Goodbye BASS, Welcome GUITAR... (CURSED VIDEO)



2,6 mio. ogledi153

    Going back on Fiverr but this time I don't need bass anymore... I need GUITAR. OMG.
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    1. Davie504

      Going on Fiverr one very *very* VERY v e r y LAST time

      1. Aiden Elliott

        Please NO!!

      2. me me big boy


      3. ZenHorakti

        We never mind with fiverr videos. Its good. And you introduce us to many amazing musician. . . . . Try violin next time

      4. Romeo Paulo III Alcantara

        Pls no

      5. Kym Francis

        Guitarist 10

    2. Ar Ji

      Guitarist 10

    3. Jonas Helmes

      Start with guitar or bass ? Davie504

    4. Jonas Helmes

      You got skills, rapper oops i mean slapper 😉

    5. Ton Paz

      Tinha esquecido de curtir o vídeo até esse momento <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="572">9:32</a> ... Man this guy is EPIC!!!

    6. John Din

      the last one omg

    7. merqury5

      Ha this guy is a closet guitarist! That made my life.

    8. soi firulais xd

      I have depresión, this is so s a d

    9. Filippo Monteriu'

      L'ultimo è absolutely epicc

    10. Jaylord Lamonio

      I almost laugh when you play the guitar

    11. Pain死神

      the last one would be good over 100$ in my opinion

    12. Brendan Du

      420 is too good

    13. Rodrigo Chávez

      Hands down $42 was the best for the part, good groove, chords and a nice change of pace between sections. Wasn’t too busy or too quiet, was just right. Yes, $420 shreded it, but was fighting with the bassline a bit instead of complementing it.

    14. Marizinha Dias

      próximo guitarrista

    15. Feroze Khan

      My brother plays slap clarinet. Don’t ask me how.....but he does

    16. forzahellrizing

      Your Guitar part was really good Davie keep up the great work and keep on slapping

    17. Liam Davis

      Honestly the $420 one was savage but number 7 would go the best with vocals

    18. Dean Tucker

      I liked number 4 but imagined a little more Al Dimeola style on your rif... you know a little muted percussive style but stylistically like number 4.

    19. ArVille Akumi

      $420 ❤

    20. Mitch Wolfgong

      Davie: How was it Me: Really Good Davie: wHaT?!

      1. JOEL LOH


    21. Classic Guitar Rock

      They were all pretty good. For the money, the $12 guy was pretty good.

    22. Fabio Cossenzo

      Epic! Bassist playing guitar is illegal! hahaha

    23. Samuel Urias


    24. Dante Oliveri

      hi Davie you are my favorot bass player

    25. Jared Ortego

      4, 7, 10

    26. eulyptus1340

      Why no one mention the 60$ guy , he did the best job for guitar riff part

    27. Jolly Munchkin

      Number 6 for $52 kinda reminded me of John Frusciante.

    28. JAG 0937 EB

      22 guy was the best

    29. Reilly Panen

      That's 50 Cent for pete's sake. Not D-O-G-G. Hahaha.

    30. Paul Stock

      The $52 one or the pro or yours...all epic...

    31. MaaammaaaAaaAaAA OoooOoOh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> kmac lol

    32. Zudie Karl Balundo

      No pick on electric guitar? That's illegal

      1. JOEL LOH

        Hell na mate.

    33. NostalgiaKarl K.F.

      I am still laughing at the thumbnail.

    34. Calum Wong

      I thought u did not like guitar, why do u have one

    35. Cleyton Tenório

      Why does he speaks on portuguese sometimes? I love it haha

      1. VanLifeCrisis


    36. Jorge Mata

      Liked 52 and 420

    37. Kip Owens

      THE PRO was the best... but $420????????????????? OUCH

    38. Valentin_s97

      nooo, Davie touch a Guitar, he have small peepee D:

      1. JOEL LOH


    39. jejemanson

      sooo many cheat ! video x6 for many "guitarist" like them...

    40. 苏雪影

      Davie:the only way to be good at any instrument is to slap Me: clarinet how do I slap this thing

    41. Ramiz Redfield

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> this is the best voice edit😂😂

    42. Rodrigo Pereda

      No big pp

    43. Billy Freeze

      60 & 42 Left the most room for future instruments & vocal

    44. Gus Giegengack

      Guitar is better

      1. JOEL LOH


    45. Kristel Veske

      Davie504:guitar and bass are enemies Me: *looks at my bass and 2 guitars while shaking *

    46. Heidi Lundie


    47. Dominik Bales


    48. Denzel and Music

      Why is PICC illegal?

    49. backslash68

      #9 was way too expensive for what he came up with.

    50. bleh last


    51. Apro Mefanda

      Guitarist no 10 had cheated you, he played with slower tempo and playing it with normal tempo with speeding the video. Not approved.

    52. Ney Silva


    53. Ney Silva


    54. Mateus Godoy

      I ONLY SLAP BASS Checkmate! Like button

    55. Tag_

      504 dolars is the best

    56. Neikazz

      It was worth $420, because nice

    57. andydguitar

      I thought they were all pretty good, except the guy who used lots of distrotion. It didn't fit the song. The last guy was probably the best.

    58. Denny Demaron

      Can you slap drum ?

    59. JAmes BoND 007

      Captain America is really good at guitar

    60. Timothy Follis

      73 dollar guy . Had epic guitar, epic studio and a epic strum. Basically he was epic.

    61. johnny Ping's


    62. Nounou Mimi


    63. DKR

      You get what you pay for.

    64. Jérémie Marion

      That 420 was worth it ! But i like the 12 dollars feel he gave.

    65. bronzon noznorb

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="568">9:28</a> snoop doog??? I think its EMINEM

    66. Fajar Alisina Wibowo

      I want your bass guitar back,Davie504.Don't worry,I hope you could play bass again anymore

    67. Ben Roberts

      Did someone say “LoNg TrAiN” Guitarist number 9 Slapp UwU

    68. farid chaouki merabet


    69. sarah siegel


    70. Andrew Buchan

      I mean, a bass guitar IS a guitar . . .

    71. Meek krypto

      IDK why I'm watching this Guy when i don't understand anything about it but enjoyed watching.

    72. SCFlair

      Pro guy was the best. Rich content. I wonder if Quintuple Camera guy would venture to play some guitar some day. It would be cool to listen to.

    73. Maximum Volume-Flex Your Head Show

      Same boring funk style on every song. Stop playing this crap music. If you want to see good bass or guitar slapping, then listen to Pyschobilly.

    74. Maximum Volume-Flex Your Head Show

      The problem is every damn song is just funk music. Good guitarists play punk rock. You never feature and good punk chords and playing style.

    75. Aaron B

      says snoop dogg but shows image of 50 cent

    76. Aaron B

      he also used that bass solo a lot for fiverr a lot

    77. Aaron B

      if you would watch his vids long enough then u would understand why its hard for himg to speak of the "G Word."

    78. Braillynn Rodriguez

      $420 was banging!

    79. Juan Tromba

      el primero es fija que es fan de soda stereo y cerati jajajajja