I'm Gonna Take my BASS to the Old Town Road



3,2 mio. ogledi291

    "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X but it's about the bass, no horses.

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    1. _BaV_



      Wow nice

    3. Qoyyum Jasrin

      Davie said he never sing in his video.....

    4. Tuong Lu Kim

      Are you a Vulcan? Even i as an Asian are astounded about the lack of soul in your eyes.

    5. Feroze Khan

      Davie: I will sing for the first time in this video Me:

    6. LOOCAS TV

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> is you face

    7. newac4534 ROBLOX

      (LYRICS) I'm gonna take my bass to the old town road I’m gonna slap 'til I can't no more I’m gonna take my bass to the old town road I'm gonna slap 'til I can't no more [Verse 1] I got the basses in the back (Oof) Bass strap is attached This is matte black Got the pants that's black to match Slappin' on this bass Then I slap your face So now I finished all my rhythms So I'm just gonna play [Verse 2] I'm gonna take my bass to the old town road I’m gonna slap ’til I can't no more I’m gonna take my bass to the old town road I'm gonna slap 'til I can't no more [Outro] I’m gonna take my bass to the old town road I'm gonna slap 'til I can't no more I'm gonna take my bass to the old town road I'm gonna slap 'til I can't no more WHAT I CALL COPPY, SLAPP(paste)

    8. R u KIDin Me

      What if you miss my face when you try to slap my face.

    9. Dávid Gameplay

      Yummy or senorita

    10. Pulastya Satapathy

      did he literally publish this

    11. Pulastya Satapathy

      he is one legend

    12. XxAc3- Sn1p3RxX

      I'm Ganna slap your face if you Dont like this, Your ganna riiiide me till you cant no more.....( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)($00RY)

    13. Kat Chingss

      He said to his new content that he sing for the first time, but hey what's this?

    14. Avi Ellenoff

      I like your rubber bands

    15. Fausto Nogales

      Utiliza un banjo bass

    16. master legend lopes

      yah I'm gonna take my poop to thee old town road am gonna poop til I can't no more

    17. caca pipi

      Yeah, I'm gonna take my penis to the old penis road I'm gonna ride my penis 'til I can't no more I'm gonna take my penis to the old penis road I'm gonna ride my penis 'til I can't no more

    18. TheMegaWolf Angeles


    19. Budimir Kamilič


    20. Courtney Spicuzza

      That is very good

    21. LaMazorcaP

      Dancing Davie Plsssss

    22. Mr. Android Player

      0% Horse 100% Davie504 100% Bass

    23. Questa

      *This is better than the original.*

    24. Ur1

      I gonna slap My bass to the old Town road

    25. Nicolas CKSLA


    26. お気に入りアミナ


    27. Harold 0.8.0 Alvarez

      Comentarios en español

    28. Jacob Enrico San Diego

      Deserves more S L A P P

    29. Antonio Scovotto

      Play your favourite italian song pls PS I'm italian like you

    30. Gabriel Wood

      very impressive, but what can you do underwater?

    31. diski Permata Putra


    32. code rainbow

      I was watching this and across the room my sister said “your music sucks”...😐

    33. 3D Bendy

      Me: nothing could ruin this new song Preteen children:HELO

    34. Ibanez TM 2.0


    35. The DeathRat

      That's an basselele

    36. Manuel ALV8


    37. Smiraze

      He sings old town rode and still playing bass

    38. Freddiej1637

      Very Impressive .... but can you answer this question : How many basses do you have on your bacc.?

    39. Crimson Orb

      David is one awesome guy, I like ur memes.

    40. Henry Jankowski

      269k likes lmao

    41. Abdul Hadi

      no cell phones in sight just a person slapping his basssssss

    42. MrErosgt

      269k likes scacco matto verginelli.

    43. Ace Biscuit

      Nice, but can you play giant steps by John Coltrane. Thats gonna be a challenge

    44. _mr. Hmachhh

      Again slap

    45. Sanya _HE _ CTATuCT

      Recommended 2020

    46. ɓlα૮ҡ ɠɦσรƭ

      Nice one

    47. de piepende wielen

      only 3k dislikes

    48. Hercules Gabarda


    49. Felipe Felipe

      I hope roomieofficial doesn't know you are singing lmao

    50. giumaker

      Is better "i'm gonna slap my bass"

    51. officialalexzach

      Dave is the next Seth Everman

    52. Bagus Pky

      Asik sih 🤣

    53. Desi Arrachman Wicaksono


    54. Pizza Gamer


    55. Rastuffell

      This song found its way into one of my playlists

    56. Marcel Halat

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> best thing eveer

    57. darthjohn 117

      Fucking earthquake tremors and I'm watching this shit.

    58. Giuseppe Pagano

      Sounds creepy

    59. Austin McMillan


    60. mtszary

      maybe you will replace all undertale sounds and soundtracks with ur bAss

    61. Inc_ ArT


    62. Hopkuba Kowal

      I need 🅱️ASSKULELE XD

    63. ItzLolGamez :P

      sing reveal 7 mil subs

    64. gio gio

      Who watches this day and night? Like if you do 😂😂

    65. Slayer

      very impressive, but you can play rap god as a bassist god?

    66. Hugo Valenzuela

      Weon ruined the cansion

    67. Hugo Valenzuela

      Weon arruinate la casion

    68. Haruka Owo

      Slap like NOW

    69. CHOMOSO

      ummm.. Davie you spelled s l a p p wrong

    70. Die Novas


    71. ian kenneth alabado

      Sing reveal at 0 sub Subscribe now

    72. Dark Legend


    73. Sam Builds

      YES. Tiny man four string BASS

    74. NeiDneX

      Why i am discovered this masterpiece just now????!!!

    75. prettiiieee patootiiee

      Smells like teen spirit!

    76. Samuel Hall

      Very impressive, but you forgot to take it to an old town road

    77. Leather Journey

      This is low-key so lit

    78. Pain Ful

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a> IS YOU PRO

    79. AlphaVgravity TV

      He copied roomieoffical you are not davie 504 you are COPY 504