I Hired PRO Bass Teachers and Pretended to be a BEGINNER...



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    I took some bass lessons from pro bass teachers and I faked and pretended to be a beginner... but then I started SLAPPING the bass like a pro and that was such a checkmate moment
    Bass Teachers featured in this video:
    Riley Hagan: slsel.info
    Special thanks to Jeffrey Thomas: jeffrey-thomas.com/
    He offers a free bass, guitar and ukulele lesson on Skype! It's really worth it.
    Tell him I say hi!
    Thanks to the teacher Karina Auday , she teaches on skype and here: preply.com/en/tutor/87648/
    web: karinaauday.com/ youtube channel . slsel.info
    Spotify Album . open.spotify.com/album/4uPH2MjZdqzC71nTOlrk7p

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    1. Davie504

      teach me how to *S L A P P*

      1. Kakashi_. sensei

        When u said it u said it

      2. Amir Mohammad Mohammdi

        Initially buy peach.

      3. Juvia Playz

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      5. M Nemix

        I like the way u make the vids😂 slapp me...

    2. Major the Lad

      That...That Signiture on the first bass. is that the pro?

    3. John's Life

      Anyone Noticed - That Omegle guy Said you looked like Davie and Talk like him... So that means Davie use his own voice to voice-over his videos ??? 🤔🤔🤔

    4. CringeFiesta

      is anybody wondering how he found so many people playing bass in omegle ?

    5. saitama 520

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    11. Ernesto Donatucci

      I don't have any bass and I don't know how to slap but I love bass so I'm going to kidnap you and steal your ability to slap !!! You were warned !!!

    12. Alejandro Reyes

      The first teacher was a kind of good one

    13. Gamer 007 Agent 007

      Like S L A P P E D

    14. M JW

      The first teacher was as high as my pp

    15. Charli Alexandef

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    16. Matheus Ferreira

      You re so funny 😂

    17. Ledilia De Guzman

      Stranger: 'are you Davie504?' Davie504: 'no I'm not me"

    18. Báb Déli

      Man. You speak the pretty same way in all situation. And noone speak as ridiculous like you so you can be recognized very easy . 👍😎

    19. niel garcia

      if Davie sucks at something, it would be at disguising himself

    20. niel garcia

      if Davie sucks at something, it would be at disguising himself

    21. journey

      The second guy looked so confused😂😂

    22. Steve Glen

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    23. Steve Glen

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    24. Mark Larry Paler

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    25. Nut Tosayanon

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    26. Ze3us


    27. Vasanta

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    28. Helper

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    31. L.O.C.K It

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    33. Állysson Veloso Miranda

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    41. Dave Nixon

      I have to say, in these messed up times we find ourselves in, finding you on youtube makes my day better and I find myself smiling. I play guitar, mostly acoustic but I am slapping it now like it took my last beer :)

    42. Reef

      Omg a ad that is about learning guitar popped up before this video! AHH DAVIE I WARNED YA!! legit guitar advertisement on a BASS video! THIS IS THE WORST CRIME EVER

    43. Francis L

      I feel bad for the first dude

    44. Elix 07

      Dire che sei bravo è quasi un insulto Tu sei un vera e propria leggenda

    45. psychotic

      I could see the sorrow in the last teachers eyes as you slapped harder than they could

    46. James Irie Luva

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    47. Aldrin Pagsuguiron


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