Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing - The Best Camera Ever?

1,6 mio. ogledi348

    Huawei has just announced the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus, so welcome to my Unboxing and Camera Test of the Huawei P40 Pro! Detailed camera comparison coming soon.
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    1. Eda Navarra

      I will try this. Thanks Boss!

    2. bonga man

      I talked about cameras with apple user and he stared at me like im talking about witchcraft...

    3. Sinar Family

      Madein phochin low quality

    4. Jo

      You made my OCD flare up when you mentioned the asymmetrical sides!🤦🏾‍♀️😩😫

    5. Hridoy Rt

      ভাই আমারে দিয়া দেন ফোন টা🤣🤣।

    6. Luke Shaddick

      I personally quite like the hole-punch for the P40

    7. RoScFan

      10x optical zoom on a phone? that s impossible. That means camcorders are useless now.

    8. J L

      Look at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="699">11:39</a>. They siad something about porn hub. Is it just me?

    9. Gaurav paudel

      Subscribe 4M soon

    10. 8BitPasta

      Did the p30 pro have google support?

    11. Bini Bini

      Please compare batrey draining test huawei p40 pro plus vs iphone 11 pro max

    12. Praveen K

      You starting to look more and more like Rohit Sharma 😳

    13. ranjan shrestha

      Hats off to your hardwork.👍👍

    14. Rizone Lama

      Not just the camera. Huawei p series are the best smart phone in all aspects.



    16. Dido Hassan Hassan

      I just have a regular phone 😂😂 but you video never goes by without me watching it😊

      1. Shabeer Ahmed

        Mee too lol🤣🤣😂👍

    17. Joecel Felizardo

      Can't wait for mate 40.


      Woah how did you get insta on the Huawei!? :D

    19. Louie Rosales

      The meme at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="698">11:38</a> 👌

    20. Chris D D

      It's OK but the battery is poor

    21. Kashif Iqbal

      Rip Apple

    22. Itumeleng Lenyai

      Glossy finish

    23. Lewis Gowthorpe

      What should I get iphone 11 pro max or s2o ultra. Unfortunately o2 Don t have the latest Huawei.

    24. Anon Anonymous

      Why do you talk like that. Lmaooo

    25. SimpleGamingShow TV

      P 40 Pro Extreme actually plus is way better with camera and battery

    26. Biswas pankaj

      And it will snap it out of existence😂😂😂

    27. RandomAlex

      My One Plus 6 can film 4k at 60 FPS. :)

    28. tyrone robin

      Mangbigay knman :D

    29. S. A.

      Well, when lots see lack of google services is a cons I see it as the biggest pros, Thank you Trump, now I can buy phone without having google spying on me !!!

    30. Shawon Arfhan


    31. rahul iyer

      I'd like you to give a revisit to the huawei p30 pro.. Yes it does not have that 90hz refresh rate but with emui 10 and Google play services still available is a handy bit of kit and I still think is value for money even after a year. Still I get 6+ hours of screen on time and the pictures have just gotten better with software updates..

    32. mohammad rasel

      Zoom taste

    33. Medditor

      Pause <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="699">11:39</a>

    34. create channel

      You have a nice and convincing voice..

    35. Adrian Davis

      Check out the umidigi f2

    36. Leamouamore Amore

      For me huawei phones is the best phones ever that iphone.. 😛😍😍😛😍

    37. Mohammed MBS

      iPhone gold review quora ki koro price

    38. Mohammed MBS

      iPhone bolo Tumi ki Vicky Kora cotton price $

    39. Marc Lester

      Why do you always have to say "BUT"

    40. Mrs. Spock • 100 years and

      Pornhub: Are you Italian?

    41. Just DeWitt

      P90 pro when?

    42. Farah Humaira Mohd

      Agh I'm torn, this or iphone11

    43. Wolf Maxwell

      mate you talk so much about different phones, I'm halfway through his now and have no idea what phone your going on about. maybe try to explain it with text on the screen showing what phone you are talking about. just some advice.

    44. MuhdIezwanBinMohdYusaini Iwan

      Wah you are so rich give me one of all phone that you have

    45. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

      The best camera ever? Hmmm... ->

    46. Charles Rivers

      I wish the flagship stores wld offer this phone , like rest of them junk phones they have, geese,

    47. Vinoth Kumar

      Os Android?

    48. TheJudelaineChannel

      Apart from being interested in purchasing a Huawei, I am keenly watching your videos hoping I would acquire your beautiful accent that is very pleasant to the ears.

    49. Preethesh S Shetty

      Super bro please send this mobiĺe



    51. Pagan Skye

      A protein bar lol 😂

    52. Jeson Mwelwa

      Love that look

    53. ッSad

      Who Is Better? Motivated your response and tell me why

    54. Praise Wanwan

      I really need a phone.plsssßs

    55. Bobby Shmurda

      What do u do with all those items u always UN boxs

    56. BALU CHOC

      Hello bro send me one mobile phone plz 🙏

    57. Diamond Yatin

      Sir I'm your all Video watching and like please give me a one smart phone please Sir give me

    58. Aakash gahlot

      is 5g phone with snapdragon 855+ and qualcom x50 5g modem possible?

    59. Trendy potato

      The phone is ugly af😖

    60. Pavan kumar

      No more Chinese brands bro.......

    61. immortal Vincent

      What about Huawei Nova 5t

    62. Abid Ali

      Good brother

    63. M Digital

      I was hoping that the p40 pro would improve upon the P30 pros impressive battery, considering how many powerful components its running.

    64. Ifty Rohaman

      Iphon is best i thing...

    65. Orlando Edwards

      I need to get a new huawei now I'm at honor 8x Huawei is the only phone I use

    66. deduzz

      This is the kind of phone I want to root.

    67. Runal Singh

      The best chinese phone made! Can't wait to have my data given to a communist government, DO YOU TAKE VISA ?!?!?!?

    68. RC

      I am going to sell my iPhone and MacBook, I am really excited about Huawei.

    69. Isak Törnström

      Love this guy

    70. Robin Zhou

      Why people outside China to buy the googleless device? It’s a brick without google, or if you like the cameras just purchase the decent camera. This device is expansive and useless. If you don’t like google, use iPhone instead. Most reviews on SLsel are paid from Huawei. As a Chinese, outside China, Huawei is harmful for your privacy and confirmed that’s controlled by CCP.

    71. eva princess


    72. J L

      Camera is not every thing check the speed of the phone as well. I'm not impressed anymore from your comparison phones sorry

    73. The5GIO5

      Why dont you upload in 60fps?


      You make very booring videos😫

    75. Abhinav Chaudhary

      "The best camera that no one will use"

      1. deduzz

        For you and your uncultured friends that is. Skilled photographers will be using these cams.

    76. BNB Ben

      This guys loves the word "But" like no one else

    77. kowshik Bhai

      Okay 👌

    78. Masood Khan

      Honor30pro.Tell something about Tehsil

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    80. Hi Manshu

      Plz give me this phone, for play ping I have phone that is gionee m5 lite,this is perfect for pubg

      1. Romeo Diyong

        You should work hard and earn not just simply begging from someone who had work so hard and success