Pell

      my country appeared...you know the rules, and so do i slapp that bass

    53. Sergio Huerta


    54. Filip

      Go to poland! kurwa mać

    55. Andy Klein

      USA appeared.

    56. Hibana delicinha Demais

      Come to brazil

    57. Marco Bortolini

      Davie: if your countrie appaers Me : Cries in pizza 🍕🍕🍕🥘🥘🥘🍕🍕🍕.BUT WITHOUT PINEAPPLE

    58. Herança Celta


    59. Péter Éri

      Go to Hungary NOW!!!!

    60. Иванн

      I’ll slap like for motherland. Hi from guitar player from Russia 🇷🇺

    61. Evelyn Chickentalk

      very impressive but can you play Route 66 on Route 69? i mean, Route 66?

    62. Rabeaca Geyer


    63. Ewan Smith

      When your state was featured. Laughs in Pepperoni Rolls

    64. Mauricio

      Very impresive, but can you play undertale music in the underground?

    65. luigi


    66. Brunehilde Foudrelame

      Maybe I saw you in Paris, don't know. Good job, bass slapper

    67. Jeffry Battleburger

      "If your country appears" **Cries in World War II**

    68. Soumith Basina


    69. Ankur Mukherjee

      India 🎸

    70. John Jones

      Very impressive... but can you play space oddity from space?

    71. TSZ- Andrezin

      Come to brazil

    72. hackcat

      Thanks, bro! From Taiwan

    73. XxAc3- Sn1p3RxX

      W.H.O: Stay at home.. Davie: Stay at what now???

    74. Michael Angelo Collins

      I seen your ears!

    75. Diamond FHツ


    76. Ryuk


    77. Jian Franco Nuñez

      Very impressive, buti can you play Crab Rave at Boracay, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Florida, Hawaii, and/or other popular beaches around the world? much SLAPP from the Philippines very guitar here please liberate us

    78. Quentin Mead

      Press B in the comments for Canada. ;(

    79. Ianzoka

      sou do brazil meu bom homem

    80. Baby Yoda

      welp he went to Australia... what do I say now?