I Played the BIGGEST BASS in the WORLD (Record)



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    I went to Arizona in the US just to play the BIGGEST BASS in the World. Unbelievable.
    Watch Rob Scallon's Video: slsel.info/video/video/o9SiaJSNfWSjg7I.html
    Special thanks to Musical Instrument Museum for letting us play and have a tour of the museum!
    Make sure to check their website for more information! www.mim.org

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    1. Davie504

      Now that's a thicc BASS... Check Rob's video for even more B A S S: slsel.info/video/video/o9SiaJSNfWSjg7I.html do it now or I'll call the cops

      1. Tee_Y YeeT

        This boss level size bass satisfies my pp, SLAP LIKE TO DAVIE504s vids all of them or your pp gets no thicc bass

      2. ryd -

        thicc bASS


        You have small pp

      4. smol snek

        but i came from rob...

      5. Maze Movies123_HD

        Davie504 you looks like rambo

    2. Beenux ._.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="414">6:54</a> S L A P P

    3. Abigail Morton

      that's the bass they used to record jaws

    4. Adib Syahrul Adha

      Sound like whale voice

    5. lusmas99

      How did Davie504 get through airport security without taking off his headphone?

    6. Pedroalber Alberto

      kkkkkkkk! Você é muito engraçado um de Angola! És brasileiro?

    7. Los Żyżelos

      Big bass small pp

    8. IkanGamer 548

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> Is that a Indonesian statue in your back? Finally i see Indonesian thing in Davie504 channel

    9. Rajdeep bswz

      Can you play the smallest bass ever??😂...it will be never happened.. 🙃

    10. master ku

      Muka Time main macam mintak kaki hahaa

    11. lol lol

      Big bass smol pp

    12. Felix Sean Mark Fischbach

      I luvs Gamelans Cuz,im Indonesian

    13. Arif Jahri

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a> thats from my countries... Indonesia... slap like

    14. Hemersonr Souza


    15. Sabastian Burns

      Does Davie ever take off head phones in vids

    16. Arinjai Rampal

      Only people who didn’t search for this can like this comment

    17. Usitha Ranatunge

      Checkmate Davie504 you laughed at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a>

    18. It’syoboi steve

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a> It’s great to see davie playing an Indonesian instrument aka my country

    19. Baskit

      Big bass small pipi

    20. Dhruv Chandra

      In the song you made, the Octabass sounds like a normal bass with distortion

    21. Ancient Watchman

      "O-M-G" then fades out camera...😂

    22. The Exotic Band 2

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> it is Indonesian music from java island.the name is gong (gamelan)

    23. Xander Pell

      tour guide looks like will ferrel a little


      and what happened with the "big bass small pp"??

    25. Meksi

      Thats a violin not bass

    26. Saquib Ahmad

      Biggest violen

    27. Pelima

      Why does he use those headphones everytime?

    28. Minh Dt

      I challenge you to play megalovania on that bass

    29. soi firulais xd

      Big bass small pp

    30. Rafael Caetano


    31. ayman atyd

      U said big bass=small pp

    32. wahanda adi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">03:55</a> gong from indonesia 👍🙋‍♂

    33. Smiraze

      Biggest bass I never seen

    34. Rafael Wignyo

      Please slap a contra bass

    35. kaka_gamer Indonesia

      🅱️ig 🅱️🅰️SS: Small PP

    36. matteo dipaola

      Small pp

    37. Diran Xettri

      Big bass small Pp

    38. NaKaRin55 NAKARIN MCTH


    39. Polar

      whats makes him laugh?

    40. Vicki Vick i

      Me: “That’s a Cello” David: “B A S S “

      1. Krishna Meet

        Double bass

    41. Jaytech Designs

      That's a violin not bass

    42. Raymond Maclore

      B A S S

    43. The Meme Scheme

      Petition for him to go again and play megalovania

    44. noxia n

      that was a really large fart

    45. Sam Gazaille

      i went there in 2018 we went and saw the grand canyon that place is beautiful

    46. Dêàd Šãvágē

      Well shit I thought this was a huge violin or cello because I’ve never seen a bass like *THAT*

    47. Valen La Banana

      𝕸𝖎𝖓𝖉 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖎𝖓𝖌

    48. Valen La Banana

      *mind blowing*

    49. Kekoa Tiglao

      Thats a thicc bass You laughted at that part CHECKMATE

    50. Vedanta Somnathe

      Kim jong un: why is that violin so large

    51. ???????????? Unknown

      Davie504 can you play octovina?

    52. 2411박은평


    53. Ranald

      OMG, No slapp and not using fingers, phhuuuh are not supposed to play bass

    54. Liam Ryan

      David i have a question why is rob scallon there

    55. Tactical_blasters 139

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a> I may not play BASS but I do play BASSOON.

    56. None

      "So I did some research and this instrument is not called 'biga** bass'" No sh** I was laughing hard!

    57. DutchTimmy_Games

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="519">8:39</a> hes said bass "guitar" 🥺😲😳🤯IM CALLING THE POLICE

    58. The DeathRat

      *3000 likes and you'll never know how I get those ;)))*

    59. Mattia Boccia


    60. Chlomaki San

      🅱️ A S S

    61. ChihaMats

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> Montreal Symphony Orchestra is in tears

    62. Sweet Deth

      That is not a base it has 3 strings

    63. Noob YT

      at the moment there is actually 6.09M subs

    64. 天使に会おう


    65. Oliver Pautsch

      You are in my city

    66. Resil Solis

      Hey Davioe504 Can u play The meme Grionos Theme in ur bass Comment if u agree!

    67. GD IntimidateDrag


    68. beyblade master

      Sounds like a lawnmower

    69. Alex Aditya Parapat

      I see Davie playing Gong from Indonesia in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> , i slap the like button

    70. AskBeforePlaying

      Director: All your instruments are tuned, right? Orchestra: Right Octobasse Player: Oh mine isn't quite tuned *Goes to get ladder and large monkey wrench*

    71. bronzon noznorb

      Its look like an horror movie

    72. Chris W

      Tomorrow I will build a way bigger bass. Wait till you see this one. I will need a ladder to be able to play it.

    73. eloelo


    74. Vincent Rey Amatosa

      Yow he smiled in this video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a>


      Youre so tall man

    76. Himanshu Sukhpal

      and you didn't play seven nations army on it

    77. Majed Alidroos

      Isn’t that a really big violoncello

    78. Artur Rehi's Doge

      Did anyone realize it was a violin?

    79. Daniel Estrada

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> 👌