I play Bass with a PICK... (FORBIDDEN FOOTAGE)



2,1 mio. ogledi160

    Doing a very forbidden things EVER... playing BASS with a PICK (also known as PICC)..
    But something went wrong. Watch till the end to know what happened :(
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    1. Davie504

      Not *epicc*

      1. Kelley Ritter

        Yes epic

      2. Jacob Dufour

        It’s crazy. I played my bass with a pick on time. Now I’m dead

      3. Bran Dam Blagg

        Phish bassist, Mike Gordon, uses a pick.

      4. Nun Ya

        N O T A P I C K

      5. Ramoonlight Last

        What’s up, pickers

    2. Giulia Armato

      and is that a flower bed. AND in the bottom right corner it said EPICC PICC SOLO what

    3. Giulia Armato

      if you can do that withOUT the pic then you are the only one that can be the best in the world

    4. Alexis Seité

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> You're welcome

    5. Marciii

      epicc b

    6. Alessandro

      Epicc!!!!!! N°1

    7. Mr Ruthless

      U play good I'm satisfied Now u r free to *SLAPP* ALSO I picc the LIKE bitton STROLL

    8. Damian Young

      you fake picc your BASS

    9. George Issa


    10. Adam RocknRulerz

      The troubles of tidying his room must be sad level 1000 but epic level 99999 cuz his bass does it LOVE UR VIDS

    11. God Damn gamer

      Epic man

    12. James


    13. Filippo Ricci

      Mind blowing

    14. pranjal pandey

      Davie is a pic!!!!

    15. Elizabeth Salem


    16. Peter Patout

      I play with a pick like my bass hero’s,... Duff & NIKKI SIXX...$ they sold out stadiums. How many stadiums have you sold out!!!! Yea..... BUT YOU KNOW, THATS NOT MY CONCERN HERE...... MY CONCERN HERE IS THAT::: WATCHING THIS VIDEO MAKES ME WANNA TURN YOU INTO BOTH THE FBI & CIA. SORRY....ITS YOUR ATTITUDE HERE. AND IM SURE IM NOT ALONE IN THINKING THIS. THAT BEING SAID.....TAKE A CHILL PILL AND RELAX........and stay at home......and please try not to travel......ON PLANES AND SUBWAYS!!!!!!........SORRY.....COULDN'T HELP MYSELF!!!!!! LOL

    17. Nödt

      Truly bass is made for bassists

    18. nasry matamoros

      OMG the Steve T of Bass!!

    19. Dapha Athallah Hisyam

      What's up smoke as

    20. Oskar Gnuj


    21. Kim Nussbaum

      that was painful to watch get rid of the saitan thing use slappp

    22. guest 99k


    23. Game Chapter

      what kind of headphones does he have? plssss

    24. Marroon Gaming

      I bet davie was practising with a picc from the beginning of the channel

    25. Ali Cengiz

      Lemmy Kilmister : Am i joke to you ?

    26. Nyerk King

      Paul McCartney: **laugh**

    27. Willian Eduardo

      Not ePICK

    28. ImNab_103

      XD fbi didnt came b

    29. David Sargsian

      I love how he disliked his own Video.

    30. laudric51


    31. Almondfever


    32. kintoki kintoki

      You are epic with a pick !!!

    33. Alex Moya

      Not epicc

    34. Peter Zelaya

      He should've pulled the PICC from a safe....

    35. Mia Benakova

      Davie504 top bassists you are mate im learning to by myself but your bass sounds amazing

    36. FLOWLIKE

      I think when you play with a pic it's better

    37. Logan Savage

      I am proud of you for proving that you could do it! 😉

    38. uwujulio_

      I play Bass with a PICKLE RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK slappest shit i've ever seen

    39. Nerdskie

      best songg i evetr heerd

    40. Sea urchin

      You can’t spell not epicc without picc

    41. Ben Pride

      Guitars better

    42. Marcus Fress

      Do you have the tab sheet for this bass pick line? I will try to play this amazing bass line :)

    43. X_Boi

      Its still *epicco* tho

    44. MGtv Gaming

      How about Paul McCartney

    45. Bucaro

      Davie can make a not epic pick bass solo in epic pick bass solo

    46. Archi Vald Zaffaratt Jarefth

      Ay wei...

    47. ThatTallKid Ben


    48. sznebuldog

      Wait... Davie is the triple camera guy

    49. Spartan-k9 -

      I watched the whole video... am I going to prison now?!

    50. Fuzion's hype

      U play wit pic u disrespect bass!!!!

    51. Урбан 808

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="314">5:14</a> b

    52. Honey Rostami


    53. Nozaa นะปิ๊


    54. Step Bro

      I dont like this

    55. Hưng XL

      LOL, i heard a lot of instrument but only Bass make me more hope in live...

    56. Ice Lags

      Plot twist: He already played with a picc

    57. Nerdly Cartoonist

      Davie504: don’t use pick Paul McCartney: *picks* Me: okay so we have a problem-

    58. PA.RO.DY.

      Impressive, but what can you do with a short scale bass?

    59. Zach On Blitz

      honestly picking sounds pretty good

    60. Eazau

      369 thousand likes... WE NEED TO STEP UP OUR GAME. 420k confirmed

    61. HC Cubing


    62. Roystin Daniel

      Roses are red violets are blue using a picc is not epicc

    63. Kaifi_Sahil XD

      He smiled while using a picc!!?? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a>

    64. zain 1212

      send SLAPPED BASS

    65. I don't identify with names


    66. Luke kenneth Macalawa

      After the video the ads came and that add is about guitar a bass video with a guitar add not epic youtube!

    67. Draconic Force

      369 likes lmao

    68. MicMania


    69. Debra Carmona


    70. Bhobie Jay Berenguel

      Slap like!

    71. pringles sketch comedy

      B A S S

    72. Dhrune

      He uses P I C C He did the L I C C

    73. Kai Morgan-kelly

      Questo non è un buon cazzo

    74. AJ The GamerEXTRA


    75. Poonam Tyagi

      That lick ( <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="256">4:16</a> onwards ) was sweet

    76. RoLand


    77. S.f. Salvi Fresta

      Epic Solo davie

    78. 1_VIsJe

      not epicc

    79. Nikolai Radchuk