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    1. Cameron Cook

      im deead

    2. Cameron Cook

      bro rels voice crack

    3. John Duggan

      OMG TOP 1K

    4. 5 million subs with no vid

      Fresh: ninja chick is white Me: wait ninja is a chick?

    5. Natalie White

      Your the best fresh

    6. Fuze Slash Buddy Wiseman

      I died to Deji that cracked me up😂

    7. Skour

      Intro too loud God sake again

    8. PSK_Pablitoes ツ

      Ast fortnite video before chapter two

    9. NGM Swift

      How are you playing fortnite or is this some old footage?

    10. Dante Carriere

      How did u get to play

    11. ThePsychoPikachu

      I love how the majority of the video is just smg spray

    12. Cool K!d Matt

      Play strucid

    13. Cool K!d Matt

      Play strucid

    14. Cool K!d Matt

      Play strucid

    15. Cool K!d Matt

      Play strucid

    16. Cool K!d Matt

      I can’t comment on your live so I’m commenting on your video but go on roblox and look up strucid it’s just like fortnite but better

    17. EpicDoggiez

      Anyone else got a notification?

    18. 69s GRANDMA

      I'm dead Fresh 2019

    19. Mini McCatty Gaming

      Black hole🤔🤔

    20. Epic bottle flips

      Me- 2019 Me-2018

    21. lazerbeam lover

      3:23 he missed the guy right next to him lol

    22. UniqueGuitar

      3:01 golden tac smg??????

    23. Bcbstorm 15

      -Me 2019 -Me 2019

    24. OMG OMG

      How did you not see the guy at 03:25 on your left .....?

    25. Riley Kate

      3:26 did u see that guy

    26. Adalber Villegas

      Video Idea:Play on controller for a day or week Edit: Like this so freshyboi can see this

    27. Piss Demon

      Can anyone tell me why they don’t start killing until end game ?

    28. Anime Plug

      Anyone else liked the music in the background with the gun shots spamming and fast movements make it feel like an action movie?

    29. Dylan

      Quick vic Roy to end the vid

    30. Snow Man


    31. super mantis


    32. super mantis

      Sub to me pls

    33. Sungani Chirwa


    34. Craig Sanguily

      Fresh should train his roommates on how to get better at Fortnite and he can make an ultimate squad with college buddies.

    35. Ya Yeeet

      i don’t get it how that isn’t considered teaming

    36. YEET It Now

      muselk is better than fresh

      1. Oda's Planes


    37. Jacegamer 121

      Lazarbeam watching at 8:30 (Licks lips) NICE

      1. Oda's Planes


    38. Matei Comanescu

      You should do a video where you try using a controller

      1. Oda's Planes


    39. Arpi Das

      Why u don't play with Lazarbeam

    40. Blake Morison