I cook spaghetti... (LEAKED FOOTAGE)



2,7 mio. ogledi125

    The secret of my epic slap bAss skills!? Here it is.
    I cook and teach you the best spaghetti recipe you will ever see.

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    1. Davie504

      somebody *slapped* my *SPAGHET* what should I cook N E X T !? !? !?

      1. Amali Priya

        dosa and idly

      2. Amali Priya

        does and idly

      3. Bad Art

        You should cook sarma

      4. APCommentator


      5. DAKOTA 72369

        cook Nasi Goreng

    2. hoovy

      wow I wanted to make spaghetti and I actually played this song on bass while waited XD

    3. human

      super Mario in real life spaghetti

    4. Some Guy That Likes Jelly Filled Donuts

      Bacons sounds like i am going to have a bad time

    5. Simona Battaglia

      Parla italiano

    6. Rajesh Sharma

      Ah looking testy

    7. Nicolas Alba

      and now.......KETCHUP!!!!! that was a joke because IT´S ILLEGAL

    8. GachaCookie Boi


    9. Shark.puppet Kale


    10. MR VINCEX

      This not carbonara

    11. dgurb

      Breakfast?Spaghetti Lunch?Spaghetti Dinner?Spaghetti Hotel?Trivago

    12. Alexis Gregoire

      love ya

    13. Vintage Mint Cake


    14. Matt Stanton

      I make this once a week now, and it's delicious! Thank you!

    15. Andrea Oriente

      Gli spaghetti sono andati meglio della pizza. A proposito come hai fatto a staccare dal tavolo quella pizza e a farla scivolare nel forno? Ho visto l'impasto un pò colloso ahahah. Sei un grande!!!!

    16. Tjzaza 101

      Use spaghetti for bass strings please

    17. christian angelo Buenaflor

      Do philippines food

    18. WalmartGrtr Gaming


    19. Alex Moreno

      It’s slap sauce

    20. Başar Gezer

      salt is not added without boiling water. CHECKMATE

    21. Gostmiche 0052

      MAMMA MIAAA Bona la carbonaraaa... Forza Roma

    22. Hezza Ezzachary

      He legit just made authentic carbonara

    23. Cleison de Oliveira Padilha

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> I usually add just a little of soy oil so that the spaghetti won't stick together

    24. Gamer Teoz

      Yes ok but the Real one spaghetti carbonara is made with guanciale e vabbe il resto è apposto da quel che so. E si sono italiano per questo il mio inglese brutto anche se più che brutto fa schifo e solo un italiano potrebbe dire che sei un tagliatradizioni

    25. Tania SedaBinke

      Spaghetti Carbonara

    26. Giuseppe C

      Carbonara, my favourite kind of pasta.

    27. Costanza Barbone

      Se sei un vero italiano fai la carbonara

    28. Christian Fiorini

      2+2=4-1=quick math

    29. Reztont


    30. Shipa Ahmed

      you can cook so bass cake

    31. JJAJAJA Juajauajaua

      Best solo Ever! That note was EPICO!

    32. Andrea Pozzetti

      Ma nella carbonara ci va il guanciale!!!!

    33. Aman Biswas

      It's more like chowmin

    34. The Tuna Guy

      I will cook this right now on quarantine.

    35. thedarkknight330

      Peco*** Can't speak Italian yet.. Italian voice review at 4M subs "Spaghetti" is an Italian word CHECKMATE @davie504

    36. A R

      BACON????? ma li mortacci tuaaaaa!!!!! e di chi non lo dice.... SLAPPPPP! DUOBLE SLAPP!! con riporto...... E mettice pure il prezzemolo e l'aglio come gli americani... e na punta de ketchup SLAAAAAP! :-D :-D :-D

    37. Antonio Di Stefano

      Davie, I can undersand litteraly everything, bu I'm from Roma; the bacon in the carbonara it's illegal, and you know it. So now I challenge you ti make a real carbonara with "guanciale" .

    38. MR. JAD

      Welcome to a practical lesson with chef davie504

    39. João Paulo Carpes

      Master Chef

    40. Seth Vawdrey

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="209">3:29</a> he looks dead inside😂😂

    41. Luca Bellini

      Ooooooo siiiiiii La carbonaraaaaaaaaaa

      1. Luca Bellini

        Fatta con gli spaghetti

    42. The syrup Show

      I skipped

    43. Cainan B.

      Ngl it looks pretty delicious

    44. SP33D_arter

      Davie: uses bacon Muslim followers: *AM I JOKE TO YOU?!*

    45. NotRealXbox_Playz

      Sorry but i use s p a g g h e t t i s a u c e

    46. Smiraze

      Pizza time 🍕

    47. Viktor Verberckmoes


    48. Akane Takashashi

      Use the pasta as a bass string *_CHECKMATE_*

    49. Matt Espino

      SLAPP SAUCEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Mar Zarrif.

      SLAP like now!!

    51. Al Qaaf

      the portion i so little ... i can eat that in two bites

    52. MetaMozz


    53. Kevin Capitaneo

      Good spaghetti

    54. Subscribe • 12 years ago

      boiling spaghetti , plays pizza theme

    55. Jotaro Joestar Kujo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> Davie: Let's see if you guess the sauce Me: pp juice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


      You cook dumplings

    57. BadboyFR118

      ma è una CARBONARA

    58. BadboyFR118

      la salsa ragù

    59. Fur Less

      Lets turn david channel to coocking channel instead of vase hahaha

    60. oogabooga

      why does davies face look like a jojo character in the thumbnail

    61. Hollow_User_090

      i really cooked this recipe THANK YOU DAVIE FOR THIS TEACHING ME EPICO

      1. Random Thing

        Finally someone who watches for the tutorial

    62. Giovanni Caporrimo

      Davie add the guanciale not the bacon. Slapp

    63. Khandar William

      spaghetti VS instant noodle

    64. Krish guitar

      How did you get that water if you paid your first water bill in 2020 may only?

    65. fried pig

      Did anyone else notice guitar sounds

    66. Alfarizi

      Ear reveal at 6M subscriber? but you've already put off your headphones :v

    67. Smiraze

      *FBI OPEN UP*

    68. Smiraze

      Or i’ll call the fbi

    69. AixPea シ

      Make pizza next :V

    70. A.I.O MANIA

      He should stop playing bass and start a cooking channel😂

    71. Muhammed MRM

      It's carbonara LMAO !

    72. Lê Vũ Đức Trí

      Are you Papyrus?

    73. John Bernabe


    74. Requimics

      Do we have to use peccorino cheese or can we substitute it for some other cheese

    75. Debjani Ghosh Bhattacharya

      Davies Channel is slowly becoming a *Cooking Channel*

    76. hajskw jw

      ( :

    77. Prathix

      it's the sugo

    78. Gábor B

      ×69 magic number

    79. Luca Fasolato

      Ma c'è qualcuno italiano che commenta?

      1. Luca Fasolato

        😂 😂

    80. Nose Man

      send b a s s