I can't believe they put me on THIS list... (I'M ANGRY)



762 tis. ogledi20

    Unbelievable... They put me on those top lists but you'll never guess in which category... I am really ANGRY now. :(
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    1. Davie504

      I lied to you all... It is not a bass. It is a trumpet

      1. Viktror trifonov


      2. Leon Farthing



        Davie504 you are not a bassist........you are a slappist

      4. King bro Aguilar831


      5. Tago Sanchez

        Rude and disrespectful.

    2. Asriel Dreemurr

      You’re the best Formula 1 driver in the paddock. I think Ferrari could win the championship if they had you.

    3. Mark Francis

      Hey Davie, sweet axe man


      Davie:I would Never USE PLAYBACK IN MY VIDEOS... me: Are u sure about that?

    5. theNeal

      I love race so I'm racist

    6. Cookiekid 80

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> that face cracks me up

    7. ratonlucho

      HOw come I never watched this video! LMAO!!!! this is amazing XD

    8. Leon Farthing


    9. Yorik Igor

      Nice guitar

    10. Keila Eliana

      Why do i search Guitar and Davie appears? WHYYY-

    11. Keila Eliana

      SLAPPERS ASSEMBLE We will comment NICE BASS SOLO in Guitar videos.

    12. Keila Eliana

      WHAT! Omg i'm also so mad they called you A GUITARRIST? A FRICKING GUITARRIST?! BASS > Guitar! I'M MAD

    13. Alexander Salgado

      Volume warning at 1 minute 18 seconds.

    14. Hype RBLX

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> OMAEWA MOU SHINDEIRU!!!

    15. Nicolás Maximiliano

      It's obvious that if you are a good bassis then you are a good guitarist too, at the end of the day guitars are just 6-string tiny basses.

    16. TaCo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> Both ear reveal

    17. Nguyên Đỗ

      Bass guitar!!!!!!

    18. Flippy Jaki


    19. Andy BG


    20. Senor Bisqet

      When are you getting a new guitar you will be a much better guitarist even better than Slash but you still have to have skill to be good it’s not all about the guitar

    21. Hotcakes

      Nice book!

    22. Rei _GAMING


    23. DJ Martian

      Shaking my head

    24. Michel Daou

      ur guitar is EPIC

    25. olivercoolz -


    26. alexx r


    27. Yumulone -_-

      Omg poor Davie. But he is second guitarist in world even he play Bass lol

    28. Atsuya Torikoshi


    29. Ole Rasmussen

      O M G

    30. Sr. Skeleto

      omg, he has ears

    31. Izaak Shaglof

      We all know your the best piano player

    32. Aviral Aryal

      Davide Biale hmm alrighty

    33. Stanislav Bakshiyev

      thanks SLsel for making us starting an ideology

    34. Hải Pro Như

      W** guitar ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    35. I Made Ananda

      Davide Biale , Now I Know his Name 😂

    36. Teddy Teodosio

      Now he is A N G E R Y

    37. madcounter 18

      Interesting gamepad you got

    38. Thor Productions

      Oh myo dyo muorio ahwahhahahaha ti amo

    39. Mig77PL

      Oooh, I can see it in Davie's eyes, I can feel it coming... It's The Holy Slap that is coming right now to slap all those who says that Davie504 is a well known SLsel guitarist😉

    40. Monia Ghisu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> why was nobody talking about how they butchered davie’s last name? 😂

    41. Daniel Carvalho

      Omae wa mo shindeiru

    42. Jeidsoter

      ...that's ILLEGAL!

    43. riot_flint

      Isn't it a bass guitar??

    44. Regal

      Davies real voice at beginning

    45. Darkbin180

      Impressive, but can you play Guns n Roses with guns and roses?

    46. Inspector Big Lad

      You are my favourite pianist

    47. Theodora Roosevelt

      Lmaooo at least you are no 2 on the guitarist list. Being a bassist thats gotta say something 🤗

    48. GD T4PpaS3

      Diffrence between a guitar and a bass Bass: 4 strings Guitar: 6 strings Mayonnaise: All sounds possible

      1. GD T4PpaS3

        Who asked you

      2. ExtraMerc

        uh no a 6 string bass has 6 strings, not a g**tar.

    49. Dumbfound

      Nailed it

    50. GabiPro2

      Not only he is on guittar list but he is not first

    51. LordZeb

      It' a a BASS for pits sake!!!

    52. endlessfuneral

      *maximum trigger*

    53. KingBong _

      Not gunna lie dood I thought this was a cooking channel. When did he start playing the bass?

    54. MICHAEL H.


    55. no

      Idk but when i put the play button my dog got very angry :v

    56. joseph lach

      I laugh. This video was very enjoyable.

    57. Hiram Gonzalez

      Oh emm geee! I’m laughing so hard I can SLAPP your guitar out of tune!

    58. SRM MANCAD

      You can really play the guitar

    59. Blazed Buddha

      You're the best X-Wing Fighter Pilot ever. 😁👍🏿

    60. Mauro Mariani

      I guess this is it... It's time for Davie504 to use the Infinity BASS. I hope that once he's done we'll still remember what a guitar is.

    61. True Fan

      You are my favorite basketball player

    62. edthejester

      Why angry? You make it in a top guitarist list by playing bass! That's a victory not defeat!

    63. Steve the Pirate

      Just be happy people are recognizing the bass player at all.

    64. 8Flux8


    65. RAID STAR


    66. Chocolate Fish


    67. blá taub


    68. Renato Gunio Jr

      The producer just want to make content didn't do research

    69. SCYTH3EZ _


    70. Re Born

      you're not a guitarist.. you're a SLAPPER!

    71. Ryan Clark

      dang your voice sounds so much different in voice overs

      1. Red Tomato

        I hope thats not a serious comment.

    72. Tomas Turbado

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> i paused the vid and i seen a thing... HE IS GONE TO PORNHUP :UUUU PAUSE IT AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>!!!

    73. edi .n


    74. Meme _Gamez


    75. Quiboloy, The Last Earthvendor

      You are my favorite Basketball player

    76. Wilder Uhl

      This is my fav video of all time

    77. Cristóbal García

      Why your recorder have 4 strings?

    78. # NMD

      Where you got that gituar from? Can I get a signature from you On my gituar?

    79. Joshua Molina