I Played Bass with Keanu Reeves...



3,3 mio. ogledi440

    Reacting to Keanu Reeves (and other famous actors) playing the bass guitar.
    I'll play a jam with him in this video too. A breathtaking experience.

    In this episode of "OMG, I didn't know they played bass" we are going to react to non-music celebrities that can play the bass.
    Keanu Reeves, Gary Sinise, Jason Momoa and more.
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    1. Davie504

      So how many times did you say "OMG" while watching this video?!?!?! leave a comment *NOW*

      1. Nexu Jayaz


      2. La zona Gamer

        Dave, in your video we can see yours ears

      3. gavbby

        69 lmao

      4. The Advait.K Show


      5. tuscuanilly barticus


    2. G-carbohydrates Channel

      Yeah slap now

    3. Stef1


    4. Joshua Bernal

      What a bunch of nubs!

    5. Joshua Bernal

      KR is an actor, ta

    6. Alexandre Drummond

      Gary Sinise, of course

    7. Kirk Lazarus

      You are so correct. He is the perfect man. After all, he is the One.

    8. Anthony Cruz


    9. Studiolab 39

      easy eighth notes ... LOL

    10. Ralph da pug 113

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="163">2:43</a>, any cod zombies player will recognize what we call, “115”, which is a song from the game. No one probably cares, but just thought I’d point it out

    11. Felix Sablayan

      Why Davie looks so happy here? No no no no

    12. nintendo4now

      Dark nececities

    13. Ping Chen

      Davey, if you want to contact Keanu Reeves, you should simply kill his dog. Then he will get in touch with you

    14. Luka Bonnassiolle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> -<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> mood: Cringe

    15. Shadow's Reviews

      I Another famous Bass player! You Davie 504

    16. ALDY GIRI

      Mike Dirnt

    17. Cyruz 1145

      He is playing with pick

    18. Joseph Kittles

      Gary S

    19. ANanda Zmt


    20. MOMO’s Studio

      Keanu : Plays bass with pick Me : but that's illegal ! Davie : it's okay

    21. Przemyslaw Kolodziej

      I think playing with a pick is still illegal ;(

    22. hismajesty tardigrade

      the song is cant stop by red hot chili peppers

    23. Antonio Mr.PhreshDrip Foreman

      Jamal malcom warner

    24. Alessandro Finocchiaro

      I just love how happy he is. If you're watching this in 2020 you'll understand

    25. KEVIN OWEN

      No need to sound girly when talking about Keanu don't change youre winning style!

    26. Andre 1687

      Michael Cera

    27. XxAc3- Sn1p3RxX

      He's 🅱️ass is Breathtaking!!!! Me:Holding my B r e a t h....

    28. the peoples

      How dare you davie it's called dark necessities

    29. sopa hanter

      THAT IS OMG ... BUT it it as OMG as DOTA 2 ???

    30. Scariosity


    31. Jethro Sinagula

      flea is

    32. leathernluv

      I already knew the others, but I will never see Gary Sinise the same. Gotta see more of that!

    33. Brian P.

      Why do Italian dudes just naturally look stoned? Lol. I had a friend from Naples (R.I.P. Frank), he was the same way. Miss that guy. A super HUGE bassplayer thanks to Davie504. Truly a very talented and funny individual. Fantastic player and he keeps it fun. Watchin ur vids has inspired me to practice constantly and the improvements have been dramatic.

    34. Luigi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="306">5:06</a> "Can't Stop" ?

    35. Lance Bagaoisan

      OMG I did not know Davie can sound so excited like that😱😱

    36. Casper Pellegrino

      Red hot Chili pepers, is de band

    37. oldschoolchartist

      Bass... actor... bass... actor... tough call.


      Fact. Keanu Reeves is Belarusian

    39. Udyan Ojha

      Dark necessities

    40. Kowskyy


    41. Pea

      "Z M A S H" -Davie 504

    42. Steven Mclaren

      Are you going to put the tabs to this on your Patreon page that would be awesome!!!

    43. Johan Zamora

      smash like nau

    44. Raheed Ahmed

      I know another famous person........Davie504!!!!

    45. 《AstrixZ》

      Davie504 back then vs Davie504 now

    46. Mr. Random Guy

      Does Davie504 seem off in this video to anybody else?

    47. YouTube Dark Mode


    48. Noah Waterman

      I’m very confused Keanu is left handed but he is playing bass right handed Much confusion

      1. Noah Waterman

        Jonas Bernardes Oh that makes sense now. Kinda like with Jimi Hendrix cause his writing hand is his right but he said he felt more comfortable playing guitar left handed

      2. Jonas Bernardes

        Like me. I'm right handed but i do pretty much everything with my left hand except writing. It's strange. I know.

    49. xXDante78Xx O_o

      John Wick can play bass? No way!!!!!

    50. Yang Silva

      slapp. like . now

    51. Patatas

      Totally cool!! But i notice he said Smash not Slapp :(

    52. Massimiliano Lacquaniti

      Hi DAVIE504, the song is Dark Necessities by RHCP

    53. Lennon Ruthardt

      Davie, this dude grew up being baby sat by alice cooper, im sure he can play many instruments.

    54. Rajasuryaindra Pratama

      Why your face look Soo sad?

    55. Cloxxki

      Just 9 months ago. That escalated quickly...


      I need you to say SLAPP LIKE

    57. Cloxxki

      So the worst thing about Keanu is his bass playing? Dude's a saint.

    58. Spinoman der haarige

      Michael Wendler can play the Bass

    59. michael Basher

      Maybe try something like: # KeanuReavesBass

    60. michael Basher

      Maybe try something like: # KeanuReavesBass

    61. Gaeiswhan

      piano reeves

    62. Adrin Nasco

      Smash? why not slap?? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="413">6:53</a>

    63. Dave Games28

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> zmash like

    64. John Dekker

      the song aquaman is playing sounds like red hot chilli peppers - can't stop

    65. Hotboytrue

      Gary played best

    66. verylost9 other

      What song did Keanu play, I want to learn it

    67. FatUglySquirrel

      the song is called Dark Necessities by red hot chili peppers

    68. Paul Callas

      I liked Gary a lot. I've seen him play but not funky like that before. Thanks for sharing.

    69. Luca Bessonart

      Dark necesites

    70. Jakabuto

      Russel Crowe

    71. broma toast

      That's lieutenant dan! Not the csi New York guy.

    72. Nickolai Snake

      stronze means bitches

    73. Bird

      Is this davie in some alternate universe?

    74. Shiki

      Keanu Reeves is so awesome he can make Davie504 smile

    75. J B

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a> you was playing Dark Necessities

    76. Filippo Verde

      Maria dei Filippi è da tutte le parti.😃😂😂

    77. Quark 237

      OMG! He actually used more than one tone of voice for this video

    78. Robbie Turtle

      why is he so happy? go back please

    79. Archeomax05 Soli

      Vedere Keanu reeves che suona vicino a Maria de Filippi è un esperienza