I Made My Dog Talk | Gabriel Iglesias

1 mio. ogledi100

    Happy National Puppy Day!


    1. Headless Horseman

      While I liked this story, I do have to correct Gabriel on one thing: the most a Chihuahua can weigh is 6.6 lbs

    2. aola wili

      Damn last time I was this early Corona was still a drink

    3. Xiadash

      This guy is so funny

    4. wnnalis cioov

      The dog was like WTF is going on!??

    5. Jesus Colon

      Was he told that he was getting deported?!

      1. Shauka Hodan

        "Our friends with Bmw will Always fall short" Audi . And is true even 1 decade after plus the mighty m8 almost spin on 4wd on that track with 1mm watter on it :) what happen i

    6. Logan Miller

      Poor Bruno. Lol

      1. aola wili

        He sounds like he's sick no offense

    7. Shauka Hodan

      "So I shut off my phone" My wife would have murdered me.

      1. wnnalis cioov


    8. Luis Herrera

      Im kinda worried that I dont find Fluffy funny at all😑, Im pretty sure I have good sense of humor because I LMAO with Dave Chappelle specials👍. Does someone else find fluffy not funny.

    9. D H

      Lol never get into an argument with ventriloquists as well those guys can do it even better 😂

      1. Shauka Hodan

        He sounds like he's sick no offense

    10. Pan Pan8

      Wuy is this so funny i am weird

      1. Shauka Hodan


    11. Prince Dusk saber

      Gabe how did you not wind up sleeping on the floor in the living room for that? This is sad for me to admit but when I do something that stupid my girlfriend makes me sleep in her car and the worst part is that it’s a volt wagon beetle.😑

    12. okow tina

      Imagine how confused the dog is

    13. Its Mr.lester

      Does anyone else think he makes a good impression of meatwod from athf.

    14. mixio hili

      The dog was like WTF is going on!??

    15. Fish King


    16. Ambtastic Amtastic

      has anyone heard from him since this took place lols

      1. Ambtastic Amtastic

        @okow tina I wish fluffy funny as

      2. okow tina

        Can you bring your son to the show?

    17. no one knows

      That was funny as hell

    18. TC Hilst

      “So I shut off my phone” *So you have chosen death*

      1. mixio hili


    19. Tomas Cruz

      Fluffy... Your English is not that bad, Why the subtitles?

    20. Mely Garcia

      He sounds like he's sick no offense

    21. alisuo toko

      "Our friends with Bmw will Always fall short" Audi . And is true even 1 decade after plus the mighty m8 almost spin on 4wd on that track with 1mm watter on it :) what happen i

    22. Kelvin watse


    23. Veronica Franciso

      Quarantine right?

    24. Stormy Lynn

      He could have done stitch from Lilo and stitch

      1. Stormy Lynn

        @alisuo toko mine to dude lol and my favorite ventriloquist is Jeff Dunham

      2. alisuo toko

        Bro this guy is my favorite Comdedian I. The world

    25. Big Rudy Torres


    26. Barred Harpy3

      When his show gets moved to November 😔

    27. The Player 2001

      Funny my name is Bruno and I wanted to come and see the show because of this jobe hut with the coronavirus pandemic who will know I'm in Atlanta,Georgia

    28. Soinas Doyi

      PLEASEEE put some Spanish subtitles to this, I need to show this to my family

    29. Lxnely

      re uploaded again cmon bruh

    30. Karly Crooks

      Can you bring your son to the show?

    31. DemiTrusdale3

      I understand how it feels.

      1. DemiTrusdale3

        Soinas Doyi yeah, the carona is everywhere.

      2. Soinas Doyi

        Corona in your country?

    32. Amani Brian


    33. Stephon Rafeek

      That last had me dead Now he called a beach...RIP FLUFFY

    34. No LøVe

      “I didn’t know you can die twice, apparently you can!” 😂😂😂

    35. Brandy Bautista

      Woah lol


      Why this stupid fatty still doing shows in the middle of pandemic

      1. doliio volay

        I'm getting a dog.

    37. Bruno Alexander Sotelo

      Wait....am I named after a dog?

    38. Hana Pecina

      I got 72 missed calls

      1. doliio volay

        If my dog can talk he would say "Can you please stop annoying me? Whatever happen to leaving work in the morning? Why are you home all of the time now? "

    39. Jay Rios

      Bro this guy is my favorite Comdedian I. The world

    40. Wayne Byrd


    41. Always Honor, Never Forget!


    42. Braden Skaggs

      A throwback of a throwback? Sure

    43. Raven Reaper

      Stitch is captured and named brunoo?

    44. Hayden brim

      This hilarious

    45. A fecking flamingo

      "Yeah, she's a b***h" "Come on"

    46. MountainVEVO

      Corona in your country?

    47. ImAnnaBanana


    48. Bobby Fisher

      4 hours-4 calls everything above is psycho


      My son fluffy be cheating

    50. SimplyLimbo

      I swear, i know a guy who looks exactly like him. They could be 1 egg twins.

      1. proud hufflepuff

        Is that a Sonic reference.

    51. David Renwick

      I'm getting a dog.

    52. NyanKitty 69

      Relationship advice 101 from gabe

    53. Charlette A. P. McCoy

      Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii

    54. Gamerbro

      Foolish fools arent humans


      Why captions?

    56. BrankAnt

      Ohh Bruno lookkk whoss here... Daddys home. Lol

    57. The Mighty Sparrow

      Wondering if he slept on the sofa that night 🤨😂

    58. M C

      this a re-upload right?

    59. doliio volay

      My house, everyday... I have 4 small dogs with big voices and personalities... I let them do the talking lol.

    60. Josh

      The doggie voices sounds like Tom Kenny

    61. Operative Grill

      pls make a season 2 on mr iglesias

      1. Operative Grill

        @doliio volay which?

      2. doliio volay

        Boi that woman sounds like a annoying bruh

    62. Caleb

      I love you Gabriel Iglesias!!! I watch your shows on Netflix, I even went to your show at Syracuse!!! You made me laugh so hard I nearly died (not for reals just so you know)

    63. SpiritOfTheWarriors 6,24

      Apparently I didn't know you can download it twice.

    64. Commentator

      Now there's a woman that demands control. I would never date a woman like that! Either she trusts me to be honest, or not. I'd get ticked and walk out.

    65. Jaystings

      That last word was, "bitch," and why I just rawdog and pay child support.

    66. MrAnderson

      Talk to the hand...Talk to the dog...M'kay :).

    67. Joel Gawne

      Exhibit 1067342 of "Why you shouldn't date in 2020"

    68. Tinny Bailey

      Guys he broke the simulation

    69. Madhu Soodan Shukla

      It is an old video. I have already watched it. Thanks for wasting my internet.

      1. Pamela Hackerman

        When I know I've already seen it I just don't look into it

    70. Sam Barns

      Wtf fatface why are you reuploading the same shit again and again


      Now I wish I had done that when my ex was going crazy every month.

    72. Mula 4L


    73. Lennox Beharry

      point upwards and the dogs will say ruff ruff

    74. It's me

      Imagine how confused the dog is

    75. Midnite Ryder

      la raza racist.....

    76. Dat Boi

      The 243 people who disliked this called people more than 20 times without picking up 😂

    77. Kaitlyn Edwards

      Boi that woman sounds like a annoying bruh

    78. Nicole Czarnecki

      Ay, chihuahua!

    79. oof im sorry


    80. Alex

      'Mommy's crazy huh?' 'Yea she's a b****!' 🤣 'I didn't know you could die twice' you died 28 times amigo- Also keep doing what you do fluffy, your funny as hell and have cheered me up and made so many days better, stay funny, stay fluffy.