I DIDN'T play Bass for 1 week, Here's what happened...



776 tis. ogledi34

    Someone challenged me to NOT play the bass guitar for a week... Challenge ACCEPTED.
    But something unexpected happened...
    (smash like)

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    1. Davie504

      One of the hardest challenges EVER. smash like to show your support pls, it was tough

      1. Shazwan Rosli

        I challenged u to play bass with your ass without using bass. CHECKMATE U bASShole!!!

      2. Miguel Trajano


      3. __ shugarman

        I challenge u dave 504 to play BASS with giitar strings

      4. Proxima273

        I challenge YOU Davide 504 to play a GUITAR, yes GUITAR not a Bass

      5. __ shugarman

        Cool. But can u play BASS with guitar strings?¿

    2. Albany Morehead

      I challenge you to NOT We’re your headphones 🎧 for a WEEK! 🎸 do you approve? Let me know.

    3. Rob Rob

      Davie dont need bass ... bass need davie

    4. general banana

      welp all i know is¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess he tryed

    5. Prabes Gurung

      How about a challenge play bass nonstop

    6. DarcoDiddo 2.0

      ma perchè c'è ilvostrocarodexter in copertina?

    7. DinithBoi HCR2

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>

    8. Shazwan Rosli

      I challenged u to play bass using your ass without using bass. Checkmate u basshole!!!

    9. Aiberson

      I was expecting that you'll bury the bass

    10. Edward Allan Licen

      checkmate!!! 😀

    11. Lucky Yolo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> HE TAKE OF HIS HEADPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Igor Gordeev

      Head phones take off reveal at 6 million subs, u r liar Davie! Check mate Mario!!!

    13. Nickster 5436

      Russian DAVIE? 23 seconds

    14. Francesco Di Pumpo

      CAN'T STOP playing bass

    15. vankammenc

      Made me laugh out loud!I 😂 Must...have...BASS!!

    16. Glenn Cedric Alusinsing

      Not epic

    17. Panic Krag

      JAJAJA mi favorito!

    18. Utkarsh Garg

      Proud of ya Davie

    19. TheMACSrPOO Music

      That made me laugh so hard AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

    20. Keila Eliana


    21. Kryptek

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> headphones off Reveal cancelled

    22. Mohamed Rostam Bin Mohamed Husin


    23. Eka Arimbawa

      slap like if you excited

    24. TalkToHead

      I dare you not to slap for 1 week

    25. A

      He took off his headset LOL n when he said he was cursed that he cant take them off.

      1. Nicholas Dinh

        Before he was cursed...

    26. Bot 1

      Challenge:break your bass in front of the camera,record and post on SLsel... I'm sorry

    27. Victor Tejada



      That reaction tho 😂😂

    29. Ivan Rodriguez

      the real punchline is Davie played Can't Stop there at the end 😂

    30. Sinister Chaos

      Slapp like now!

    31. Nobody

      Sub to Davie504, PewDiePie and Lazarbeam :D

    32. Jayne Sixx


    33. DP Studios

      In Soviet Russia... *B A S S* finds you

    34. XD man yt


    35. Logan081

      LAMO i actually am going to try this

    36. Anthony NG

      Davie504 I like all your videos

    37. Azwar Haikal2

      I see your Ears 😗

    38. Jarech Gaming

      The ads though

    39. niko bitan

      Can you broke all od your basses

    40. Miloș

      Once you slap the B A S S You always slap the B A S S

    41. Sab Thunderboy

      He didn't play the Bass for 23 seconds and for 92 miliseconds

    42. Andy BG



      I thought there was gonna be part 2 because the video is too big

    44. Anindya Mishra

      Impressive but can you play only guitar for a week?

    45. kчlíє gαchα

      Bass loves him too much, that bass knows how to escape the closet. Amazing

    46. Mr.J

      First time?

    47. Santa Santa

      Guys there 421 dislikes this is so sad

    48. Doctor Poison


    49. Wahyu Suseno

      I see your ears.

    50. Ganzfield-2 r

      Ear kinda revealed in thumbnail

    51. No Name

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> TRIGGERED

    52. knight rider

      Pff I haven't played bass in my whole life

    53. EDREN KING

      I love bass 20 years ago but don't have bass then and now

    54. Diana Ramos


    55. Zimur

      This was an EPIC failure. LMAO!

    56. D4RKSTAR Everything

      Some months ago, I didn't played bass but now I can't leave the bass alone.

    57. Rafael D. Pereira

      OMG Davie has failed. NOT EPIC

    58. Jervy Films

      This is the first time you FAILED!!... Not E P I C Dont SLAPP like I am very AngOry

    59. Behnaz Behdani

      Haha noob I actually have never played bass at all

    60. Rock & Roll Era


    61. Hi Bros studio

      İ challenge u to jumping down from a building from roof

    62. Rivaldo Belekubun


    63. Nani Korek303

      This *BASSic For player *BASS*

    64. Ringoat Desu

      Then I challenge you voice reveal

    65. Banana Nana

      Very Impressive but can you play BASS without ur hands

    66. KLASO

      I can understand, like when I didn't played fortnite for a week.

    67. enzo josel alvarez 2

      don't play bass for a month I bet you cant

    68. LongTB

      No bass december

    69. Elìa1995

      I haven't played **BASS** for 24 years... and I'm 24!

    70. exotic cucumber

      I challenge you to give me a dollar

    71. Prithvidiamond

      I never PLAY BASS, I always SLAPP the BASS

    72. Randy Yusuf

      I don't have bass for 26years

    73. Alan S

      You make me want to pick up a slap guitar

    74. Lucifer LShadang

      The only challenge I can beat Davie 😎

    75. Anadaniel Villalta


    76. Bass Land

      U forgotten to say Slapp like this😈

    77. Jett Page

      I really love this video 😂😂

    78. Brayden Dial

      Davie can not resist B A S S

    79. Tristan Wauters

      I dropped playing base and and THIS is what happened

    80. Some person

      very impressive, but can you play only the bass strings?