I Cook The BEST Italian Pizza EVER



2,3 mio. ogledi116

    A deep video where I show how to cook the best pizza EVER

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    1. Davie504

      it's *P I Z Z A T I M E*

      1. Isabella Peruzzolo

        my family is italian and it was really sad when they found out i'm allergic to oregano

      2. Xxshadow chanxX

        Epico gimme pizza

      3. Todoroki Ken

        EPICO! but where's pepperoni :(

      4. Ricky Red Gaming


      5. Francesco Hu

        Davie504 per favore metti i sottotitoli in italiano nei tuoi prossimi video in cui parli Grazie all attenzione se leggerai questo messaggio

    2. Kai Hayato


    3. Kakashi_. sensei

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">00:08</a> Italian voice reveal

    4. Aleksandar Spasovski


    5. Dale Fry

      Davie: "Set oven at 250 degrees C.".......Americans struggling with conversion math.....Aha! 504 degrees F! So we cook pizza for 69 minutes at 504 degrees......Epico!

    6. Ferdinand Bonghanoy

      Looks boring pizza not EPIC maybe put some pineapple

    7. Minecraft

      Still waiting for my pizza slice.

    8. ZW 01

      I felt ironic as before this video starts, there's an ad about gordon ramsay and his cooking show🤣

    9. Antonio

      il mio cuore... E sono pure Napoletano

    10. Kwk Fortythree

      Instead of pineapple, can I use kiwi?

    11. ジV R Y Z

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="342">5:42</a> at least, he's smiling although it's just less than a second

    12. FIR3 BLADE

      When God updated "cooking sond" to be like Minecraft sounds? In the 1.15?

    13. Kekoa Tiglao


    14. Fabrizio Stirbu


    15. Keith Austin Peterson

      Next make gummies

    16. Francesco Serra

      Niente lievito?

    17. Chicken Mcnugghets

      Abbiamo lo stesso forno

    18. Debra Carmona

      plz play the Sdaiay Theme on Bass

    19. victoria junca

      The Minecraft sounds killed me

    20. Mr Zgeig

      The only guy who can outpizza the hut

    21. Nanay Laus

      basil pizza *YES* pineapple pizza *NO*

    22. Ilaria Busiello

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> it's Slime 🤣🤣

    23. Extreme Rongeur

      Ma cos'è 'sta merda

    24. Minh Lê Đức

      *leaving a comment*

    25. superiorleokenedy

      That reference to Gordon Ramsay was E P I C

    26. DomogBebe

      I doing pizza now

    27. Deleted User

      please pass de igredients quantity

    28. ひろよし祐吉

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> song name please

    29. wisesweetdream Arianators

      Allora tanto per iniziare c’è una bella differenza tra il nord e il sud Italia a cucinare non x essere razzista e niente ma non è proprio così L impasto della pizza

    30. Luka Muren

      This duder is def a 420 person... His humor is soooo 420...;)

    31. Luka Muren

      Loooool or do I...

    32. Shermina Halim Ibnu

      Can you slap your face

    33. NostalgiaKarl K.F.

      Italianos: Cos'è sta merda Portuguêsas e Brasileiros: *Que se foda esta merda*

    34. Kamil Othman


    35. Mustafa Said Korkmaz

      OMG!!! It's a best pizza of all the time👍

    36. Aidan R

      I was once a slapper like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    37. Rempuii Cck

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="346">5:46</a> davie almost laugh

    38. Zander Mercury


    39. Mitch Mitch

      Because mama. Said so.

    40. Maria Gummy

      When i had 9 years old (btw im 10 now) i didnt know you (very sad times) i was making a dough without electoronics or i will go to the italian prison for 69 years :( of i used any but im a pro :)

    41. Bogdan Ionescu

      I love pizza too davie 504

    42. Francesco Baldanzi

      Ma usare un mattarello no?

    43. Gufus

      The real italian pizza needs way more leavening than that two-three hours showed in the video,but i'm sure Davie knows this really well

    44. Roadbreach

      I guess if someone put kiwi on pizza, do we go away for 504 years?

    45. io Elmeti

      That dough gonna taste like bass guitar strings

    46. Zireael Dhn

      Tutto bellissimo grazie

    47. WaxFranz Penaflor


    48. Lawson Acton

      Davie: put's basil on pizza Also davie: Takes basil off Everyone: Vislible Confusion

    49. The Star Forger

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> idk why i laughed so hard at this

    50. Sk3Xy

      Bella pizza

    51. Yoxz Moreno

      En la salsa te falta oregano y/o romero...

    52. Daniele Piacente

      Sono italiano sei fortissimo ti adoro👌👌👌

    53. ToastyCoffee

      Everybody Gangsta Till Davie504 Out Pizzas The Hut

    54. Akshat Anand

      This is where the hutt learns his sorcery.... SLAPP

    55. Vane 8G

      Wait, he said pineapple pizza eating reveal at 6 million subs, he eats pineapple pizza in this episode. *visible confusion*

    56. tsu bateva

      Davie: uses C° Me: laughes in Europeian

    57. angry Wehraboos noises

      Why do i get pizza hawaii in italia, from italian people? And why did i go to jail for 69 years twice?!

    58. tsu bateva

      Great now Im hungry

    59. MELXTUX 39th


    60. Lockheed AC 130

      Do you remember when Thanos had to harness the power of the infinity stones when he had all of them? Add the pizza stone and the power would be too much for him to handle Davi, however, and simply harness its power using 0.69 percent of his power

    61. Forrest Kleindolph

      Davie, add some brown sugar to your dough please. And SEASON YOUR FRIGGIN SAUCE YOU MONSTER. Source: was trained by Pizza Wizards at Pie For The People.

    62. In The Next Life

      motz-a-rella cheeze? you're killing me bro. and how do you not eat the basil? not epic.

    63. John McClary

      I just got home from picking up a pizza, The first piece I bit into had a weird taste. . Bastards cooked a rouge piece of pineapple into the bottom of my crust.. Not Cool

    64. HPbluebeaver

      Davie: “let the salt melt in the water” Me an intellectual: “it’s dissolve!!!!! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    65. Steinar Flaten

      Im gonna make this for my girl before i slap that bass tonight ;)

    66. Pan zos

      He can eat it now

    67. Vinny

      *6 m i l l i o n s u b s c r i b e r s *

    68. pé hũn

      I thing 'banh mi' is better than pizza 🍍

    69. Cal McLeod

      OMG.I shouldn't have watched this. Now I want to play bass and eat pizza.

    70. Thomas Hughes

      Holy shit. I laughed way too hard at the "weed... basil" jokes. I'm actually laughing just typing about it.

    71. Will Octaviano

      His voice changed so much since 4 million sub video, also 6 million subs!!!! Congrats Davie

    72. Kelly Vang

      Lmfaooooo I love your sense of humor and comedic videos! 😂😂😂 weed basil!

    73. Tommaso Andrea Cittadini

      ti prego noooooo

    74. Andrea Årman

      I got a PIZZA STONE!!!!

    75. Chi Hoang

      more cooking vidjeos

    76. Ashley Gutshall

      Can I have your pizza recipe?

    77. Joemixels INC

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a> never pineapples 🍍

    78. ZestyYT

      Minecraft sound effects + YT Content=Davies Video

    79. get gud kenn

      Che tipo d'acqua hai usato?

    80. L_ Maximus

      I love pinapple pizzaa