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    09:57 storytime of Boris origins
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    Boris reviews things posted on the Life of Boris subreddit.
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    1. Aloona Larionova

      oh there’s my carpet! I’ve been looking for it everywhere

      1. b

        We need collab blyat

      2. MinevaZabiAMV of Zeonic Productions

        Slav King Senpai Boris Notices Slav Queen Aloona. :D Aloona your senpai finally notices you! ♥ Oppa!

      3. gant 696

        It's OUR carpet.

      4. Erik Crouch

        @illustractory Maybe if you uploaded something that was actually popular, you'd be a successful SLselr rather than whining about leeching in successful SLselrs' comments yourself.

      5. AlphaRobloxPlayer1


    2. Roch BACZKOWSKI

      I know this comment isn't related, but what happened to the pants at the WESLAV store? There aren't any products in the pants section

    3. Theus Souza

      03:12 Brazilian Gopnik party be like

    4. Aieaa pett

      when is boris coming to USA?? everyone wants to know

    5. DavidPlayZ 9

      Im from Romania and im kinda black .....

    6. Rommel On Blitz

      oh boris the shashik king show us the way to make babushka's vodka

    7. Sans Comic

      Guys, he's teaching us russian accent

    8. edouard trahan

      boris i have a video idea :how to make chebourek , good job .,continue likes this!!!

    9. Paul Hatzi

      Hey boris short question when will be the slav cards again in your shop for buying available

    10. if the angels saw our mistakes

      3:13 nope they are brazilians like me and we got the power to escape from our own creations

    11. GRUSARN

      More cyka

    12. subaru boi

      boris needs a discord server

    13. Christopher

      U should play Metro series my friend.

    14. Mesak Photo

      0:19 look his glases,its aloonaaa

    15. oscar the king of art

      Bad news: Boris isn't the shashlik king Good news: Boris is the shashlik TZAR

    16. Vegeta The Prince of All Sayains

      Boris, Make some Sarma 💪🏻 9:04 I don't get it

    17. Ingsal Pukich

      Русские слова

    18. Brandon Johnson

      The best channel, amazing production.

    19. Alpha Petrovich

      А я так и не нашёл комментария от русского...

    20. HollowKenshy

      Where can i found that mouse skin?

    21. Ivari 420


    22. Vortex 220

      Hey Boris, Blyat. My dream car is the E46 M3.

    23. DeeK

      привет guys, first word in rush b language

    24. Gopnik party Boi

      You are Russian mister international

    25. hydyky halim

      How is Boris right now? Because this is his newest video in youtube for now!?!

    26. Chirag Chouhan

      Do you watch MR. SLAV ??? If yes, then review it or tell us how you feel about it?

    27. StrelokProduct

      Еб компот ебать

    28. russiancykablyat boy

      On war thunder i just got the t50

    29. Phobia

      Opppaaa boris saw Giornov Giovanski

    30. DeliriumMind43

      5:40 uh oh...he's opened the floodgates.

    31. сергей горастюк

      Хорошо, что есть русские субтитры. Ты лучший

    32. MidKnight C4

      I'm using all of my IQ to understand what he's saying.. I have lost most of my brain cells in the process..

    33. MidKnight C4

      Russia is like America.. But a ton of vodka is involved..

    34. mrcow5223


    35. ja_domovoi7

      Ты из Нарвы? Я из Кохтла Ярве

    36. Maxulя

      Привет борис я русский я тебя раскусил продукты, слова которые ты говоришь, это все на русском так что ты находишься где-то в странах СНГ, точно я думаю Россия потому что только у нас ходят гопники в спортивках. Я незнаю реально ты знаешь русский или нет, но у тебя иногда русский аккцент не похож на наш. пожалуйста прочитай этот комментарий

    37. Frank Ricard Alexander

      7:00 uncle Vanya stole the counter

    38. vik vik

      3:15 when you have cans of compressed air mixed in with kvass

    39. lil Ruggy

      More pls

    40. Maisie Cu

      fucking brilliant .

    41. lukethe ayylmao

      More pls

    42. Viikonluontoääni

      Please add the yellow hoodie to the store, I need it for slav reasons....

    43. Oscar O'Meara

      You were the 500th like on the lego boris

    44. yuri the ukrainian

      to be honest, his accent sounds like a mix of ukrainian and russian. and i dont care if he not slav or not

    45. nolxve ツ

      Интересно, Борис это понимает? Või see? A może nawet to?

    46. batuhan pınar


    47. Brawl Stars with an idiot - Deutsch

      My dog just joined slavic society. He now wears a ushanka and instead of water he drinks vodka.

    48. Capitain Fear

      Hey Boris do you like Vitas


      Hey Boris! Make Butter!

    50. Sean Johnson

      Njet molotoff

    51. Sameer Pharma

      More pls

    52. NikS The DEE GaMe

      Boris кажи нещо за старите ви братя българи

      1. Phobia


    53. Alibey Bal

      I want that 100 episode Vadim Blyat series.

    54. Terozong Orger

      На русском базарь руский американец бл#*ь

    55. darkbroYT

      Make disocrd server

    56. AjDAM 34

      7:02 the sub counter disapierd there..

    57. Shambhu nath Banerjee

      10:33 I think Boris was born in any ex-yugoslav country during the Yugoslav split

    58. GLucky

      "Not all Russian sounds the same" That's not surprising since even Slovenia, the smallest Slavic country has like 148 dialects

    59. sim0n17

      Heya @LifeofBoris - a little off topic. I just saw a drink made with vodka and mayonnaise called a Tapeworm,... it appears to be a real thing - check it out

    60. TARI1237 KR

      *Please read this* Sorry but guys, *old video of boris is gone!* inluding cab driver series. I searched some old videos but i couldn't find, and now in sure that those videos are gone. If you read my comment to here, i need to make boris see my comment so that we can hear answer from boris. Hope those restored soon.