I Speak Italian For The First Time EVER



6 mio. ogledi413

    My Italian Voice Reveal.
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    1. Davie504


      1. Me

        Mamma mia

      2. gjvtjvfunbcg gjv

        Finalmente sento la tua voce in italiano

      3. Alez2Eliter


      4. Arturo Ramos Hernandez


      5. 89Nas

        Yeee uno youber che parla inglese decentemente con l'accento italiano famoso che parla effettivamente italiano

    2. Michael Civitano

      Penso sia il video più divertente in assoluto AHAHAHAHA

    3. Mirita Rivas

      Davie the italian have some words very familiar in Spanish like Si / molto / demanda / donde vivi? / etc Spanish : Si / Mucho / Demanda / Donde vives?

    4. Richande's Solda Universal Express


    5. The Cod3

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a> Like si escuchaste "pene" xdd

    6. Patrick Dy

      Okay I think I'm gay now

    7. Pedro Teixeira

      Bom dia amigo um abraço e uma chapada no gosto fica bem.

    8. Prerna Singh

      From <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="304">5:04</a> I didn't understand anything expect caption s

    9. Wolf_King


    10. Theresa Chacon

      Davie was right about Italian being slow because if I listen I can actually somewhat hear words whereas when I hear my parents speaks Spanish I can't even hear words I just hear gibberish

    11. Subodh Tripathi


    12. jhen delacruz


    13. soi firulais xd

      6 9

    14. Mr.CristYT

      You know that basso in Filipino means cup because I’m an Filipino

    15. Bernard Valenzuela

      Slapper its not epic its legendary

    16. sarah elisabeth

      "I speak Italian for the first time EVER" 😂😂 the video hasn't even started and I'm already laughing

    17. Christian Ogata

      F in the chat for the bois who don't know Funiculi Funicula.

    18. Bryan Santini

      Sono italiano!

    19. filippo gai

      Is Davie504 really Italian?

    20. Emanuele Ferrante

      Sono italiano!

    21. ytp-man

      Io sono italiano bella bro

    22. GameTime

      Davie504: slap like rn Me: Yes, my slap lord

    23. Marco P

      È uno dei video più belli di SLsel

    24. Joao Ernesto


    25. Kinang Eagle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="341">5:41</a> This is why Italians love each other more than the rest of the world love Spaghetti

    26. CARLOCM

      jaja i'm spanish idk italian, but i could understand 80% what you said in italian :v

    27. ane sr

      Why Italian language so sexy?

    28. RJ PH

      vaffanculo hahaha😅😄😄😄😅

    29. Михаил Лесков

      Yes, I'm playing the Bass (but not using slap) and I love it! And I love my job. And pizzas "Tropicana" with pineapple are very popular in our computing centre. But only at celebrations.

    30. Filippo Beltramo

      Sei un grande Davie, un abbraccio da Alassio!

    31. Lambro Hristoulas


    32. Big Brain

      Me: I have smol pp Davie: this is a very big problem Me:

    33. Aarón Gutiérrez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a> PENE

    34. Michelo Calmet Lecca


    35. Sean Kelle Pesquisa

      G R A N D E C E R V E L L O (Translated in Italian)

    36. Ovadya

      can we get him say requiscat in pache ??

    37. Im Lee Han

      Honestly I thought he was Indian

    38. Luna Death

      hai 1 milione di Mi piace ora cucina la pizza

    39. Ethan Lorito

      Seems like every language is his second language

    40. Erim Gök

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="424">7:04</a> that LMAO got me so bad XD!!

    41. Abbie Rizzo

      Caio parlo anche italiano, sono nato a Italia e ci vivo da quando avevo 4 anni ❤️

    42. D. E.P.

      Ma noooo, di Savona!!!

    43. Ciabatta24

      Italian is very slow CIT English: Let's get this party started Italian: Cominciamo sta festa See the difference?

      1. GiackTheDemon 223

        minka si

    44. Player RR

      one milion likes! english: wow! italian: a facc ru cazz

    45. Julie Šodková

      Davie: I believe in you. Also Davie: **slaps you at the end of a video**

    46. Sheila Mae Quirino

      New subs, how come I remember pwediepie with you lol :) my parents are working in Italy and I can understand few words from you cool!

    47. Zak Bowditch

      Your amazing

    48. Achsah Edwin

    49. m4ttv4i

      Sei un fenomeno col basso! Suoni con qualche gruppo? mi sono appena iscritto al tuo canale!

    50. Nylan Coyle

      I parle Italiano



    52. XΞNO

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a> HAHAHAH

    53. Allan Vieira

      That video was amazing!!!

    54. Culture Culture

      S P A N K

    55. Giuseppe Chiarelli

      Il basso essere bello

    56. Carol

      La prima volta che ho visto un tuo video ho pensato "ma questo ha una pronuncia strana.. Non sembra uno inglese" infatti sei italiano. LOL

    57. Ancient Watchman

      This channel is the most EPIC!! SLAP LIKE unless you want Davie to SLAP you! 😂

    58. sensei

      i thought you were indian sorry

    59. UR BOI SunnyD

      I slapped like on this vid how bout you haters?

    60. Hint _

      Commenter: swear word in Italian? Davie: No this is a family friendly channel Earlier... Davie: Simple, mind you’re own FU***** busine-

    61. Lilla Katychy

      Merci de l'avoir fait Sto parlando francese Yeah and make this comment the most commented video in youtube

    62. Gre Man

      io sarei italiano ed iscritto ma vabbe!

    63. Diondre Beloria

      slap like if yor exicited

    64. Alessandro Rossi

      Vivi a savona???? Io vivo ad imperia hahahahs

    65. EntropyCoM

      Epico... Your Italian sounds sooooo cool, just like your BASS. I really liked it... you should speak more Italian... (says the german in me...)

    66. Paolo Moscone

      Io sono italiano, tu?

    67. ITS SYCHO290 killer

      How to say Jerome in Italy

    68. Lovely Afrida

      O mio dio

    69. Rock'n'roll Reece

      Is Italian Spanish based

    70. mirrico

      Sei lá acho q vc tem que aprender a falar português br

    71. BLIZZARD™

      mio dio, sono sorpreso di come l'italiano sia portoghese!

    72. Rasyid Izzar

      why not

    73. ok boomers


    74. BrassWhale

      I actually understand the 504 is... 5th of April (4-5) but I'm gonna guess he is international (I'm new here.). We actually have the same birthday.

    75. Suripat Patsuri

      Cara, você é epico! (In Portuguese). SLAPP!

    76. Jonathan . Hauhnar

      Pray for Italy 🇮🇹

    77. Kirin To

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="432">7:12</a> Oh mio DIO

    78. Riri Unicorn234

      I can speak french

    79. Pedro Cosme

      do you have coronavirus?

    80. Daniel Thacker

      Davie you are the best therapist 😂