1,4 mio. ogledi46

    Playing an instrument I've never played before: the recorder...
    Will I be able to pull this off?!?! Who knows.
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    1. Davie504

      OMG this is not a *bass*

      1. M-A R


      2. We ́reTheNobodies

        Next episode you should play piano

      3. 95tusk95

        Play the Bassoon next!

      4. 6thUser

        OMG, time has come for that face reveal

      5. Diego Maestas

        you should play the cello

    2. Furretwalk 969

      I CHALLENGE YOU to play a clarinet

    3. Aaron Teoxon

      Sounds good thought

    4. matteo dipaola


    5. Minecraft Tutoriales

      A guitar with a pick

    6. Markus Schuster

      Wanna see him playing teremin and bass....maybe thats a challenge for him XD

    7. ancelot_2011

      Not bad, but can you play the triangle?

    8. Diondre Beloria

      hey davie504 try the violin its awesome go try it now

    9. matchavillage

      Daaaa! abbassa quel cazzo di Flauta recorder! Everybody would know that reference I'm not that good in italian Because flauta is spanish Can amybody tell me what the the italian word for flute is so i can edit this grazzi

    10. newac4534 ROBLOX

      I need B A S S

    11. Ingot Games

      I: OK fine, i go watch Davie's video Davie: plays on a recorder I: *OMG!!!*

    12. Ricardo Cubas :v


    13. Ethan Loh

      lol jkjk

    14. Ethan Loh

      play the guitar

    15. craszy gamer

      Checkmate no headphones

    16. Overhaul

      T H I S I S I S N O T *E P I C O*

    17. Liam Ryan


    18. Liam Ryan


    19. Liam Ryan


    20. Shemar Guitar Songs

      Bro, you sound great bro. You should do more vids like this plzz

    21. Itz•Kresh TVTM _Gacha_Life_

      Tu sei uno strumento vivente

    22. Stefano Della Morte

      Born to be alive (Patrick Hernandez) / Born to be abramo (Elio ELST)

    23. p kickboxer

      someone help give him bass

    24. Bucaro

      nobody: music class in latinoamerica:

    25. Sophia Zhou

      he's better than me

    26. Patse Unknown

      No matter what instrument you play, you play beautifully.

    27. 한상현

      I can see pineapple house

    28. Alex108

      Checkmate! Early ear reveal

    29. Roman Reigns

      Isn't That A Flute?

    30. meow alien

      Ello I play recorder for my school

    31. abdo w.elfarmawey

      what the song

    32. Kaden Nichols

      I'm fine with you playing any insturment besides guitar and never use pick

    33. Andrei Zbanca


    34. D Bolt Gaming

      Man you are talented, you can slap bass, drums, guitar, recorder.

    35. unknow youtuber 07

      Very impressive but can you slap bass with your pee pee

    36. Rakesh Dassyne

      I Think Bass

    37. Andrew Davis

      lmao 696 dislikes

    38. Griffin Idukas

      Bruh what happened to this series

    39. james gabito

      sent bass

    40. Gameplay de um noob


    41. Adhokshaj

      who's here after he took his headphones off

    42. Pronna

      Darude sandstorm

    43. toxic_ Cdawg


    44. Rikke Bech-Nielsen

      Play the whole bitch lasagna song on bass

    45. Un known

      want to see Davie play any brass instruments

    46. 100k subscriber without any video

      No headphones

    47. John Steven Silva


    48. MrMalody

      OMG Darude-sandstorm on a BASS

    49. Nase Goreng

      Yt studio: copyright... spongebob song


      He played durud sandstorm in this vid

    51. Павел Глушко


    52. 최용아

      play the castanet

    53. risk Esc

      what name of the song that start at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> ?

    54. Al Punto

      Headphones reveal


      Headphones!? 😐

    56. Tom The Silly Face

      OMG ear reveal

    57. rusel tubana

      ear reveal?

    58. Ciao

      I skipped the video by putting the red dot 'till the end. I slapped like and checked for the 666th time if I were subscribed. I couldn't see you suffer. Fratello.

    59. Benjamin Wagner

      I need Bass

    60. Antonio Matera


    61. Mary de nicacio

      Lvjv k ok otrambgmb

    62. Aloysius Lui

      I will not send help for you, I will send FBI!

    63. Cookiewappmonster

      Play the trumpet

    64. Seibem Guite

      Play Violin please Davie 504 Per favore, suona il violino nel tuo prossimo video. Adoriamo Davie 504

    65. satadal ghosh

      Italys got talent

    66. Cueringo

      No headphones?

    67. M111KU

      The last SLAPP was AMAZING!

    68. The random gu Y

      Headphones off

    69. The Jurassic Park Show

      Play the guttar

    70. Edoardo Maria Scardamaglia

      NOT *STONKS*

    71. sledgeman66

      Play a piana

    72. Snare

      Oh heck yeah I'm so glad Sandstorm came up because that's what I used to play in school while we had those music classes where we had to play the recorder. Everyone was amused except the teacher.

    73. 1 asdf

      Recorder: 0 strings bass with using mouth

    74. YT- Evoker

      Suomi Finland Perkele - Darude Sandstorm

    75. Davildiop2234 Epic

      Yo try the clarinet

    76. YuKai G

      O M G HE HAS NO HEADPHONES *_o M g_*

    77. Nobody bruh

      Play the accordion

    78. Xtreme Gamers

      This zero string airbass

    79. Shylaja A

      Play a violin 🎻

    80. BoyVn274

      Send help