I HAVE GIANT MECH ARMS! (Aliens Power Loader Part 7!)

1,1 mio. ogledi626

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    aliens blackout power loader aliens aliens power loader aliens 1986

    Objavljeno Pred 7 dnevi


    1. Hiro PE

      You really have to appreciate what they're doing, this takes alot of brain work and work in general. We should really just stop and appreciate what they're doing first before disliking or saying something bad to them. They also can't mess up or else it'll really make a huge set back for them, which makes it 2× harder.

      1. master starring

        when Sonic comes out you should totally make a gadget from the movie

      2. Yolo ima Smol patat

        JUST TAKE THE TIME TO *inhale* look at what they are doing

      3. Jimmy B.

        Their gonna need that powerloader considering how heavy their balls are..

      4. Hiro PE

        This is wholesome.

      5. Dank Pepe

        you are right

    2. Thomas-Loïc Légaré

      Could you create a CCG weapon plz

    3. Rhonda Axton

      Could you please make and test kamen rider weapons and items

    4. tnt edits

      Any one else see chicken punching bag

    5. Hectic

      World War 3 D ealer

    6. Liamplayz49

      Nice build

    7. Lucas schneider

      After you finish this build it would be awesome if you’d make the shield montage uses in Rainbow Six Siege

    8. Wiktor Halman

      Will you make bōstaff Robin?

    9. Conrad b Racing

      When is cyber truck part 4 out

    10. Matschbirne

      The powerloader is a littlebit back to the roots of ur channel. I literally found ur channel a few years ago because of a German tv show that interviewed u because of ur exoskelet.

    11. Pablo Valeriano

      They should do the chaos blades from God of war

    12. SmokinJoe347

      You guy's are awesome fabricators & that's coming from a 30 yr veteran welder/fabricator :-)

    13. Lole Tahiri

      Can you make a small circle laser cutter

    14. JoshKool

      Hacksmith try making a lightsaber.But make the blade out of plasma if you can Btw this was Sooooo cool

      1. the Hacksmith

        We have!

    15. sas005

      because in iron and not in aluminum??? (what you have to do to make it in iron)

    16. Nicholas H

      OML so cool

    17. Kevin spacey

      Long time fan here. I still remember the days of making batarangs and a small garage

    18. Bionicc_Yt

      I really dont know why people dislike they work so so hard for us and the team but when you dislike thats just discouraging so please dont dislike ily hacksmith

    19. Chandra Sampath

      Sub to sai and lucky the beagle it's a dog channel its awesome

    20. Frank

      I seriously hope that when you’re done with all of this R&D you turn around and sell the units for actual real world use

    21. Samuel Moua

      You should make Robins Birdarangs

    22. Elijah Simpson

      Have you tried making the M6R Magnum from the Halo Series?

    23. Mas Yerg

      Released footage: 15 mins 27 sec Unreleased footage:296 hours 32 mins 13 secs

    24. Jimmy B.

      Hacksmith crew.. . the real life Tony Starks!

    25. Pat Stolarski

      you guys should use a forklift for the base off the body you can weld and smooth parts to make it the shape you guys want

    26. Entity

      In 2020 theyve made the powerloader arms in 2023 they made the powerloader and in 2030 they became the Weyland Yutani Corp

    27. L Waltman

      plz try battlebots

    28. Sarah Caldwell

      you should make Magik's sord from marvel comics

    29. It’syourboy Skinny

      I have a question can you do the bloodhound axe from apex legends plz I would like to see it in irl cause I don’t have it In the game so real life is good enough

    30. Timmy Gulliksen

      Seriously I'm not joking around what happened to the Inspector Gadget project

      1. the Hacksmith

        Haven't been eager to lose my head

    31. #SL1KB01# Gg


    32. Make a sithe rocket with somelauncher and send to 4165 section Avenue

    33. jack

      can you try to make a hydrolike press

    34. Daniel Faron

      Can u guys make a working replica of the ak47 from the video game rust, it would be so sick

    35. Sergey Mikhalaki

      10:38 lol that AGS on that wall tho!!! i want it!

    36. damnfunnychicken

      watching since day one (not just the loader) and just realized i didnt abo yet...dafuq ^^ awesome work ! btw...that would probably be my absolute dreamjob. if u ever expand to germany lemme know lol ;) u go guys o/

    37. Wolowitz Sinklement

      Can you make predator weapons?

    38. Firestarterman

      I cant wait u guys to finish the power loader.. but.. take your time.. its more awesome than I expected.... Meantime... I just realized about an impossible thing to replicate....... or is it ? THE GHOSTBUSTERS CONTAINMENT UNIT ! ;)

    39. Anmol Gupta

      He's building a fuckin' IRON MONGER ......

    40. Adrian [NIP]

      where is the finish project for the cyber truck

    41. LeoTheDovahkiin

      magnetic drill press may cause side effects like daddy issues XD

    42. Shrekticles

      Try to make the energy sword from halo

    43. Bradley Erickson

      Hey an mgb that is worth a sub.

    44. Carlos Ramos

      Yo should make the skate board that herry use in spider man the green skate

    45. Coach Home UK

      So envious of you guys brains lol. We only want to build a hydraulic ramp to put a car in the back of our bus and it's panicking me :D

    46. Daniel Mcaulay

      You guys shiuld make a whole wprking bat suit for the new movie but your own cool take but absolutely every working gadget made

    47. Daniel Mcaulay

      You guys should make a full working bat suit and accessories

    48. Adrienne Kaio

      You should make a metal winter soldier arm

    49. Nicholas Ruzicka

      Do a another rainbow six siege

    50. Jonas Schnelle

      Mind fuck, Im work at a John Deere Workshop in Germany... We have all American and European standards... That's make the job not easyer

    51. Gobang Pitung

      This a device-stuff to trying-built by the most-spirit effort from a sci-fi alien's movie inspiration with the enggine spare-part component inside like a heavy-metal tolls

    52. Brofesser X

      Can you make a flaming chain like ghost rider? That would be badass!

    53. Dank Pepe

      I wonder why you dont go and be engier at some military or army becouse you would know more than any military enginier yo did somthing nobody knows how to do these machanisams are awesome keep doing what you are doing also i know I did not spell right I dont live at englands or some country like that so I hope you can read it once make power suit which is resisted to hot metal it would be very helpful and safer and make it also gives strenght at liftin heavy metal like iron mans suit also very good video ideas keep doing it

    54. NeuverusTM

      Makes blade of olympus please

    55. menosor The minotaur

      Can you make the terra blade from terraria?

    56. Lorenzo Ables

      Do Aquaman Trident 🔱

    57. David McAfee

      It is amazing to see how far this channel has come. I remember watching James lift cinder blocks in his back yard, now there's a full ass assembly line of people working on a single project.

    58. GreX

      What are you going to use the power loader for you should start regularly using it

    59. Hyakkimaru

      They're actually stark industries but in real life

    60. vernon stanton

      This is bass ass, i can’t wait for the final product, the wait is so hard but so fun to think of how far you will come each video. Your like the new king of random