Goodbye Youtube... This is my new career...



1,1 mio. ogledi80

    I opened a second channel... on a "special" website... I am sure you've already heard of it.
    This is an experiment. How things will go there? Let's try...
    Big thanks to Sorrow TV for reading the comments:
    I posted some meme videos on that website, I applied for ad revenue as well. Sharing my experience and the type of comment that I got.
    Don't go check out my second channel without having permission from your parents pls
    TABS and Backing Tracks:
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    1. Davie504

      Very *HARD* times indeed...

      1. Joseph Clubb

        Indeed man SLsel sucks my hecking frick now, lame

      2. Dinosaur roar

        Bass hub

      3. drumplayer 2000

        this is why i watch porn

      4. Nisam iz Balkana

        letter l

      5. Bear 0601

        Yes indeed...

    2. Big fnaf chungus

      ? ur voice tho

    3. acv159357n


      1. acv159357n

        Hell yea

    4. Justin Suarez


    5. Dovero Bun

      *O AND G*

    6. EpicTube


    7. carrot

      I love the comments on that vid. They all joining along 😂 💚

    8. pigpin2000


    9. Rf playerT2

      Davie is slap master

    10. Itsamehmaria 1

      Greatest feedback of all times: wtf

    11. modern11

      Stay on youtube pls i wanna ear reveal

    12. The Exploding Pebble

      I see you are taking from your Italian heritage. By changing sides

    13. Juuzou Suzuya

      Laptrip HAHHA

    14. RV CRUZ PH

      davie504 without his head phones

    15. Santimagine

      Missed oppurtunity to make the PH intro into a bass intro.

    16. Davie 504

      is this your real voice

    17. dayner bones

      why does davie have 7 videos watched on his pr0nhub account🤨🧐

    18. Robin von Bratwurst

      tbh I saw davie on ph for the first time

    19. johanzen gabriel sajorda

      H U B


      This was a long time ago

    21. Arrick Cadavez

      Don't need to wait 6mil sub for ears reveal HA HA checkmate.

    22. It's AJ

      Who voiced Davie 😂😂😂

    23. Un K Nown

      Very impressive, but can you start a video on pornhub with "What's up, fappers?"

    24. Isiah Quiambao

      Checkmate, -Ears in sight-

    25. trần minh khôi

      hmmm, is this the ear reveal ?

    26. Chill 420

      Approved ! 👍🏽

    27. AxeKillerBoy YT

      Can you give me the link?... I need it for some research on epic gamer bAss slap tips.

    28. Edin Izairi

      I wish he still dose thsi

    29. aagneyaddneyarneycourtneyleanercouncil1

      Someone actually fapped at this

    30. Satriyo Wibisono

      i see your ear

    31. ShockPlayer _


    32. ShockPlayer _


    33. Jonk4ta _

      Lol that voice

    34. TheKb117

      why is bed like the old hospital beds? Guess you want it look like BASSic! :D Epico!!!

    35. i'm a good person

      anyone now going to do some reaserch?

    36. Burger Beach

      I see your ears Davie 👀

    37. Ritvik Sharma

      So do you plan to slap bASS and ASS both together

    38. Just Some_One


    39. RiptideThe Guy

      ...that was epic

    40. Happylow11 -

      Can you play the 4 1/2 string bass?

    41. eye4 enixm

      omg lol hahahshha

    42. MR. APPLE

      I was so shocked when i heard the real voice of davie cause dis was the first vid i watched on ur channel😂

    43. Bradleigh Harker


    44. Emmanuel Franco


    45. ImYourFriendNick:3

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> i just made this stamp for can use it? Spam it

    46. Ronnie The Bonnie

      Im from the future i thought this is hus voice

    47. ɴᴇ ᴛᴏʀᴋᴀʏꜱᴀ

      Ear reveal . OMG

    48. Elbert Sianturi

      Is that your real sound?

    49. Assassin reaper

      Jesus Christ fingering her G string hahahahah

    50. Tal Kohn

      Would be better if you did live stuff... on ChaturBASS

    51. Aaron Cruz

      CornHub huh!

    52. CenapsGaming YT

      wtf is wrong w// his voice

    53. Luz de Maria Gamez


    54. Bruh Momentum

      I'm still waiting on your next upload

    55. Todoroki Ken

      Fukk that was originally uncle ben's words :(

      1. xswon nyiqc


    56. Disrespektfus Official

      Is it weird that i had a dream that Phub was a minecraft school educational server?

      1. xswon nyiqc

        i hope its happen *epico*

    57. such a brat


    58. Rob Mac

      Well, so much for being a family friendly channel *SLAPS UNSUBSCRIBE*

    59. ImNab_103

      What The Actual F!(!????? #2019

    60. Eduardo Oliveira

      Wtfff xDDD

    61. Cedpro yt


    62. _PedMored_


    63. John David Medina

      Let's make him more rich. Let's make our friends subscribe and watch his video.

    64. frapikstuffsツ

      **did you actually do that**

    65. andri riki

      "So there is nothing wrong if i touch my self with this".-- What the hell with this dude?,why doesn't he use trumpet instead?

    66. lil kit kat

      The categories for fingering her g string are amateur, HD masturbstion, porn, teen

    67. Ranja Das

      Is this for real??????

    68. DavidProGameZ

      StevieT challenged u

    69. Pete389man

      I watched each video

    70. vince darlson

      I miss this voice hahahahahahaha

    71. Toms Vilnis pujiņš

      You sound like connor

    72. Angelo Fanella

      Wait, which voice is the real voice

    73. Duality Firm

      That freebounds video money.

    74. Duality Firm

      Enough money to get that look in videos..........mill....

    75. Duality Firm


    76. Duality Firm


    77. Jhonny Martins

      Wtf this voice? Kakakaka

    78. xq6r


    79. Brenda Fernandez

      OMG XD